On a dull Monday morning, Ved came to his desk and started with his work. He disliked his job, not because it was boring, but because it lacked ambition and determination. He started off well after college and joined a noble cause for a few days. He regretted the fact that he could not continue in that noble movement. He could only blame Sameera for that. For a moment, his mind wandered to the wonderful moments he spent with Sameera. They met each other in college. She was a very ambitious person and wanted to do something for the country. Unlike the regular girls, she had a purpose in her life and wanted to do anything to achieve her goals. It’s her ambition and determination towards life that attracted his attention. He kept thinking about her and could not focus on his work that day. To Ved, it seemed as though nothing else happened in the last five years after she left him and the movement.

Ved tried to divert his attention by browsing some social media websites. But, he ended up checking for her on these websites. Suddenly, he got a call from his boss on his desk.

His boss said, “There is a candidate at the front desk. I was supposed to interview her today. But, my wife is not well and I need to drive her to the hospital. Can you please speak to this girl and interview her? The details are with Smitha. All you have to do is go and sit in the interview room that Smitha booked. Smitha will get this girl. You know the requirements for the job. Share the details of your interaction with me as soon as you are done.”

Ved nodded and informed Smitha that he is ready for the interview.

Ved hated these tasks on Monday morning. He wanted to spend more time in front of his computer browsing and searching for Sameera. He realized for a moment that he needs to get over her or he might not be able to conduct the interview properly or focus on any work for the day.

After a few minutes, Smitha walked into the room with the candidate. Smitha said, “Ved, meet Sameera. She has come for the interview. Sameera, this is Ved. He will be interviewing you today.”

Smitha left the room. There was an embarrassing and awkward silence in the room.

Ved was terrified and startled to see Sameera standing in front of him. He wondered if he had to pinch himself to check if it was Sameera. He could not believe his eyes. He had no words as he was filled with awe at the coincidence. He thanked God in a fraction of second for bringing Sameera back to him.

Sameera said, “Hi, You? Here?”

Ved said, “A week after you left the movement, I too left it. I could not be there without you. I worked hard to get into a software company. After five years, I landed here. But, wait, I cannot take your interview. It’s against my principles. Give me a minute.”

Ved called up his boss and said, “I cannot interview this candidate. I know her too well and my interview process can get biased. So, you might want to come and interview her or arrange for someone else.”

His boss understood the situation and said, “I should be there in an hour. My wife is feeling better now. You talk to her until then.”

Ved looked at Sameera and said, “My boss was supposed to interview you. He asked me to take it on his behalf. Now, I told him and he will be here in some time. We can talk until then.”

Sameera nodded in agreement to the idea.

Ved asked, “Where did you go? Why did you leave us all of a sudden?”

Tears started rolling down Sameera’s eyes. She said, “Our love was the reason why I had to leave. Kishan bhaiyya had a word with my father and told him that I was distracting you, the movement, and our goals. So, my dad stopped me from coming to the movement. Within a week, we went to Lucknow. There, he got me married to a businessman. But, that marriage did not last long. We were completely incompatible.”

Sameera cried her heart out. Ved felt sad for her.

She asked, “What about you? Why did you leave the movement? Did you get married? How many kids do you have?”

Ved smiled and said, “Kishan bhaiyya did not know the reason why I joined the movement. I was never interested in that life until I came across you. Nobody knew that you were my main inspiration. So, how could I go on without you? Kishan bhaiyya pleaded me to stay with them. He knew that I was talented to plan and organize complicated operations, better than most of the others who were there. But, I was terribly depressed because I lost you. I’m not sure if you remember. But, I loved you more than anything in the world. And, I’m not married. My parents tried to convince me to get married. I could never get over you. I could never understand the concept of moving on. I think of you every day. I keep searching for your account on social media networks. You know how mad I was about you. Why do you ask such questions?”

Sameera continued crying.

Ved said, “I also want to break into tears. But, please control yourself. It’ll be very odd if people see you crying in the interview room. I’m not worried about my reputation. But, if you were to join this company in the future, they’ll bully you for the rest of your career here.”

Sameera said, “I’m sorry. I could not control my tears. My father died after I got married. I broke up with my husband and got divorced. Three years after that, this is the first time I met a friend. I have been avoiding all our friends. I know they would ask me why I left you suddenly. I too loved you. I had no choice but to listen to my father, then. But, my marriage did not succeed because I wanted you more. Satish was a good guy. He found out that I could never love him and that I wanted you more than anything in life. So, we decided to part amicably. I broke your heart first. Then, I broke his heart. I have been such a horrible person. I hate myself.”

Ved understood the situation. Though he felt sad for everything that happened to her, he wanted to take her in his arms and console her. Her past did not matter much to him. He wanted her even now. She loved him desperately even now. He did not know where to get started.

Ved asked, “Why are you looking for a job? I knew you had great ideas to set up your own company and you hated the concept of these corporate jobs.”

Sameera said, “I’m too tired of having too many hopes and aspirations. I have always been a victim of circumstances. I have to earn my bread. I have come to such a state in life that I wish I could get married and stay as a housewife. I’m tired of all the bad things in life.”

Ved’s boss knocked the door. He asked, “Ved, I’m here. Can I go ahead with the interview?”

Ved said, “Can you please give us a few minutes? I’m not sure if she wants this job?”

His boss did not understand this. He agreed to wait for a few minutes as he knew Ved always talked sense. And, looking at both of their puffed eyes, his boss realized that some emotional drama was happening between them.

After his boss left, Ved asked, “Will you marry me? You need not work. You can be a house wife. We can start a business soon. I love you. I have loved you. I will always love you. I could not think of anyone else in these last five years. Will you be mine?”

Sameera did not answer. She cried. She came forward and held his hands and cried on them. Finally, Ved could not control his emotions either. Tears started rolling down his eyes.

Ved’s boss came after some time and said, “Ved, you can take a leave for the day if you want. And, I presume Sameera need not be interviewed.”

Ved and Sameera walked into a happy life together.