A bank robbery happened in 21st North. Jason rushed there in time and worked in other cops to track the thieves in a couple of hours. Jason is considered to be an expert in handling such cases. After returning back to his office, he was lauded by everyone for handling the case deftly. He went back to his cabin and looked outside the window.

“I wish I could share this news with her,” he thought.

Two years ago, Jason got separated from Michelle because she was not happy with the relationship. She wanted to marry him because he was a cop and is famous for his honesty and bravery. Yet, it is the same profession that hurt their relationship. One evening, Jason came home after three days. Michelle said, “Do we want to live like this? I had no clue about you and I was so worried. And, you did not even think of calling me once. What if something happened to you? What if something happened to me? I can never reach you when I need you badly. I felt so sad. Did you know that my brother met with an accident? He was calling asking for you. What’s happening with you?”

“I wish I could tell you the reason why I was away all these three days,” Jason thought.

Michelle wept silently and said, “Let’s get separated. I cannot live with you like this. You don’t care about me.”

Within a week, Michelle moved out of the house. Within three months, they were officially separated.

Jason’s boss, Veronica, came into his cabin. She said, “Quit smoking. Are you thinking about Michelle, again? Either tell her everything or move on.”

Jason was the only one who understood that it was not so easy. Having lost his parents at a very early age, he decided to never get married. But, Michelle was a student who fell for him when she came to do some project study on one criminal case. She was madly in love with him. She went into depression when he said that he did not want to marry in this life time. To save her, he had to marry her. But, the marriage hardly survived for two years.

An year after they got married, there were many robbery cases across New York and many cops were assigned to deal with it. Jason was the only who could track down the main criminal in the case, Steven. It took for the entire police unit and six months to find Steven and put him behind the bars. But, Steven escaped from jail within a month. Soon enough, Jason received intelligence reports saying that Steven escaped from jail to seek revenge on Jason. Jason knew why he Steven would want to seek revenge. The day they arrested Steven, Jason aimed at Steven and tried to shoot him. But, Steven’s wife came in between and was hurt. She died on the spot. Steven wanted to ruin Jason and his life from that day.

Jason said, “I wish I was not so good at this job. I would have never arrested Steven and would not have gotten into this mess. First, he tried to Stuart. Then, he murdered Alice, my assistant. He would not hurt me. But, he is always trying to kill the people close to my heart.”

Veronica said, “Do something and put him behind the bars again. We’ll ensure maximum safety this time. We’ll ship him off to an undisclosed location, if necessary. And, let me know if you want me to talk to Michelle. I can be saved from this distressed face of yours. I haven’t seen you smiling for nearly two years now.”

Jason thought about it and he came up with a wonderful idea. He said, “Can you talk to Michelle and ask her to work with me on finding Steven? She is not safe out there alone when he has escaped again. I can assure of her safety as long as she is with me. But, never tell her what happened two years ago, please.”

Veronica understood his plan. She felt glad her words helped him on some way. She said, “Let me make it official. I’ll speak to the attorney and get her participation in solving this case. I know she’ll not be pleased with this arrangement.”

Meanwhile, Stephanie knocked the door and rushed into the room. She said, “Someone’s virtually attacked the stock market. It’s not anything like we’ve seen before. And, the chief wants both of you. Because, he thinks it must be Steven. In an anonymous call, he demanded billions of dollars to be brought to him by you, Jason.”

Veronica said, “As always, this guy is one step ahead of us. There’s more to this.”

Jason understood the enormity of the situation. He started perspiring all of sudden. He said, “Michelle. Michelle. She is with him. He must have kidnapped her already.”

Veronica found it ridiculous. She said, “Why would he do this stock market drama if he already has Michelle with him?”

Jason said, “He needs money. His demand for that money is just a pretext. He must have digitally programmed and must be doing something behind the screens already. Can you please call someone at NYSE and asked them to check the database or data warehouse or whatever it is? They must already notice some change if they are observing. But, he is diverting everybody’s attention towards the attack and demands. Check if the authorities want to give him the money. I’m sure they would want to owing to the pressure from the corporate biggies. I’ll go get him.”

Veronica rushed to meet the Chief and explained him everything about Jason’s plan. She asked the chief to give her a couple of hours.

It took only thirty minutes for Jason to get some bags ready with fake cash to meet Steven. He rushed to the stock exchange and waited for further instructions from Steven. Veronica called Jason and gave him the coordinates of an old factory on Long Island. Jason drove to the specified location. As suggested, cops were placed in strategic locations a bit from the factory.

Steven looked old and dilapidated. He had a laptop in front of him and a mobile phone. When Jason walked into the factory, Steven started clapping to welcome him. Steven felt a moment of triumph to see Jason surrendering.

Jason asked, “Where is she?”

Steven smiled. He said, “Your intelligence makes me want to work more with you. I killed her. You can find her dead body later after I leave with the money.”

Jason was frightened. He hoped that it was not true. He said, “You are lying. I know you would not kill her so easily.”

Steven ignored those words. He was busy trying to do something on his laptop. He was not at all worried that Jason would shoot him. After a few minutes, he looked up at Jason and said, “I have a change of plans. I don’t need the money. I will just use the chopper to fly away from here.”

Jason replied, “Sure. The chopper is ready. But, take me to her, first.”

Steven looked around. He walked to his wagon parked behind in the darkness. He unlocked the doors and got Michelle out of the wagon. Her hands and legs were tied and her mouth was gagged with a piece of cloth. Jason noticed that Michelle was wearing the formal dress he gifted her a couple of years ago.

Without hesitating for a moment, Jason took a gun and shot Michelle on her shoulder. As expected, she fell down immediately.

Steven was amused at Jason’s methods of madness. He said, “I knew you would do something like this. Earlier, I thought you loved her. But, I don’t understand how a divorce can kill the love. Anyway, since she is done, let me go.”

Steven started walking towards laptop. Jason leaped forward and grabbed the laptop before Steven could access it. Steven was bewildered. He took his gun and shot at Jason. Fortunately, Jason escaped the shots. He was protective of the laptop more than himself. And, Steven tried to shoot the laptop again, in vain.

Within a few moments, there were more gun shots and cops rushed inside to help Jason. They got hold of Steven after a few minutes. Veronica dragged him into the police van.

Veronica asked Jason, “What about her?”

Jason said, “I used a dummy bullet. She fainted in shock. She should wake up in a few minutes.”

As they were talking, Michelle woke up. The cops helped her and she ran towards Jason. She said, “I did not know that you tried to save me two years ago. I’m so sorry I was so foolish not to understand you. He said he almost killed you last time. You were ready to die for me. And, I wanted to break up with you. Will you ever forgive me?”

Veronica felt glad that Michelle finally came to know about the truth.

With the help of Steven’s laptop, the virus attack on the stock exchange has been undone.

Jason and Michelle got married again.