“Do you believe in angels?” asked Radhika, his ten year old, younger sister.

Ved replied, “That’s all trash. They do not exist. It’s just a gimmick to attract more movie goers to the cinemal halls.”

Radhika is in no mood to agree. She continues, “In this movie, she comes from another galaxy and falls in love with the hero. She falls so madly in love with the hero that she marries him and decides not to go to her planet back again. And, she has so many magical powers.”

Ved did not show any interest to the discourse. In fact, he is used to his sister’s stories and expressions.

Radhika says, “Isn’t it nice to meet people from other planets? Do you have any such people at your workplace?”

Ved finds her questions funny. He answers her, “May be it’s time for you to shut the television and read your school books or go to sleep thinking about Physics and Chemistry lessons.”

Radhika replies in a sulking manner, “You are always like this. When I grow up and work, I’ll make friends with angels from other planets.”

Without even stopping to respond to her, Ved gets into his room and shuts the door behind him.

Even though it all seemed way too unrealistic, Ved suddenly started liking the idea of working with an angel from other planet and marrying her after some time. Ved calls up his friend, Rohan, to talk about this.

Ved calls Rohan on his mobile phone, “Hey Rohan, You asleep?”

Ved continues, “Stop watching those horror movies late in the night. You’ll shout later in the midnight and your neighbors will complain tomorrow.”

After a brief pause, Ved asks, “Rohan, it might sound tricky. But, Radhika asked if there are any angels from other planets at our workplace.”

Rohan replies on the phone, “I’m not sure about angels from other planets, but, certainly, there are aliens in our workplace. In fact, our workplace is full of them. My boss, Sarojini, is the head of all the aliens.” Saying this, Rohan laughs out loud.

Ved also laughs and they end the call after a few minutes. Ved decides to go to sleep as he needs to go early to work the next day to conduct some interviews.

It is nine in the morning and Ved is ready at his desk. He is busy taking printed copy of the list of candidates appearing for the interview today.

Ved found it funny when he noticed that the first name in the list is Pari Singh. Pari means Angel. He laughed heartily by sharing his sister’s words with Rohan on his way to the interview room.

Ved gets the room ready for interviews. Pari enters the room after a few minutes.

Looking at the pristing beauty of Pari, Ved really wonders if she is really an angel and is left speechless by the way in which she carried herself into the room. All that Ved wanted to do was jump out of his chair and kneel in front of her and sing a new Hindi film song that describes a beautiful girl.

Pari greets Ved with a gracious smile. “Good Morning, Sir. May I come in please?”

Ved, startled for a moment, and then regains consciousness and utters, “Yes. Yes, please. Please be seated here.”

Pari begins introducing herself, “Yes, sir. I’m Pari. Here is my profile. I have done my graduation from…”

Ved interrupts her suddenly by saying, “Just a minute, Pari. I’m sorry for the interruption. But, I already have all the details about your education and experience in your resume. Can you please tell me something other than those about you?”

Pari does not look happy at the interruption and is not pleased about Ved’s words. However, her confidence helped her and she starts talking again, “I’m hard working, dedicated, committed, and loyal to my company. I believe in being punctual to…”

Ved interrupts her once again and says, “Please Pari. Excuse me once again for interrupting you. But, this is not what I expected from you. I mean all of us would say that we are hard working, committed, and loyal. Please tell me something unique about you.”

Pari answers with a poise, “Alright. Here it is. I’m unique in the way in which I deal with work and all the tasks at work. I’m neither laid back nor eager always to jump and take initiative. I take the plunge when it is necessary. It is through my experience that I learned to decide when to sit back and relax and when to take the initiative and drive things forward.”

Ved is quite impressed with this answer. However, he tries to check her patience level by saying, “That sounds good. I’m impressed. But, trust me. This is not what I’m waiting to listen. It is good that you have a right balanced approach to work. But, after some years of experience, all of us have that ability. Now, for heaven’s sake, tell me something that relates to only Pari and not anyone else who attends this interview.”

Ved is confused at his own flow. He, then, realizes that he is interviewing not for the job. The last time he met a prospective bride, he asked all these questions. Now, he cannot step back. So, he decided to continue the same way.

Pari answers, “Angel”

Ved exclaims, “What?”

Pari says, “I’m a true angel. And, I’m not from this planet.”

Ved answers with a tone of disgust, “Come on, now. Let us get practical and stop joking. I have to interview other candidates, too.”

Pari retorts with confidence, “No. It is truth that I’m talking. I’m an angel. I wanted to join a company like this and use my magic to create good products and solutions for everyone.”

Ved is perplexed at her response and has a question-mark like expression on his face.

Pari continues, “Alright. You might be wondering why I’m making a fool of myself. I’ll prove it to you that I’m an angel. Here you go. I’ll use my magic to convert your laptop into a cat.”

Saying this, she chants some words and looks at the laptop. Ved’s laptop on the table disappears and a white cat appears there. The cat jumps from the table and runs around.”

Ved is completely freaked out. He gets frightened by the cat running beside his table. Lacking a sense of understanding, he utters, “Gosh!!! What did you do? My laptop, please. My laptop, please. Get it back to me. I believe. I believe your abilities now.”

Pari smiles and accepts Ved’s pleas. She makes some unique chanting sounds and the cat jumps back on to the table and transforms into his laptop.

Both remain silent for the next few seconds. Ved does not know what to ask further or how to go about. He feels the immediate need to send her out of the campus. He is not sure if this has been a hallucination or if everything really happened. His sister’s words ring in his mind.

Finally, he recollects the movie and repeats the dialogue in the movie, “So, why do you want to do all this? Being an angel who knows magic, you can get everything you want. Why should you attend an interview and answer all my questions.”

Pari replies immediately, “I do not intend to join this job. As a part of our angel training preparation, we need to experience common human situations and add new magic tricks to our training methodology and enhance the training plans.”

Ved sat bewildered while Pari was talking in corporate jargon with reference to the world of angels.

Pari continues, “So, all I want from this interview is an offer letter from this company.”

Totally lost at the turn of events, Ved asks, “Will you join the company then?”

Pari answers confidently, “No. We just need the offer letter to make a similar one for our angel recruitment. I know I can get it from other sources. But, it has been my wish to get it directly from the company.”

Ved finds it very uneasy to relate to whatever Pari is saying. In fact, he is still not able to believe that Pari is some kind of fake magician.

However, Ved does not want to take further risk and decides to let her go. On the other hand, he wants to spend more time with her. He is mesmerized not just with her magic, but with her looks as well.

Ved has always dreamt about angels in his childhood and wanted an angel as his girl friend. He felt that she would fly and come whenever he wants to see her and do magic for him always. However, as he grew up he felt it better to have a human girl friend after having some funny experiences with his earlier girl friends.

Now, he is desperately hoping that this all would turn out to be a dream and Pari is a normal girl and he can befriend without any apprehension.

Pari starts making some chanting sounds again. Ved is frightened if she will transform him into some animal. So, Ved starts, “Alright then. You can leave for the day. I’ll arrange for your selection. And, I want you to understand that I selected you because of your skills, confidence and abilities. If your experience as mentioned in your profile is not real, I’d request you to never join this company as it is illegal. I’m sure angels must also have an ethical code.”

Pari smiles and says, “I appreciate that. However, the truth is that all my experience is real. Anyway, it hardly makes a difference as I decided not to join this company.”

Pari leaves the room and Ved is lost thinking about her.

Ved dispatches the appointment letter to Pari. Though, he is frightened at the prospects of magic, he wants Pari to join the company and befriend him and take things further from there.

Pari appears in Ved’s dreams almost every night. He feels he is chatting with her every night in his life. Added to this, he looks much worn out and stressed every morning. His friends and colleagues ask him why he has not been sleeping properly. He never had insomnia before in his life.

Dream days

Day One. Pari appears in Ved’s dream and asks about him. He tells her a lot of things – things that happened in his childhood, school days, and college days.

Day Two. Pari asks him about his family and friends. He introduces her to his family and friends.

Day Three. Pari asks Ved if he ever had any girl friends. Ved tells her about the ex-colleague in the same company with whom he fell in love over a bus trip. Pari fights with him at the end of the dream. Ved is so depressed the next morning.

Day Four – Day Seven – Ved and Pari discuss about their likes and dislikes in life.

Second Week – Ved and Pari plan their life together and exchange a lot of love. Ved gets up every morning and relishes the incidents and experiences. Ved feels as though everything happened for real.

After two weeks, when the joining date comes, Ved is confused about Pari’s joining. Though, he does not want her to join as an angel, he wants her to join the company as a normal girl. More than ever before, he wants her in his life. He is unable to believe his despair for a girl who is not human. More than her charm and magical abilities, he wants her as a person. However, he is confident that she is not joining the company.

Ved gets a call on his desk phone. The front desk executive informs him that there is a new joinee. Ved thinks that it is one of the guys who is supposed to join that day. However, Ved asks for the name of the candidate. Ved does not believe his ears when the executive utters “Pari Singh” on the phone.

Ved is perplexed and frightened. He immediately runs to the front office with intent to convince her to go away immediately as it might not be a good idea to join as an employee. On the other hand, he wants her to join the company and then his family.

Says Ved, “Hi. How are you?”

He rushes Pari to a nearby conference room to have a quick discussion.

Starts Ved, “Why did you join the company? You told me that you would not join. What happened?”

Pari smiles and replies, “I think I’m in love with you. I had a real wonderful time in the last two weeks.”

Ved is startled for a moment. He feels as if brightness has engulfed him from all directions and he is blinded by the sudden bouts of brightness.

Pari waits for him to regain consciousness and continues, “I have given up the life of an angel and wish to become your wife. I thought that the best way to do this is by spending more time with you. So, I joined this company.”

Ved takes Pari to his house that evening on her insistence. Her parents greet and interact with her as though they have known her for a long time. Radhika also bonds with her as though they have been friends for a life time. Ved is confused with this as he did not have the need to introduce Pari to the family.

Pari blinks and smiles at Ved. So, Ved’s tryst with his angel continues. He plans to tell this to his sister one day.