“You must be kidding me. Stop flirting already. Nobody reads others mind,” ruled out Sasha.

Kyle grinned and said, “No kidding. It’s true. I can read minds. Not just yours. I can read anyone’s mind that I want to read.”

Sasha looked suspiciously at him and said, “Is it some kind of prank? Alright, let us test it. I will think of something unrelated to this moment here and now. You should be able to read it out. Are you game for it?”

Kyle accepted the challenge and asked Sasha to think about something other than the current situation.

To her surprise, shock, and amazement, Kyle read out her mind as she was thinking.

I wish I could do something more about all those kids who lost their parents and relatives in the recent natural calamity. I need to focus my energies again on my dream project – to build that orphanage concept, where each kid has a designated caretaker. Wherever possible, I should be able to help the kids without parents and sync them up with couples who are desperate to have kids and cannot have kids.

Sasha was silent for a few moments out of sheer disbelief. It was as though her thoughts have been printed on paper and Kyle was reading them aloud. She said, “This is really freaking frightening. Nobody knows about my long term goal to start an orphanage. Not even my parents or my best friends.”

Sasha and Kyle played this game for a few minutes and her fear of Kyle only increased after all these things. She was so freaked out at his newly found ability that she decided she needed a break. She told him that she had to go home early that evening and left for home.

Kyle told that he would take the local train to reach his home.

After a few minutes, Sasha received a call from Kyle.

Kyle said, “Hey Sasha, we have a situation here. I could not call anyone else. You are the only who knows about my ability to read people’s minds. I tried it on random people today and something really untoward is happening right now. I don’t know how to deal with it.”

Sasha asked him,” What happened now? Is everything alright? Did you read someone’s mind and they said that they are about to kill you or someone around you?”

Kyle said, “It’s bigger than that. When I tried to read the mind of an interesting co-passenger, I came across something interesting. Wait. Listen. I cannot talk about it. Can you log in to chat with me?”

Sasha answered in affirmative and they both logged in to their chat accounts.

Kyle: Here is a guy who is planning to rob a bank at the next train stop.

Sasha: Stop kidding me already. Is it some kind of ploy? If you want to fool me, you win.

Kyle: This is no kidding. He has a well orchestrated plan, the way they show in movies. He is going through his plan again and again in his mind. I do not know how to stop him from robbing that bank. His plan is so complicated. We need to alert the cops immediately. There are more people immediately.

Sasha: As you cannot call the cops, tell me what I can do. First, tell me the plan.

Kyle: Let me type out his mind for you.

The train stops at 1. I should reach the bank within the next five minutes. As I am able to see David at the corner of the street, I should gesture him by rubbing my chin twice. He would be alerted and wait with a car outside the bank for me and Steve to finish our business. Steve should already be in the bank trying to fill some forms. I would not meet Steve and go to the other corner of the bank. Richard, virtually, would turn off the power and network connectivity for at least few minutes. Steve and I should use this time to wear our masks and take the intoxicating sprays. By the time, the power is restored, most of the people in the bank should faint due to intoxication. Steve and I would then walk towards the planned chambers, use the finger prints of the teller and access the vault. As soon as we get into the vault, we should seek Richard’s help and transfer the funds to some accounts. Within a few minutes, we can step out of the bank even while everybody is still intoxicated. We can drive away. Even if the cops get alerted and catch us, they should not be able to find any money on us.

Sasha is surprised at this plan and accurate logistics. It is a simple plan. These people are planning to use sophisticated technology to implement their robbery.

Sasha: This is really disturbing. How can we deal with this?

Kyle: Can you call the cops? We have only fifteen minutes. The cops should reach the place. I will somehow try to send you the photo of this guy.

Sasha: What do I tell the cops? We have a problem. If the cops ask me how you know about this, what should I answer them?

Kyle: Tell them that I overheard a conversation.

Sasha: Who would talk about their plan out in the open in a train? The cops will understand that there is something fishy about this. We need to think about any other alternative.

Kyle: Alright, here is an idea. Call the cops from an unknown number. Download and use the voice changing app on your phone. Use the voice of an old man. Tell the cops that you saw a group of thugs planning a robbery in an old factory outside the city. Though, this seems to be so cliched, the cops will at least try to look into this. Tell them that you are an old man and that you cannot act immediately to stop them. You need to do all this within the next fifteen minutes. Remember to download the unknown caller app and voice changer app before you call them. I hope your data speed is decent enough.

Sasha: Let me log off this chat now. I will download the apps right out. I will log in and chat with you as soon as I am done with the call. But, you stay away from these dangerous people. I care for you. I can’t see you get hurt.

Kyle: I have to go to the bank with this guy without his knowledge. If the cops do not reach in time, I should be able to stop this robbery all by myself, if necessary.

Sasha logged off the chat and implemented Kyle’s plan as he suggested.

After about ten minutes, the train reached the designated station where the dangerous stranger got down.

Kyle got down along with him. To avoid suspicion in the mind of this stranger, Kyle overtook him and went to the bank even before this stranger, as though he had some work in the bank. Kyle decided to take some forms and check if he can act as if he has to do some transaction before the cops arrive.

Kyle reached the bank. The stranger also reached the bank. Kyle could identify Steve based on the description of the stranger. The cops have not yet arrived and Kyle was getting worried. Kyle, Steve, and the stranger waited for nearly ten minutes and nothing happened. While Kyle was waiting for the cops to arrive, the other two people were waiting for Richard to disconnect the power and network.

Breaking from their plan, the stranger walked towards Steve and they both discussed something. They decided to call of their plan as Richard could not cut power in the required time. As they stepped out of the bank, the cops catch hold of them and get them arrested.

Kyle and Sasha are happy that they could solve this riddle.