“It’s time to party,” shouted Simon to everyone in the classroom. It is the last day of their final semester. They are all done with their college.

They made adequate preparations to get wasted that night.

Rachel walked toward Simon and asked, “What about me? What about us? Are you saying there’s nothing between us? Was it just a hopeless college romance?”

Simon laughed indignantly and said, “Listen. I told you already. It’s just another infatuation. I’ve had way too many in the last few years at college. I cannot continuing romancing all the girls for the rest of my life. Give me a break. Party for tonight. Enjoy. Life’s gonna be one helluva ride after this.”

Rachel walked away crying at her misfortune. She felt as though she lost her entire life with him. She did not see hope for herself anywhere.

Meanwhile, Chan asked Simon, “I thought you love her. Why are you doing this to her? Please tell me you have some plans to surprise her in the party tonight. You cannot leave things midway like that. She would die for you and you know that.”

Simon said, “I have no plans. I’m tired of all these college romances. I want to focus on my career first before thinking about anything else. And, I know she loves me. But, give her some time and she’ll get over me.”

Rachel skipped the party that night. Simon wanted her to come. But, he thought it was better that she did not come. He was confident that she would get over him.

Simon started working at a local law firm. Eight months later, one night, Simon got a call from the hospital. The doctor on the phone congratulated him saying that he had a baby but apologized saying that they could not save the mother.

Simon was pretty sure that it was not his baby. He rushed to the hospital to learn that it was Rachel who delivered a baby girl and died. Rachel told the hospital authorities that Simon was the father of the baby and he should be the legal custodian of the baby.

After a couple of days, Simon took the baby along with him to his house. His whole life turned upside down after that. He was not at all prepared for this parenthood.

Two days later, his fiancee flew in from New York. She was surprised to see a baby in the house. Though, she immediately acted as though she was alright with it, Simon and Claire fought over the issue for many hours. Claire finally threw the engagement ring at his face and left the house. She called of the wedding, too, apparently.

Simon planned for a wonderful life with Claire and just when he thought things were going as planned, the baby thing happened and changed his life forever. For a moment, he thought he would take the baby and give it for adoption. But, as he went to the baby and looked at her face, he could not stop falling in love with the baby. The baby girl resembled him. Simon asked his mother to get his childhood pictures. His baby pictures resembled this baby girl remarkably. As he spent more time with the baby and taking care of the baby, he fell in love with the baby and could not think of parting ways with the baby.

Claire called him after a week and apologized for the fight. She said, “Let’s forget everything that happened last week. If you are ready to give the baby up for adoption, I’m ready to get back with you. I cannot live under the same roof with that baby as it reminds me of your dirty past.”

Simon was infuriated. He replied, “I have no plans of giving the baby up for adoption. If you want to get married to me, you must learn to love the baby and live with her. She is the most wonderful thing in my life at this moment and I cannot let her go. I made that mistake once and I repent it now. I cannot repeat my mistake again.”

Simon and Claire argued on the phone for many hours that day and they both came to the conclusion that they should not see each other again.

Simon named the baby, Christine, and continued his journey of fatherhood.

Suddenly, one day, Simon had a guest at his house. He opened to door to see Rachel. Simon was freaked out. He saw that Rachel was dead. He could not believe his eyes.

The girl at the door said, “Don’t panic. I’m not Rachel. I’m her twin sister, Anne. I came to have a look at the baby.”

Anne spent some time with Simon and the baby Christine. She said that she was out of the country when Rachel went for delivery and so could not come for her. Their parents died long ago in a car crash. So, there was no one to take care of Rachel or the baby.

The evening seemed to be fine. Simon wondered that it would have been better if Rachel was alive. Simon was recollecting those moments he spent with Rachel. In another corner of the room, Anne was playing with the baby. Anne, suddenly, stopped playing with the baby and shouted, “Why did you not listen to me? Why did you not accept my love? You killed me.”

Simon was frightened. He did not know how to respond to this. He thought that either Anne was overacting, Rachel never died, or Anne was possessed by Rachel’s ghost. After a few minutes, Anne acted as if nothing happened.

Contrary to his expectation for the evening, Anne volunteered to stay there for the night and take care of Christine. He could not say stop her from staying with them for the night.

Anne had more bouts of aggression like Rachel that night and frightened Simon. He did not know how to deal with the situation.

The next morning, Simon explained the entire story to his friend, Richard. Simon, smartly got some of the action recorded on camera.

With Richard’s help, Simon took the video to some clairvoyant spiritual guru and showed him the entire video. Simon shared the entire story with the spiritual adviser.

At the end of the session, the spiritual guru told Simon, “Rachel died with a wish to get married to you. Her wish was never fulfilled. She became a ghost to fulfill that wish. And, she his haunting her twin sister, Anne. You need to get married to Anne to get rid of Rachel’s ghost. If you plan to do anything else, it might you, your daughter, and Anne. Act upon this at the earliest. You have no time left.”

It took some amount of effort for Simon to convince Anne to marry him. As planned, everything went well and they got married.

Simon was finally happy he got rid of the ghost of his ex-girlfriend. But on the night of their honey moon, Anne became hysterical once again and shouted at Simon, “Do you think I would go away so easily? You made me suffer for all those months while I was pregnant. You were the reason for all the miseries in my life. I will make you suffer now.”

Simon was clueless.