With music playing in his ears and hope brimming in his heart because of love, he walked into the mall hardly noticing the cops stationed around. It was a war zone for everyone else. The shopping mall was held hostage by some unidentified masked men. The cops were not sure about the demands of these miscreants. The cops knew that these masked men were armed with guns and they also heard some gun shots fired inside.

Nathan could not realize anything happened around him for a long time. As far as he was concerned, it was the happiest day of his life. Amy accepted his love and said that she was more than ready to marry him immediately. It was a dream come true for him. So, he rushed to the mall after proposing to her to pick up some of favorite cakes, cookies, and everything that made him happy. He wanted to celebrate this happiness alone till that evening. His friends had other plans for late evening.

Nathan stormed into the mall confidently without noticing the barricades kept outside preventing people from entering the mall. A couple of cops near the entrance shouted to him in an attempt to stop him from going inside.

Nathan was so happy that he hardly heard anything or noticed that everything was bizarre.

As Nathan stormed into the mall, one of the masked men threatened to shoot him with his gun. Nathan noticed him and thought that this was a dream and they were playing a game. Instead of being frightened, he approached the gunman, hugged him and danced with him while listening to the music in his music player. The masked man was initially confused. Nathan danced with him in such a way that the masked man could not take his gun out.

After dancing for a couple of minutes, he rushed to the baked goods aisle and picked up a couple of cakes and pastries and placed them in his basket. The masked man was so confused after the dance that he did not know if he had to take out his gun. On the other hand, he also had a fear if this was a cop who was trying to arrest them or shoot them directly. This masked man did not want to die in the mall.

Meanwhile, another masked men threatened to shoot him from behind. But, Nathan could not hear the threats because of the deafening music in his ears. However, he noticed that almost all the other people were kneeling down in fear. Nathan continued to believe that this was a dream and they were all playing some game. He was really hallucinating and steered clear from reality.

One of the gun men fired shots at him. But, the bullets missed him as he was dancing happily his way towards another aisle.

The gun men tried to stop him and threaten him in various ways, but he continued to ignore them. They ran towards him. He ran away from them like a kid playing a game. Three of them circled around him as if to threaten him. But, Nathan escaped from their clutches while laughing and cheered after escaping as though he won a big tournament. As far as he was concerned, this day was turning out to be better. First, his girl friend agreed to marry him. Second, this real life scene was just like the video games he kept playing regularly.

The cops waiting outside were troubled by the gun shots that they could hear coming from inside.

Nathan felt so energetic after recollecting the proposal and Amy’s response. He did not want to leave her. He wanted to take her to his house immediately and spend the rest of his life in his arms. His mind kept on recollecting those wonderful moments while he went ahead and picked his groceries in an automated fashion.

As he reached the bill desk, he noticed that one of the gun men pointed a gun at the billing clerk. For a moment, Nathan did not like his dream to be disturbed by some masked man. He was already in the highest of his spirits. He immediately took a heavy basket and hit the masked man hard even before the masked man could react by shooting at him.

The billing clerk billed Nathan’s items. Nathan paid and walked out of the mall as though everything was normal. Neither the people inside nor the cops could understand how he could come and finish his business so easily.

As he was about to reach his car in the parking, a cop stopped him.

Nathan said, “There are six masked men in the mall. All of them are armed, but, I doubt if their guns are loaded. Only the gun of the leader seems to be loaded. He is six foot two inches tall, fair, and seems to be a local man. This does not seem to be work of the terrorists. As Thanksgiving is fast approaching, these people seem to have attacked the mall to take the money from the cash counter and escape. But, someone informed the cops and you people reached earlier than the planned time of these miscreants. Added to this, the masked men are very afraid. They are not rogues. It is just some amateurish plan and they don’t know how to deal with the situation. ”

Nathan continued, “I went inside and they tried to shoot me. I continued to act as if I was lost in my music. I continued enjoying my music while taking it as a challenge to stay safe from these people while finishing my business. There are exactly twenty three people in the mall other than the masked men. Of these, six are children. You might want to rush in sooner as one of the babies is very hungry. These masked men have not shot anyone yet. They seem to be clueless about the further course of action. There are two more masked men at the rear end of the mall who are fast loading some expensive electronics into their van. You might want to send your people to stop them from leaving.”

The cop immediately shouted instructions on his phone and a cops reached that place. After a few minutes, the cop got a phone call saying that the two masked men at the rear end of the mall have been arrested.

The cop asked Nathan, “Are you part of this hostage plan? Why did they leave you safe? Is this some kind of prank? Or, are you people serious criminals.”

Nathan did not expect this twist in the story. All this while, he thought he was helping the cops.

When he stepped into the mall, he hardly noticed anything happening around him. He was celebrating the success of his love. Slowly and steadily, he started realizing when he noticed people and the fear on their faces. But, he did not get frightened. He was braver than his usual self. He attributed this to the success of his love. So, he thought he would finish his business and inform the cops waiting outside. But, the cops got a different impression that he was also part of his mall hijack.

To prove his innocence, Nathan had to do something. He put his groceries in his car and ran towards the mall again.

This time, the leader of the masked men came in front of him and threatened to shoot him. Nathan used his martial arts skills to bring this opponent down. He went around the mall and brought the remaining opponents down. The other people in the mall also started revolting to the masked men. It took only ten to fifteen minutes for all the people to bring down the masked men with the help of Nathan.

Finally, Nathan and the others walked freely and informed the cops that the hostage situation is over and they are all safe. There has been no destruction of property either. The owner of the mall was waiting outside in his car all this while. He came out of his car and thanked Nathan.

The owner of the mall asked Nathan if he wanted some reward. The owner was ready to give him any discount for life long. Nathan did not want any discount or such offers. Nathan felt the need to help people and he helped them without wanting anything in return.