Navdeep called his girlfriend Sameera on her land phone and said, “Hey Sam! We have a problem. My Dad met his childhood friend yesterday. His friend has a daughter and my Dad and his friend are planning to get me hitched to this girl. My Dad asked me if I had anyone in my mind. Else, he is ready to get me married to this girl. And, it might be very soon. What should I say?”

Sameera said, “Get married Nav. What’s the problem?”

Navdeep became furious and started yelling at her, “This is no time for kidding. What about us?”

Sameera laughed and said, “What are you talking about? I have always considered you as a good friend. I didn’t expect this from you. Just get married to the girl your father found for you and lead a happy life.”

Navdeep was confused. Just a day before this call, they spent an entire evening in the maize fields on each others laps discussing about their kids and their grandchildren. He wondered if she was angry. He said, “I’m sorry if I made any mistake. Stop playing fool with me. I’m going to tell my father about our relationship.”

In an irritated voice, Sameera said, “Will you stop this already? I’m not in any relationship with anyone? How can you talk about an innocent girl like this? I’m tired of talking with you. Please don’t call me again.”

Saying so, Sameera disconnected the call.

Navdeep was so depressed that all he could do was start drinking. When his father asked him why he was driving so much, Navdeep said, “I’m drinking because I’m happy you found such a beautiful girl. I’m happy because I’m getting married.”

Navdeep’s father, Uttam Singh, said to his wife, “I don’t understand your son. He drinks heavily when he is very happy and drinks heavily when he is sad. How do we know?”

Navdeep’s mother said, “You don’t need to decipher anything. Just listen to him. If he says he is happy, he is happy. Now, go talk to your friend and make those arrangements for the wedding.”

After Uttam Singh left the house to meet his friend, Navdeep’s mother came to him and said, “Your father cannot find out if you are happy or sad when you are drinking. But, I know that you are sad now and that’s why you are drinking so much. Is everything all right? Why is my son so depressed?”

Navdeep told her everything about Sameera and started crying. He slept on his mother’s lap like a small child. His mother said, “Don’t worry Nav. She’ll realize her mistake and come to you. I know it is tough for you to accept life without her. But, think about her situation. Marriage is a big thing. You cannot ask a girl to decide in one phone call. Let your father make his arrangements. I’ll pray to God to ensure your happiness. I’m not sure if it is Sameera or it is Pooja.”

Navdeep decided to take things in his stride and try forgetting about Sameera.

A few hours later, Uttam Singh came home and announced to Navdeep and his mother that the marriage is scheduled to happen within a week. The priest suggested this date as it was an auspicious date.

Navdeep and his father were preparing the list of people they would want to invite for the wedding. Uttam Singh wanted to invite all of Navdeep’s friends and make it a grand celebration. So, he started listing all Navdeep’s friends he knew. When he took the name of Jatin, Navdeep asked his father not to invite him.

Navdeep said, “Please don’t invite that guy. He always fights with people everywhere. He cannot spend a few minutes without fighting with anyone. Especially in wedding ceremonies, he drinks a lot and picks fights with everyone.”

Uttam Singh said, “Come on. I’m a retired Army Lieutenant. I know how to keep these naughty kids under control. I’ll take care of him. I’ll teach him discipline if necessary.”

That evening they both went to Jatin’s house and invited him for Navdeep’s wedding. Jatin felt glad as people stopped inviting him for their weddings. Jatin called Navdeep aside and said, “Thank you, man, for inviting me. I never expected anyone to invite me after all the reputation that I have gained. I will do anything to not fight in your wedding. And, take my promise. I will help you any time you want. Whatever it is, do not hesitate to seek my help. I will not ask questions.”

For Navdeep, it was one of the most depressing weeks of his life. He did not know what do with his life. He thought about killing himself, but he thought about his parents and gave up the idea. Finally, two days before the wedding ceremony he decided to accept the truth and learn to love his wife after marriage. He decided not to harp around thinking about a girl who said that she did not love him. But, he kept on recollecting about the wonderful times they spent together over the last five years.

A day before the marriage, while Navdeep was getting ready for one of the ceremonies before the actual marriage, he heard a knock on the door. Though he was not completely dressed, he decided to open the door as he thought it must be his parents or one of his cousins.

To his surprise, Sameera walked inside and closed the door behind her. She came in and hugged him tight. She started crying.

Navdeep said, “Why are you doing this drama now? You said that you did never love me. Now, how can you come to my house all of a sudden and start crying. What will people think about me?”

Sameera said, “You are such a fool. My father was listening to our conversation on the other phone. For a moment, you freaked me out by talking it out. I told you not to talk about our relationship on phone. You know about my father. He almost shot a guy in high school when he was stalking me.”

Navdeep said, “So, that was a lie. You love me. Is it true? Please don’t play with my emotions. I was so depressed this whole week. I cannot go into depression once again.”

Sameera leaned forward and started kissing him to show how truly she loved him.

At the same time, Navdeep’s mother quickly walked in with a new pair of shoes for Navdeep. She was shocked to see Navdeep semi naked and Sameera on top of him and kissing him.

Navdeep’s mother said, “Kids. Will you stop it? You are going to make this house a war zone. Control your feelings until your get married.”

Navdeep and Sameera immediately got up.

Sameera came forward and bowed to touch the feet of Navdeep’s mother.

Navdeep said, “Mom, you were right. She had to lie because her father was listening to her. But, how do we stop this marriage now. You know, Dad. He will not go back on his word. I’m so worried.”

Navdeep’s mother said, “I know. It’s a funny situation.”

Navdeep was very nervous. He said, “You call it funny when I am sweating with worry here. What do I do now?”

Navdeep’s mother said, “We need a fight. I don’t know how. Get someone drunk and ask them to dance today. Your father should be agitated enough and waste his time. You guys can happily run away and get married. Else, your father has hawk eyes and will catch you however you try to escape.”

Navdeep came up with an idea. He immediately called up his friend Jatin and said, “I need your help. Where are you? Come immediately.”

Jatin came within a few minutes. Navdeep explained the plan.

That evening, the DJ started playing music loud. Jatin got drunk and started shouting at the DJ to play his favorite songs. He started fighting with the DJ by hurling insults at him.

Uttam Singh decided that it was time for him to bring things under control. He shouted at Jatin, “Will you stop this non sense or I will shoot you?”

As Jatin was well equipped, he took out a gun and started shooting all over the place. Uttam Singh never expected Jatin to begin shooting. Fortunately, Uttam Singh escaped the gun shots. Jatin never aimed at him, anyway.

Meanwhile, Navdeep, Sameera, and his mother sneaked out of the house.

Uttam Singh and Jatin fought for the next one hour and everyone was lost in that fight. Some more gun shots were fired and nobody got injured. It took nearly two hours for Uttam Singh and a couple of other strong men to seize the gun from Jatin’s hands and throw Jatin away from the house after beating him badly. Jatin did not expect them to beat him. But, he was ready to get beaten for the sake of his friend.

Uttam Singh went inside and kept searching for his wife and son. He could not find them. Meanwhile, the bride’s family also left the venue because they did not like the way Uttam Singh was fighting with Jatin and did not like this alliance.

Everybody left the house. Uttam Singh felt alone. After four hours, Navdeep returned with Sameera and his mother. He got married in the register office. Though he did not like the way things panned out, Uttam Singh finally agreed for the marriage as he wanted his son to be happy.