Little Aryan was one of the most intelligent kids in the school. His mother, Pratima was very proud of her son. As he crossed high school, he earned a lot of awards in studies and sports. There was no other kid like him in the entire school, the Principal said. The Principal also added that it was very rare to come across a kid who performed excellently well in academics, sports, and all extra-curricular activities. He was a student par excellence and was appreciated by all wherever he went.

Aryan started developing interest in politics. Pratima noticed that her son showed special interest in one of the national leaders, Maha Pratap. Aryan never spoke about his respect for Maha Pratap. But, Pratima could guess it by the amount of research Aryan has been doing about this leader and how is very interested to know more about him whenever this leader appears in news.

That year, they had elections for the head of the country. As her son showed great interest in Maha Pratap and his party, Pratima and her husband voted in favor of Maha Pratap. She came home and told her son that she voted for his favorite candidate in the elections. She also told him how she influenced her friends and family to vote in favor of this candidate as he was the most eligible candidate. Pratima did her own research and learnt that Maha Pratap is one of those few candidates without a criminal record and with good education and experience to run a nation.

Aryan looked at his mother and shouted, “Why did you do that? Did I ever ask you to vote for him? He is not my favorite leader.”

Pratima felt clueless about the entire situation. She sat down and asked Aryan to speak out. She tried to learn the reason behind his research. She asked him, “Can you tell me more about your research? I spoke with your professors and came to know that it has nothing to do with your academics. I thought you were genuinely interested in politics and you consider Maha Pratap as your role model. If I got it all wrong, tell me more about your research.”

Aryan never wanted to speak about this to his mother. He knew she would never be able to relate to anything he said. He decided to avoid the weird stuff and said, “I don’t like him. I’m doing my research to expose him. I’m not interested in politics. I’m interested in journalism. There is something about this man that troubles me. I’m doing my best to gather that missing information and broadcast it to the public. I don’t want him to become a leader of our nation again.”

Pratima said, “Now, here’s my question. I have done my bit of research and learnt that he is one of the few candidates without a criminal record. Why do you think that something is wrong with him?”

Pratima tried to be as understanding as possible. She needed more information because she realized that her son is hiding something from her. But, it did not make sense as to why her son had a trouble with this particular leader when there are so many other leaders with bad track records out there.

Aryan replied angrily. His mother never saw him so angry and so agitated. She wondered if everything was alright with him. He said, “I think he is wrong because I know it. I saw it with my own eyes. He destroyed a legacy and is fooling an entire country.”

None of these words made any sense to Pratima.

She did not know what to ask him.

Aryan decided that it was time to spill the beans. He said, “Do you remember what happened to me when I was in the eighth grade? You were so worried about me after something happened to me in the rainy season.”

Pratima, without a moment of hesitation, said, “Yes. You were struck by lightning. You became a more serious boy after that accident. Though I miss the earlier naughty Aryan, I’m glad you have become serious in life.”

Aryan said, “Yes. After the lightning struck, I could recollect some facts about my previous life. I know this will freak you out. But, I am here for a reason. I know the reason of my birth now. I’m ready to go to any distance to reach my goal.”

Pratima laughed and said, “What? Previous life? Are you kidding me? Is this some new kind of game? Are you trying to pull my leg? You know, this is not silly. It is getting serious. Stop it already.”

Aryan got agitated again and shouted in a voice his mother never heard it. He said, “Listen to me lady. Maha Pratap is killing our legacy. I have to stop him from becoming the leader of the country. For decades, his family has been hiding our legacy from the public and erasing our magnificent history from the history books. It is time I get it back. When I tried to fight with him, he got me killed in a road accident. I’m born again is this middle class family so that no one will ever get a clue even if I try to harm him.”

Pratima decided that it was time to talk to Jyotsna about this entire episode. She said, “I’m tired. I can’t take this any more. Let’s talk about this tomorrow. Please go to your room for now.”

Jyotsna is a close friend of Pratima. Jyotsna is an experienced psychologist who specialized in these kinds of disorders. Pratima was pretty sure that her son suffered from multiple personality disorder. Pratima called up Jyotsna and told her the entire story. Jyotsna said that she would come the next day and meet Aryan.

Jyotsna came to their house the next day. She spoke with Aryan alone for a couple of hours. Aryan was always fond of Jyotsna because he thought she understood him better than anyone else.

After spending time with Aryan, Jyotsna came to Pratima. She was silent for a long time. She said, “He is not suffering from any multiple personality disorder. He is actually a reincarnation. The way he explained his entire earlier life, it was too surprising for me. I did not believe in it until he gave me the phone number of his family members. I spoke to them just now. Every word of his is true. His name was Ranavikrama Maharaj in his previous birth. He and his wife were killed last year in a road accident. They have no children. Our problem is not with his previous birth. His goal in this present birth is to kill Maha Pratap and he says that he will do it sooner. He did not tell this to me directly until I used clinical hypnosis on him to get the exact information from him. We have to stop him. But, we cannot stop him as he is way too ambitious than you can ever expect him to be.”

Pratima asked, “I don’t get it. Why does he want to kill Maha Pratap?”

Jyotsna explained her the entire story. The family of Ranavikrama Maharaj has a wonderful legacy. They ruled the entire North India before the British came to India. They were one of the most successful leaders. While the Britishers could win over the other states in a matter of few years, it took them nearly five decades to fight and win their kingdom and state. Even then, they did not win it fairly. When India got independence, the Britishers looted a lot of the wealth of this kingdom and took it out of the country. This wealth has never reached England either. More importantly, the last few leaders entered into a pact with the first leaders of our nation to erase the details of this kingdom from the pages of history. Ever since then, Ranavikrama Maharaj and his father tried their best to lobby with the politicians to get their due back in the annals of history. But, Maha Pratap plans to pass a law that completely eliminates the chance of adding more details into the history because of the numerous false claims from the across the territory. He entered into a deal with some anti-national forces to pass this law.

If Aryan cannot stop Maha Pratap from doing so, their story and legacy will never reach the public.

As she is overwhelmed by this entire story, Pratima decided to forget it for some time. She went to Aryan’s room to call him for lunch. He is missing from the room. Aryan left the house to fulfill his mission.

Pratima and her husband tried in various ways to find their son for the next few weeks. They could not trace him anywhere even with the help of authorities.

After a month, Aryan came home. Pratima was happy and relieved to see her son back after a long time. Aryan turned on the television. There was a flash news on the news channels that Maha Pratap was murdered last night. Aryan looked at his mother, winked, and smiled. Pratima was lost in shock and terror.