In a distant village in Karnataka, Kaushik was taking care of his paddy fields when his wife, Gowri came to meet him. Kaushik looked around and noticed that all the other farmers have left for lunch. She quickly rushed her to the hut at the corner of their field under the large tree.

Gowri said, “Don’t you want to have food?”

Kaushik smiled naughtily, pulled her inside and locked the door.

Before he could do anything, he felt the ground under his foot shaking. He realized that it must be an earthquake. He immediately unlocked the door and ran with Gowri outside the hut. The large tree that gave them shade for nearly four decades and three generations had been toppled because of the tremors. The tremors paused for a while. He asked his wife to stand behind and he went to the hut. He could see a huge crater in his hut. It was like a big well, but without any water.

Kaushik immediately called his friends to check if they felt the tremors. His wife was better educated than him. She took her phone to check of any reports on the various news channels using their Android apps. She was surprised to see that no earthquake was reported anywhere. Kaushik also confirmed that none of his friends felt any tremors.

Kaushik was surprised. How can a huge tree get toppled and people few miles away did not feel any tremors? He and his wife went inside the hut to take pictures of the well. As they further examined the well, they noticed that the well appeared like a modern man made one and it had perforated walls made of something stronger than cement. They did not understand. It all appeared to be some metal. They immediately took pictures of the well. Gowri posted the pictures on her Facebook wall. It took only half an hour for the pictures to get circulated across the place. They started getting calls. Within an hour, a journalist came to take video coverage of the well. It took only three hours for the place to become busy with media vans and their antennas.

None of the journalists or experts could figure out anything. When a journalist asked Gowri what she thought about it, she said, “Aliens”

Her answer changed the attention of experts worldwide. Some of the geological experts came and took snapshots and samples the new metal-like rock that formed a large cylindrical shape. Nobody dared to enter into as it seemed to be too deep. The government authorities responded after a day. Experts from across the globe flew to check what was happening.

Kaushik was not happy with so much media attention. His crops were almost destroyed because of all these uninvited guests. He immediately met the head of the village and told him to find a way to stop this media trail. The local chief said, “There is only one way in which we can do it. But, you will be ignored for it and people will make fun of you after this. Is it fine with you?”

Kaushik understood the plan and said, “That’s a great idea. I’ll go and admit that I made it and it is a hoax alarm. I’ll tell them that I asked my wife to mention about aliens.”

Gowri also agreed to the plan. Though she was initially happy with so much media attention, she later realized that their normal lives were terribly disturbed because of the recent turn of events.

The next day, the village people met and agreed to help Kaushik in this affair. They all felt that their village is being polluted because of these media people and the so-called-experts who flew in from different countries across the globe. Nobody was helping them find the main reason behind the artificial. Instead, they were taking videos and photos of this village and wasting all its natural resources.

Later in the evening, Kaushik along with the elders from the village called for a press conference. He planned to apologize to the media for faking an alien visit. With the help of his brother-in-law who was a mechanical engineer, he decided to tell a story as to how he built the well to attract attention.

The press conference started as expected.

Kaushik’s brother-in-law, Gopi, was called after Kaushik apologized. Gopi was a brilliant mechanical engineer. When he explained how they built the artificial, media was taken aback. Suddenly, this became a big piece of news in all news channels. Some of the journalists told Kaushik that he might get arrested for cheating people. As Kaushik has already discussed it with the people of the village, he said that he was ready to face any consequences. He wanted to get out of this mess at any cost.

They were about to end the press conference. A few cars zoomed into the campus where they were holding the press conference. A journalist came running to the dias and requested all the other journalists to wait for a few minutes. A couple of old men came to the dias with some equipment. They had a projector and they planned to show something to the people who attended the press conference.

One of them, a scientist, said, “Kaushik really found out something and he did not build it. Here is a small video about a similar well that formed in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean off the coast of the South African Continent. And, these two wells are strikingly similar. It’s not about just these wells that formed a tunnel. It’s about the coordinates. If you carefully look at the coordinates, the location of well in Kaushik’s field is exactly on the other side of the globe to the other formed and both these wells formed at the same time. And, when we examined the metal used in building these wells, we realized that the metal is not available on our planet.

Gopi is a smart engineer. He could use his knowledge to twist facts for a noble cause. Now, as journalists and scientists, let us understand their plight. The people of this village were initially happy that media attention was helping them by getting more people and more facilities to their doorstep. But, as days passed, they realized that the disadvantages outnumbered the advantages. Look at this place now. It used to be a green haven earlier. We all made it a polluted tourist spot like any other spot on this earth today. They wanted to stop this and must have come up with this idea of calling it a hoax.

Let us be responsible people and reduce the pollution we are causing to this place. Let us act professionally and find out. The entire world needs to get united. There is more to this than a small well being formed in some field that will help us get some popularity and more ratings on television and Internet channels.”

As the scientist continued speaking, another man came running from the car with a laptop in his hand. He asked this scientist to step aside. The second scientist connected his laptop to the projector and started showing news that appeared on news channels in the last ten minutes.

At least fifteen more wells were formed in different countries across the globe and most of these were tunnels to the other side of the globe. Scientists were alarmed at these tunnels and are not able to come up with any explanation. How would aliens benefit from these tunnels?

People in some remote country started dropping things in these tunnels and the objects started surfacing on the other side if it was not in the middle of the ocean. Scientists had no clue what to do with this odd phenomenon. They installed cameras around these wells to study any movement near them.

Later in the night, near Kaushik’s well, they noticed some light rays travelling during night time. These light rays traveled together and were visible only during night time with the help of special filters for cameras.

One of the scientists announced, “There are some extra-terrestrial beings amongst us. They are using these tunnels for their travel purposes. We cannot seek them with naked eye. They have a plan and it appears that they are going to the next phase by letting us know that they are here.”