Ved always wanted to drive away from his home. He never knew why. He had no problems at home.

Everything was fine until he started knowing the truth about people around him.

Ved completed his graduation in business management. He was waiting to join his father’s company after his internship. His father got him an internship project as soon as his graduation got over. His father wanted him to work in another company before stepping into his own company.

Ved completed six months as an intern in the other company.

Ved met his father and told him, “I’m done with six months of internship. I learned a lot. I proved my caliber at work here. I established two task forces and got work done successfully. I was a part of disaster management team when they had some untoward experiences and handled the media part of the interaction as well. I troubleshooted a failed product and got the sales back up in no time. If I got it right, I’ve ticked off all the items that we have had in your list before joining this company. So, are we good for me to join our company? I want to get started, even though, it might mean I’ll start at the bottom rung.”

Ved’s father hesitated for a moment.

Meanwhile, Ved checked for the stocks of their company on the Internet. He wanted to have the facts and impress his father as soon as he is officially welcome to join the company. Ved noticed that the company’s stocks have been doing pretty well. They have been heading north for the past weeks.

While going through all these details, Ved noticed that it has been a while and his father hadn’t spoken a word about his joining the company.

Ved’s father responded, quite angrily, “You are so immature. You ignore the hard facts. You ask me for something and keep looking at your phone for some stupid video game. You do not wait for me to respond. And, you hardly know about what’s happening at the company. You never do your homework. We are going through a lean phase. Our stocks have been plummeting over the last few weeks. There is a lot of negative talk about our company in the markets. We are not doing that great. We are laying off so many people at this juncture. So, I’m not sure if the board will agree to let you join at this moment.”

Ved was left speechless. His father’s words completely contradicted the existing situation at the company. It appeared to Ved that his father did not want him in his company.

Ved went to talk this out to his mother. He explained her the whole interaction. He expected his mother to talk to his father and ask him the reason for his odd behavior. He thought his mother would solve all the father-son problems the way she has been doing since his childhood. He expected her to make things better for him. Instead, she said, “Fight for your rights. Let’s fight over it in the court of law. That man cannot act like a tyrant any more. Figure out a way in which you can fight it in the court of law.”

Ved was perplexed at the mention of law and courts for a small family matter. He did not answer to her and left the room.

That evening, Ved met his girl friend Keerthana. He told her about what happened in the morning with his father and mother. She was silent and did not respond to him. He was thankful to God that his girl friend was understanding and she felt sad for him and his current situation. She avoided talking about that topic. He felt glad she wanted to talk to him only about things that made him happy. She was a good listener, though, he thought.

After a few minutes, she said she had to leave suddenly. She said that she got a message from home and they needed her there immediately. Ved felt bad that he overwhelmed her by sharing all these details.

To make things easier for her, he called her on her mobile phone after thirty minutes. He told her, “Hey Kee. I got a wonderful idea. Why should I be bothered about my Dad and his company? I will go join another company as an executive. I have a good score in my management graduation. I’m sure that would fetch me a job with handsome salary. What do you think? I’m pretty sure it will make lives easier. We can get married after that and lead a happy life. ”

Keerthana did not respond to him about this topic and told him she will get back to him in a few minutes. She said that she is busy with her parents.

Ved waited for her call. She did not call him back. When he tried reaching her after an hour, her phone mobile was switched off. It remained switched off the whole of the evening. Ved was worried what might be her problem.

He reached home later in the evening after having dinner.

He was troubled by the events that happened that day. Added to this, he did not like the fact that Keerthana was not accessible. He sat down dull in his room.

His mother came in and said, “You look so dull. Is everything alright?”

He told her everything about what happened with Keerthana. He almost always shared everything about Keerthana with his parents. He never hid much of details with anyone else. He expected everyone around to be the same.

His mother listened intently. She said, “I never thought Keerthana would turn out to be this way. She understood that you are not going to join your own company and she realized something was wrong. And, when you told her that you will join another company for a small job, she decided to put an end to the relationship with you. She is extremely selfish. She always loved you for your money. Now that she realized you may not be as rich because of your father, she called it quits.”

Though Ved loved Keerthana more than anything, he could not but accept the logic behind her behavior.

His mother continued, “There is something that I need to tell you. Your father and I are getting separated.”

Ved wondered if he heard it right. Ved was taken aback. Tears started rolling down his eyes.

He asked, “You are kidding, right? Everything’s fine between you people. I have not seen you guys fighting, ever.”

His mother responded, “Your father is madly in love with another woman. He wants to marry her. And, she is a very mean woman. Your father does not recognize that. And, we did not fight all these days because I wanted to win him back with love. But, I did not succeed. Then, I decided to break up with him mutually. It made no sense living with him when he is in love with someone else. We did not want you to know this. Now that you are old enough to take care of yourself, you can go ahead and lead your life. And, this is not a new development. We have had these differences for more than ten years.”

Ved suddenly realized why he wanted to drive away from this place. Though there was no direct communication about the issues at home, he felt them somehow deep inside and felt the need to leave this place.

After talking with his mother for some more time, he decided that he could not do much about all this.

After a couple of weeks, he and his mother moved out of this place. Unlike other estranged wives, his mother did not demand too much of alimony. And, Ved assured her that he would take care of her.

Ved never heard from his girl friend, Keerthana, either.

Ved realized that he needed to be ambitious. Instead of joining another company as an executive, he started his own small business. It took him four years to make it big. It took him seven years to compete with his own father. By the time his company was ready to compete his father’s company, something untoward happened at his father’s place.

His father was thrown out of his home and his company by the new CEO – his father’s new wife.

Ved’s mother found his father and took him back to their new home.