Ved and Hemant were waiting for their bus. They were eager to begin the next step of their journey. They enrolled together in a post graduation course. And, they started out their trip together. They have been friends for the last five years. They felt glad that they both got selected in the college.

They reached the bus station an hour in advance. Ved wanted to kill some time. It was 11 30 in the night and they had no choice but to roam around in the bus station. They both were very used to a game of spending time together when they got bored. They would roam around and identify the odd people in the vicinity and start making fun of them. They started this game in the college. They continued this game wherever they went and had fun together. They would also recollect such fun times later and cherish those memories.

On this day, they decided to roam. As always, they found a weird character who could be the reason for their fun. They would not let their target know that they were making fun of them. They just share their jokes with each other.

A middle-aged businessman was sitting in a corner chair of the bus station. He was shouting at someone on the phone. He was talking in a language that Ved and Hemant did not understand. Initially, they started their game by imaginatively describing him and his situation. Later, they decided to translate his phone conversation and have fun.

According to them, he was talking to his friend complaining about his wife.

Ved started translating first. According to Ved, the businessman said, “I don’t want to go home. She will start hitting me. Last week, she started beating me when her favorite character died in a TV soap. How am I responsible for that?”

Hemant continued the translation. He said, “You would not believe what happened after that. I revolted and started hitting her. I thought I won when she was initially frightened. Then, she went inside the room and brought a gun. I never knew there was a gun in our house. She threatened to shoot me with the gun. She followed me everywhere and made me run around the house. Finally, I hid beside the gas cylinder in the kitchen. She could not find me. But, I could not hide longer, because she got my mobile phone and threatened to break it. I could not let my iPhone break. Moreover, I had the contact details of all my girl friends in there. If she breaks it, I would have lost their numbers. So, I went up to her and snatched my phone away from her.”

Ved and Hemant continued their translation for some time and had a great time imagining a bullying wife and a promiscuous husband caught red handed in a compromising position with his secretary, wife’s relative, and many more at various circumstances.

Ved liked the way their imagination soured and kept them entertaining.

After a few minutes, the businessmen ended his call. But, he was very frightened about something. It was as though he was terrified of something. He safeguarded himself carefully and did not move an inch from his corner seat.

Slowly and steadily, Ved and Hemant tried to really guess his situation as they felt sad for the businessman. But, they could hardly do anything for him. They did not even want to try talking with the businessman because it was very obvious he was not in a state to trust anyone.

After talking about this for some time, they decided to go on with their business. They were once again excited about their new college and the adventurous couple of years that awaited them.

After some time, Ved walked into the rest room while Hemant waited outside. The rest room was built in a isolated corner at one of the extreme ends of the bus station.

Suddenly, Hemant heard some gun shots fired in the rest room. He was very worried about Ved and walked inside. Hemant saw the businessman lying there in a pool of blood. There was no sight of anyone else. Ved immediately dragged Hemant inside one of the cabins and asked him to remain silent.

They both heard the footsteps of the person who killed the businessman. They could see him from the corner. It took some time for Hemant to come to terms with the situation. He noticed that Ved was recording the entire thing in his mobile phone as a video.

The killer looked around ignoring the direction in which they were there. Ved and Hemant felt glad that they were not to be found.

The killer called someone on his mobile phone and said, “Yes, boss. We are done here. He is dead. No. No one saw me. Two college kids. If they try to speak about it, their careers will come to an end. They can be killed. Their families will be ruined. I’m sure they will understand and keep their mouths shut. You know how we can frame them in return for the murders. We can destroy the evidence even after the case reaches the court. So, I’m not worried. I’ll leave for now.”

Ved realized that it was veiled threat to them and the killer knew that they were there at the spot while he was killing the businessman. The killer left the place. Ved and Hemant waited for a few moments and then stepped out of the rest room.

Hemant said, “Let us not talk about this. Let us go to our bus and start our journey. This seems to be very murky. Let us not get involved in anything like this.”

Ved said, “I think you’re too late. I already sent it to Krish. You know about him.”

Hemant was very upset. He shouted, “You could have waited for a moment before sending. We all know about Krish. He will immediately upload this video on the Internet and propagate the link everywhere. We are in a mess here.”

Ved did not answer anything.

Hemant controlled his anger. He said, “First, delete the video from your mobile and all your cloud accounts. Since Krish got it already, he will keep it safe.”

Ved immediately deleted it. They both ran towards their bus which was now ready.

A few minutes before the bus was about to start, a group of goons got into the bus and dragged Ved and Hemant out of the bus. They asked the bus driver to leave without them.

Ved and Hemant were worried that they would be killed.

The goons threatened them and asked them to keep their mouth shut and not talk to anyone about this matter. One of the goons suggested to take these two boys to the boss.

A jeep came and Ved and Hemant were taken into the jeep. They did not talk about the video. The goons were under the impression that they would frighten these two boys and that should keep them and their boss safe.

One of the goons got a call from their boss. He talked on the phone. He asked the driver to stop the jeep. He started shouting at Ved and Hemant, “Didn’t Bheem tell you not to keep silent? Why did you guys take a video and share it? You people are so foolish. Your foolishness is the reason for your death. Don’t blame anyone else.”

The goon pulled out a gun to shoot at them and kill them.

With sirens and lights blazing loud, three cop cars came suddenly and arrested these goons.

The senior cop walked towards Ved and Hemant and told them, “One of our jeeps will drop you in your college. You are safe to go. Thanks for sharing the video and getting the culprits arrested. We will take care of your safety. Focus on your education. The country needs brave young men like you both.”