George has been working as the waiter at this lake view restaurant since three years. He is so used to the place, the people, the chefs, and the regular visitors.

George feels so much comfortable everyday at this restaurant. He never thought he would work at the same place for so long. But, there is something about this place that troubled him.

It all happened two years ago when it first came to his notice. It happened five days in a row. There is a corner table in the restaurant.

“It creeps me. It happened five days in a row. Anybody who sits at that table would end up fighting before finishing their meal course,” he said to his boss Steve.

Steve chose to ignore George’s weird observation.

However, everybody working at the restaurant started noticing it once it has become a repetitive phenomenon.

For nearly thirty days in a row, people who sat on that table fought with each other. To change the pattern, the waiters started letting only single people sit at the table. As usual, there was one or the other businessman with his laptop or the lost college girl with her novel who would prefer to come alone.

As a matter of fact, the thing that surprised them is that by the end of their meal, these people would have either fought with someone on their phones or would have fought with the waiters. Later, the waiters made it a policy to control their emotions and not to get into a brawl with any visitors, especially the ones sitting at the weird corner table.

That did not help either. People continued to fight with their kin on the phone or they would pick fights with people sitting at the neighboring tables. In one instance, the introvert guy suddenly turned violent as he overheard the conversation of the people sitting at the adjacent table. They were not talking about him. But, it irked him to a great extent and he fought badly with them.

Steve decided to put an end to this. He changed the tables and placed a new set of tables. He wanted to test if it was the spot or the tables. After this experiment, he found out that it was the spot and not the tables. Any new table stationed at that spot would end up becoming a war zone.

So, finally, after much discussion with George and the other waiters, they decided to keep the spot empty. Weirdly, that did not help either. People would walk with their cell phones to this empty spot and start fighting with people on the phone. On top of that, during busy hours, there were at least a few people waiting. So, they had to retain a table at that spot.

The staff gave up their attempts to do something about the weird corner table. They decided to have fun. Slowly and steadily, it became a part of their routine to track people who would come there and fight with each other. And, they would discuss these stories at the end of the day and laugh whole-heartedly.

Christine walked in one day and broke the jinx of the corner table. George started developing feelings for Christine ever since he saw her.

They both exchanged glances initially. Later, they would exchange smiles. Christine would come to the restaurant more often. She would give excellent feedback for George. And, George is so used to Christine’s choice, he would place the order depending on the day and Christine’s mood. She liked the way he understood her choices better than anyone else.

George and Christine started talking more. And, they would sit at the same table and flirt with each other. George was terribly surprised that they would never fight. Only, other people would fight regularly at that table before and after Christine’s visit. The war zone for others became a love zone for George and Christine.

After a couple of months, George and Christine exchanged their numbers. They started getting to know each other better. Finally, they got so fond of each other that they decided to take it to the next level.

George proposed to Christine at the same weird odd table. She accepted his proposal. They decided to get married within the next six months.

One fine day, Christine brought her parents and introduced them to George. They all sat at the table. Though George was initially frightened if the table would turn to be weird, he was later happy that nothing untoward happened at the table that evening. However, Christine’s mother was silent all the while.

After a week or so, Christine got her sister, Anna, along with her. Hell broke loose. George and Anna fought on that table during the course of their dinner. The fact remained that George dated Anna long ago during their college days and they both broke up after a big fight. But, Anna, suddenly told that she was still in love with George and was waiting for him to return and apologize.

George told the entire story to Christine. She tried to understand him initially, but, fought with him later. George cursed the weird corner table to be the reason for their problems. So, he started making Christine at a different table. Things started improving once again in their love life.

Finally, they got married after six months. And, George decide to quit working at this restaurant. He got a better job as a chef in an uptown restaurant. It all worked out in George’s favor, until one day.

George suddenly got a call from Christine. She asked him to meet her at the old restaurant. To his shock, Christine was waiting at the weird corner table. Nothing weird happened, though. In fact, she asked him to come there because she wanted to share the good news that she was pregnant.

After a few months, George got a call from his ex-boss Steve. During the conversation, Steve mentioned that the weird corner table has now changed and no body is fighting at the table.

The reason for the change did not occur to him, until, his son Will reached five years. Will gained a reputation of picking up fights with everyone almost daily at school and among his neighbors.

George did not know what to do.