“It’s a miracle,” said Arjun. He could not believe his eyes. Everything in his life changed forever.

Arjun had a crush on Anjali ever since he joined this company. However, he could never muster courage to express his feelings to her. He could not believe his eyes when he got an email from her personal email address. And, she asked him if they could be friends in that email. Arjun always thought she ignored him because of his social awkwardness, despite being one of the top performers in the team. Little did he know, that this was a prank by his other colleagues.

In spite of replying to that email, Arjun decided to meet Anjali in person and talk it out with her.

“Hey Anjali. Can I have a quick word with you?” asked Arjun after greeting Anjali.

“Sure Arjun. Is there anything that I can help you with?” replied Anjali.

You can definitely help me with my life by becoming my love, thought Arjun. However, he wanted to be careful in his communication as she only expressed to become friends with him and nothing more than that.

“Your email. It made my day. Thanks for sending it across,” said Arjun.

Anjali assumed that Arjun was talking about the daily spiritual message email she sends across to the entire team. She never got any appreciation or recognition for that and other team building tasks that she takes. She was glad someone read it and thanked her for her efforts.

Anjali replied, “Thanks. I’m glad you liked it. People around here are so lost in their work. All of us need some friends and more communication. If it is only about work that we communicate, we might end up being robots.”

Arjun said, “This is so true. We need to become friends. We need to build bonds and make this place more lively. Two years ago, when I joined I tried to befriend some people here. But, it was such a difficult task to socialize with these people. You have to believe me. After a long time, I’m having a generic discussion with someone at work on a topic that has nothing to do with work, cinema, or cricket.”

Anjali laughed at his sarcastic comment. They talked about various other topics for the next thirty minutes and realized that they both had many things in common – sarcastic replies to people and no nonsense approach to life.

Meanwhile, Priya, Malini, and Sekhar was listening from the neighboring cubicle hoping that these two will have a fight. They sent this email to let Arjun and Anjali communicate first and fight immediately. However, they were disappointed that Arjun and Anjali became friends in contrast to their expectations.

The next day, Anjali noticed a bouquet at her desk. There was no information on the bouquet, other than a card with a small message – Thanks, from A – on it. This was again done by the three mischief mongers. Anjali thought it must be Arjun and smiled to herself. Usually, she would get angry if someone gave a bouquet like that. But, she found something interesting about Arjun. So, she felt glad he was taking things forward.

Arjun and Anjali exchanged smiles that morning. She thanked him with a smile. Arjun assumed that she was thanking him for the funny email forward he sent across to her. He felt that there was something between them.

Priya, Malini, and Sekhar decided to take things forwarded as both their earlier attempts to make Anjali fight with Arjun failed. They needed some fun.

Sekhar bought the book, PS:I Love You, from the campus book shop and placed it in Anjali’s cubicle when she went out for lunch. He was pretty sure this should rake up things.

However, Anjali was pleasantly surprised when she saw that book at her place. She immediately walked up to Arjun’s cubicle.

She said, “I never knew you had the same feelings for me.” She remained silent for a few seconds and started again, “It was such a pleasant surprise. And, I liked the approach. The book, though it was a boring idea, seemed interesting and safe at the workplace.” She blushed and left for her cubicle.

Arjun noticed that she had the PS:I Love You book in her hand. He was pretty confused and extremely happy at the same time.

Though they acted as if they did not know what was happening, Priya, Malini, and Sekhar were taken aback at the development. Sekhar was completely disappointed. He said, “How can this happen? It’s like we made it all easier for him.”

Priya said, “Shouldn’t you be glad you helped two people who have been silently longing for each other all this while? Why are you so disappointed? Isn’t this fun? I’m sure a fight would have been better. But, this is so romantic. You never know. We have sown the seeds for a life long, wonderful relationship.”

Unable to control his anger, Sekhar said, “I just wanted them to fight and I wanted to bring this fight up during our annual appraisal discussion. You know, Arjun is such an exemplary corporate citizen, it is very difficult to find some fault with him. So, I just wanted to get better rating than him. I thought this would be a good idea.”

Priya and Malini were very angry at the hidden motive of Sekhar. They argued with him for being so manipulative and felt glad things turned out to be this way.

Sekhar went to their boss and told him that Arjun and Anjali are not focusing on their work and a new workplace romance is budding between them. Their boss never appreciated the idea of romance at the workplace. He told Sekhar that he would do something about this.

Meanwhile, Arjun went to the bookshop and found out that it was Sekhar who bought the book and placed it at Anjali’s desk. Arjun was further curious and found out that Sekhar was the one behind the bouquet and the initial mail that Arjun received from Anjali. He always knew that Sekhar was a crook and do something or the other to play spoilsport in others’ work.

Arjun immediately met Priya and asked her about the whole thing. She told him the entire story. She also informed that they started it just as a prank and they never had anything to do with the motives of Sekhar.

Arjun immediately requested Anjali to come with him to their boss’ office.

“Good afternoon, boss. We have a situation here. I have had a crush on Anjali ever since she joined here. But, I have respected the decorum of the workplace and never ventured to express my feelings to her. Of late, however, some developments took place that changed this equation completely. I got a mail from an email address, supposedly meant to be Anjali’s personal email address saying that she wants to be friends with me. Then, Anjali received a bouquet from someone with a message from A on it. Apart from Aarushi and Anjali, I am the only other A in your team. Then, Anjali received a book as a proposal at her desk this afternoon. It cannot be a coincidence, that another senior member of the team paid for all these things – the book and the bouquet. I came to know from someone else that the same senior member created a fake email address in Anjali’s name and sent an email to me. I’m telling you all these things because I don’t want Anjali’s reputation to get tarnished because of the handy work of some insecure people. Please punish me if you want to. Other than that, I still have hopes that one day, I can have a relationship with Anjali. I hope I have made myself clear,” said Arjun to his boss while Anjali was shocked listening to this entire episode.

Their boss replied, “I know that it is Sekhar who did all this. Malini came to me this morning and told me about the entire story. I reprimanded her and Priya for being party to such mischief at work. I will take care of Sekhar. I’d request both of you to focus on your work and be assured that no action will be taken against anyone of you. This is despite the fact that Sekhar has already complained that you people are using office time for your romance. But, I have known you, Arjun, for the last few years. I believe you and your work. I have nothing about you people considering a relationship. I’m pretty confident that your relationship will only make things better at work and not ruin the workplace. I have been against relationships that meant to disrupt the work of other people. But, I know both of you. So, I will leave it to you guys to decide about your relationship. All I can do is wish you good luck.”

As they stepped out of their boss’ cubicle, Anjali said, “My respect for you has grown after this discussion. I really loved the way in which you dealt with this situation. But, I have not got any answer about us going forward.”

“Didn’t you always see it in my eyes, the longing?” asked Arjun. They smiled at each other. A new chapter began in their lives, together.