“We met only yesterday. How can you trust someone so much and so soon?” asked Shravan.

“It’s love. I don’t trust you. I trust love. I believe in love and the wonderful life that I can foresee,” answered Shalini.

“You never know. May be, I’m kidnapping you,” said Shravan playfully.

“I can see the pleasure in your eyes. You are too excited to embark on a happy journey. Your energies do not suggest any other activity. I can see only love all around me. All this sounds so foolish. We met on the subway yesterday. We talked for a few minutes. We walked in the rain together. We exchanged our phone numbers. And, then, we decided to run away together within a day of our first meeting. I have never seen this happen in movies at least. It seems to be an adventure,” said Shalini.

“I suppose you are a rich kid with too many choices and far too many restrictions. You needed some adventure in life. You just wanted to run away from your parents and routine life. May be, you will repent after some time. What will happen to me if you leave me after one week when you start missing your parents and your life?” asked Shravan.

Shalini was silent for a few minutes. They both were seated in a train to Goa from Bangalore. They decided to run away because they fell in love with each other when they met each other. They both admitted to each other that it was love at first sight. They felt love like an earthquake and the feeling was mutual. Neither Shravan nor Shalini hesitated for a moment. They did not think about the future. They were under the constant assumption that life is going to be awesome, only because of love.

Shalini answered, “I’m a rich kid, yes. I don’t deny that. But, there have been no restrictions or choices for me. In fact, my parents have been so busy fighting with each other, they would not feel my absence for at least three days. It is only after that they would realize that I am missing. Since you are not from my college and not a relative, it would be hard for them to find out about you. And, I did not speak about you with anyone. As long as we are able to avoid the shutterbugs before reaching Goa and settling in a secret abode, we are safe enough. If the media gets to know that the daughter of a state minister ran away, it is going to be sensational news. They would use this piece of news to generate revenue for at least two or three weeks. Some of them would consider this as a challenge and track me down. They cannot track me if we plan my escape.”

Shravan was confused and said, “Did we plan? I thought we had no plan till now. How can you be safe in that way?”

Shalini grinned confidently and said, “Only you are a new part of this plan. I have had this plan for so long. I always planned to do this alone. You just tagged along, let me say. I hope this gives you a clue why I wanted to book the tickets. I did not change our names. But, the media would not be so much bothered about finding my name in a regular compartment in a train. They would be busy checking flight records for my name. I wanted to make a safe escape without doing anything wrong and illegal. And, trust me, there is some one who is aware of my every movement. So, you cannot kidnap me so easily either.”

Shalini’s statements added to Shravan’s curiosity. He said, “What if I am from the media?”

Shalini replied, “That should make things easier for me in one way. But, I might not easily fall in love with anyone else again. I might have difficulty in trusting people after this. I am practical enough to understand the emotional consequences of all the possible actions. I have chalked out all my future courses of action depending on the change of situations.”

Shravan thought for a few minutes. They both looked at the moving train and the world outside. To Shravan, it all seemed to be far too adventurous. He did not know that this girl was the daughter of a top politician. He immediately took his phone and did some search in her name. To his surprise, she was right and the media is constantly printing some or the other news about her. He was frightened for a few minutes if he did the right thing. However, as always, he believed in the idea of true love. He was pretty sure that true love would help him find his way midst all this chaos and confusion.

Shravan asked, “Now that you speak of practicality, did you think about your future? What are we going to do? Tomorrow. In a few weeks. Months. Years. Do you have any idea. Any normal love story or arranged marriage would have some clarity about all these things.”

Shalini was confident. It appeared as though she was well prepared to answer all these questions. She thought Shravan would ask them in a few days. She did not expect him to become anxious all of a sudden. She replied, “We are staying at a friend’s place in Goa. We can stay there as paying guests for as many months as we want. It is a quiet place and it would be difficult for anyone to find that place. And, as far as the money for that goes, we both have enough money. I saved pocket money for the past few months. I will use some of it for paying my part of the rent. You did some search about me only now. I did search about you last evening even before I called you. I noticed that you are a successful software architect who is tired to working in the corporate world. You also have an awesome hobby as you often moonlighted as a rock guitarist. You have been pretty successful in bagging some jigs in Bangalore all this while. You were planning to quit your job one of these days to make it big in the music world. So, it was easier for you to run away from your present life. You were tired of living with your brothers and their families, too. You needed a break. I, too, needed a break from warring parents. So, we both found our escape route last night.”

Shravan interrupted and asked, “What about our relationship?”

Shalini replied, “We can live in together from now. You pay for your rent. I pay for my rent. Only time will define our relationship. Though we are mutually attracted, we might take time to come to a decision to take our relationship to the next level. This run away is just an excuse to go to the next level in our lives. We have been waiting for a moment like this for a long time. Both of us grabbed when we got an opportunity.

You have been asking me questions. Why did you say yes when I said we should run away. How could you trust me so much? What if I turn out to be a sadist?”

Shravan said, “I felt something angelic about you. I know it sounds way too melodramatic. But, you woke up the poet in me. After I walked with you in the rain, I went home and wrote at least nine songs.

I have always been a good instrumental player. But, I had difficulty penning lyrics. I did not want to sing others’ songs. But, the moment I saw you, things changed for me. I thought it was God’s decision that we should go together. When you said that we should run away, I realized that God was making things better for me. I can write many songs every day with you as my inspiration.

Trust me, there is no better inspiration for music more than love. We cannot start with words or chords. It is only feelings that evoke a greater sense of music in our hearts.”

Shalini found his version of love interesting. She did not expect this from him. She thought he was just an infatuated soul. She said, “What if I lose the spark? I mean, what if I stop inspiring you? What would you do if you find me boring after two weeks or few days?”

Shravan said, “I know nothing about the future. I’m not worried about it either. But, the feeling that I get when I am with you for now is like a miracle. Words are flowing out of my mind. And, they are coming together with music. I want to live and feel this love as long as it is there. I don’t want to ruin the feeling with a fear that this feeling would subside. I want to cherish every moment while I live with you. It is more than a dream come true for me. You are an angel. I’m pretty confident that you will continue to inspire me for days, months, years, and decades to come.”

Shravan and Shalini look into each others eyes for at least ten minutes and share a smile that resonates their love and preempts a wonderful journey ahead for both of them.