Five brothers and a murder is all it took to change the course of politics of an entire country.

An inspiring leader, Sadashivam, who was born among the masses ambitiously tried to save the people by getting into politics. Within no time, he became very famous for his ideals and his vision of an equal and safe future for all the people. The only mistake he ever did was fall in love with Hema.

Hema was the daughter of a single mother. Nobody knew about her father. Rumors were strife that her father was indeed Gangadhar, who has been ruling the country for more than a decade and people are tired of his tyranny and corruption.

Though Hema’s mother had no job or any support, she lived a rich life and made sure her daughter had everything she needed to lead a luxurious. Only Hema and her mother knew about the source of their money.

Gangadhar is the head of the country. People elected him ten years ago. He promised them many things – eradication of poverty, ensured equality, and job prospects for young people across the country. In addition to failing on his promises, Gangadhar worsened the economic situation of the country. It was though terrorists ruled the country. People were living in constant fear.

At a time when they badly needed a leader to topple Gangadhar and his government, Sadashivam came into the picture. He had the advantage of a clean track record and an inspiring charisma that attracted many people towards him.

It took only six months and a couple of local elections for Sadashivam to prove his mettle and make Gangadhar nervous. Sadashivam’s popularity has been increasing by the day. Gangadhar has been silent. He felt bad none of his five sons could ever speak as good as Sadashivam or inspire people the way he did. He hated his sons for their incapability.

Gangadhar decided to rig the elections and win again. He knew he had the power to do so. A day before the elections, Gangadhar was troubled by two disappointing news. His agent, Vikram, who handled the rigging gave up the idea of rigging and went to support Sadashivam. Gangadhar could not find anyone. More than that, Gangadhar could not believe his eyes when he saw his (illegitimate) daughter Hema with Sadashivam. When he tried to get information from the local people, he was aghast to know that Sadashivam and Hema were madly in love with each other and planned to marry after Sadashivam wins the elections.

Gangadhar called his sons and asked them to kill Sadashivam and Hema. He told them to be careful and not let the public know. He also told them not to panic if the public came to know about it. He asked them to return home immediately in any case.

Gangadhar’s sons killed Sadashivam and Hema at the beach. First, they did not know that a journalist was hiding behind the bushes recording a video of their activity. They shouted at Sadashivam saying that they are Gangadhar’s sons and they cannot see their father lose. So, they said that they were killing him. This was all getting recorded in the video of the journalist.

After committing the murders, one of them noticed the journalist and his video. They tried to chase him down and get the camera from him. But, the journalist was quick and he disappeared into the night.

As instructed by their father, they went home immediately and reported everything to their father.

Gangadhar stepped into his office and made some quick telephone calls.

Gangadhar said, “You need to vacate this place. Go different ways. Pack your bags. Travel to a different city. Start a new business there. Start a new life. Never get in touch with the other brothers. Change your names. Change your style of living. Go and hide for a few months and then live afresh. For the rest of your lives, forget about politics. Earn your riches, if you miss them. If you want to be alive, go and do as I said.”

The eldest son asked, “What happened? Why do we have to do all that? I cannot imagine living without you and brothers.”

Gangadhar said, “I talked to the media houses. The video is destroyed. But, the journalist who took the video belongs to Sadashivam’s army. Unlike our followers, they are very ardent and they will seek vengeance. I cannot live to see you people killed. And, our family reputation is also at stake. So, if you can live safely somewhere, I can do something about our family reputation. Never come back even if you hear any bad news about me.”

After some discussions and arguments, his sons finally left the place, town, and this part of their lives forever.

Gangadhar called five of his men in the pretext of some work. He shot them and killed them. He committed suicide finally.

Newspaper headlines were chaotic the next day.

The leader of our nation and an aspiring leader die on the same day. The leader, Gangadhar, committed suicide with his five sons. And, our emerging leader, Sadashivam committed suicide with his girl friend.

But, the army members of Sadashivam’s group knew the fact that Sadashivam and his girl friend were murdered. To everyone, it appeared that this story came to an end.

Fifteen years later, two eight year old kids were talking while having lunch in their school.

Harini said, “Do you really think they are live? How do we find them?”

Shankar said, “I know they are alive. And, I know where they are. I will find them and kill them. I have to do that now at this age. People will not believe that an eight year old killed so dangerously. But, before killing them, I should force them to come out in the open and admit their crime. I might need your help for that.

Harini agreed to help him.

Later that evening, Shankar took his father’s mobile phone on the pretext of playing some game on it. He slowly walked into his room. He called up Harinath, a retired journalist.

Shankar said, “Harinath ji. Please listen to me carefully. I will text you an address. Go to this place. Dig the sink under the kitchen. You will find your video tape. It is the house of Damodaran. He was the head of the newspaper company. He died a few years ago. I know you gave him the video and he hid it. But, you could not do anything about it because you never knew where he hid it. So, go there. Get the video. And, talk to Karthik and broadcast the video immediately. Show the faces of the five men who killed me.”

To Harinath, it all seemed like some ploy. On the other hand, it all made sense. He never believed in anything like reincarnation. He was asked not to call back on the mobile number. So, he had to merely follow the instructions. Harinath went to the said place with his son, Karthik and found the video at the aforementioned place.

Karthik worked as a news anchor in one of the latest media houses. He immediately informed his boss about the video and broadcasted it.

Shankar saw it on the television and smiled.

Meanwhile, the hearts of the five brothers started racing as soon as they saw the video. Their father told them not to get in touch with each other. But, they had to meet to avoid any further problem.  They all decided to meet in Mumbai.

The elder brother came in from Kashmir. The second brother came in from Madurai. The third one came from Shillong. The fourth brother flew in from Surat. The fifth one lived in Mumbai. They all decided to meet in a hotel.

Shankar took his father’s phone once again and called up Harinath.

Shankar said, “Harinath ji. Book a flight ticket to Mumbai and go there with Karthik. Ask Karthik to get ready with his camera. Ask him to plan and shoot silently the meeting in room A 302 in the Royal Hermitage hotel.”

Harinath did as suggested.

All news channels started showing the video of the five sons of Gangadhar discussing how to get rid of their earlier murder video. They all grew old. People thought that they committed suicide along with their father. But, the current video proved everyone wrong.

Police arrested the five brothers within a few hours. Even before their case went to the court, the five brothers were killed brutally in the jail on the same night. Nobody knew who killed them.

The next day, in school, Shankar said, “Hey Harini. We did it. Thanks for the help.”

Harini and Shankar went to the jail the previous night and killed all of them together.