“Tell us more about your experience,” asked the interviewers.

Rohan explained them all the work he did in his previous jobs. He explained in detail all those roles and responsibilities that would matter to the interview panel.

Though they were very impressed with his profile and experience, the members of the interview panel spent some more time asking him more questions.

On the other hand, Rohan wanted to step out of the interview at the earliest. He felt something odd in his mind. There is something that has been troubling him since this morning. He started feeling sad all of a sudden, out of no obvious reason.

The last time he felt sad to such an extent when his grandparents died in a road accident. His father told him that his grandparents are going to come to visit him that evening. But, Rohan felt sad and started crying out of no reason. They came to know that evening that the old couple met with an accident and could not survive the accident.

Rohan was extremely worried. He was waiting to hear some bad news from some corner. He hated this instinct of his that told him that someone passed away. He had hoped his instincts turn out to be false this time.

As expected, he got a call. His friend, Karthik called him.

Karthik said, “Hey Rohan…” and followed it with silence.

Rohan could guess that Karthik was crying and could not speak out words because of the uncontrollable grief.

Rohan waited with a terror in his mind. He hoped it was not his parents, his girl friend, or any of his friends.

Karthik regained some control and said, “Vishesh…Vishesh…he committed suicide…” and continued crying.

Vishesh had been Rohan’s best friend since childhood. They have been the best of buddies. For a moment, Rohan could not believe what he said. He could not even gather his senses to realize if what he heard is true. After all, his instincts turned out to be true. Death stole one of the best people in his life. Rohan could not stop tears from rolling down his eyes. He could not think anything. He did not know what to do.

Karthik said, “Vishesh could not clear the interview for his favorite company. So, he came home very sad and left for the beach. After a few hours, the cops found his corpse on the seashore. I’m at his place. Can you come here soon?”

Rohan realized that he could not drive with so much grief in his mind. He immediately took a cab to go to Vishesh’s house.

On the way, Rohan tried to gather some courage and think about what happened. Rohan could not come to terms with the idea of suicide because he knew that Vishesh was a very courageous person and he would never resort to such a step. Rohan recollected Vishesh’s words two days ago.

Let us give these interviews a shot. I’m pretty sure we will get many more opportunities. However, the first job interview is a very important one. It will teach us a lot of things. We must not get disillusioned even if the first job interview turns out to be a failure.

How can Vishesh commit suicide? He had such an optimistic mindset. Somehow, these thoughts kept troubling Rohan. He has known Vishesh since childhood. There have been many times when Rohan was frightened of life and the challenges that life posed. But, Vishesh was the stronger one. He always encouraged and motivated Rohan whenever things were not so pleasant. They faced many tough situations together. Vishesh was always brave. It is not Vishesh to think of something like suicide. Rohan thought something was not right with the entire incident. Then, again, the thought that his affection for Vishesh might have made him to think this way. And, life is so unpredictable some times. To commit suicide seems to be a big thing. But, it is again one decision that people take. We cannot judge merely on the basis of our little understanding. A lot of thought and struggle would have happened in the mind of any person who has committed suicide. There would have been so much struggle that it would not be possible for anyone else to fathom the pain and conflict that person would have gone through.

After thirty minutes, Rohan reached Vishesh’s house. He could hear the sounds of people crying loudly. As he entered the house, he was devastated to see Vishesh lifeless. Rohan just wanted to wake him up and take him out for a walk as he always did during the weekends. He wanted to play one more cricket match with Vishesh. He wanted to watch one more movie with Vishesh. He could not control his grief.

Rohan walked to Vishesh’s father who was sitting silently in one corner of the room.

After seeing Rohan, Vishesh’s father said, “Wake him up…please…once…ask him to be brave. Stop him.”

Rohan cried in his arms and they both silently look at Vishesh.

Karthik joined them and they both hugged each other and cried. Rohan tried a lot to control his grief. But, he could not stop his tears.

Suddenly, he felt as though he heard Vishesh’s voice.

“Rohan, listen to me. This is very important.”

Rohan thought he was hallucinating. These were the words Vishesh used for everything – whether it was for a cricket match or while preparing for an exam. Rohan thought that he got so used to Vishesh’ voice in this house that he heard it again and again.

A certain amount of fear also troubled Rohan. Though he was never frightened of ghosts, he was not very comfortable listening to the voice of his dead friend.

Rohan heard the voice again.

Rohan was terrified and ran out of the house. Everyone else thought that Rohan could not control his grief and stepped out of the house. Rohan did not hear any voice outside the house. He went into the house again.

The voice spoke again.

“Please listen to me. We need to do something immediately. This is very serious.”

Rohan prayed to God to help him at this confusing juncture. However, he thought in his mind that he would listen to Vishesh’s voice.

This time, Vishesh said something more.

“It’s a murder. I did not commit suicide. I saw them kill a girl and bury her near the beach. I was silent all the while. Just before they were leaving, they say me…and, they killed me.”

Rohan was shocked and felt too bad for the girl and for Vishesh.

The voice described the girl and also specified all the details of the place where the girls was buried.

Rohan also heard the names of the perpetrators of crime and all the gory details of the crime.

Rohan immediately rushed to the police station and met the inspector.

“I’m a friend of Vishesh. He did not commit suicide. I spoke to him. He was not at all in the mood for suicide. Just a few minutes before his death, he called me and told me that he saw something very bad. He said he will meet me in the evening and explain everything. He told me that has to rush to the police station. All he told was that the parents of the girls would be searching for her. He said that he could not save the girl. But, he wanted to make sure that the criminals should get their due,” said Rohan.

The inspector was shocked at the sudden twist.

As suggested, the police search team reached the spot and dug up the location that Rohan described. They found the corpse of a girl.

The cops, with the help of Rohan’s clues, found the criminals and got them arrested on charges of twin crimes.

Rohan rushed back to Vishesh’s place. He was hoping to hear Vishesh’s voice again. Just as they were about to take the corpse away for final rites, he heard his voice again.

“Thanks for the trust. Thanks for talking to the cops. You did the right thing.”

Rohan never heard the voice again. He cried again. Though he felt like telling this to Vishesh’s father, he stopped and avoided the idea completely.