Ved and Keerthana made all the required plans. With the help of his friends, Ved could book flight tickets for the first flight next morning to Bangalore. He was confident of securing a job in Bangalore within a month.

Unlike every other day since he restricted his daughter’s activities, she seemed to be very happy. Oddly enough, she seemed to be hiding her excitement beneath the fake sad face. It reminded Sadashivam of his birthday a few years ago. Keerthana acted very sad the whole evening. But, once in a while, when she was alone she was all smiles to herself unable to contain the excitement. When it was twelve on the clock, she came to his room with a cake she made specially for him. Sadashivam realized that his daughter was too excited for something. He did not like this. He immediately called up his friends in the Railway department to check if anybody has booked any train tickets for the next day. His friend said that no tickets were booked in the names of Ved and Keerthana. He was pretty sure Ved was not rich enough to buy a flight ticket. Nevertheless, he called his friend to check if any flight tickets were booked in their name. Within a few minutes, his friend called back and told him tickets were booked in their name for an early morning flight to Bangalore. Sadashivam wanted to rush into his daughter’s room and slap her. But, he realized that this was not helping. He had to do something bigger this time.

Sadashivam called up his friend, Ramesh, a corrupt police officer to tell him about the situation and seek his help.

Ramesh was with his mistress when he picked up the phone. He was too lazy to answer the phone call. So, he had to put it in speaker phone mode. Sadashivam told him everything about the runaway plan of his daughter and her boy friend. At the end of the call, Sadashivam told Ramesh not to share this with anyone as it might have a negative impact on his candidature for the local elections as the Mayor.

Ramesh said, “Sorry, I did not know that before. But, Sharanya, my friend here, has heard it all.”

Sadashivam thought for a moment and said, “Get her with you. It’ll help anyway as you sound so drunk. She can take care of you.”

Sadashivam and Ramesh hatched a plan to kill Ved that night so that Keerthana would never think about him. They would let everyone know that he disappeared from the scene.

Ramesh started from Sharanya’s house. But, his jeep would not start. So, he and Sharanya had to take an auto rickshaw to meet Sadashivam at the designated place. Ramesh was so drunk that he started blabbering the entire plan.

Yadav, the driver, listened to the entire plan. But, he knew he could do nothing to save the boy as Ramesh was a police officer. He thought that Sharanya was his wife and was an accomplice in this plan to kill Ved.

An hour later, Ramesh met Sadashivam. Sharanya told Sadashivam that Ramesh spoke out the plan in front of the driver. Sadashivam did not like the way in which Ramesh was ruining his entire plan. Sadashivam wanted to do it a clandestine way.

Sadashivam asked Ramesh, Sharanya, and Yadav to accompany him in his van to Ved’s place. Once they reached the street, Sadashivam came up with a new plan.

According to their plan, Yadav knocked the door of Ved’s house. As soon as the door was opened, Sadashivam hit Ved on his head with a large iron rod. The force was enough to make him unconscious for some time. But, after the person fell down, they realized that it was not Ved who opened the door. Ved’s roommate, Charan opened the door.

Sadashivam dragged Charan into his car. Later, he went into the house to check for Ved. As expected, Ved woke up to the noises and was hiding somewhere in the house. There was absolute darkness in the house.

Sadashivam said, “Let’s do it the way we did to Hari Shankar the last time.”

Hari Shankar was an old man who was trying to expose Sadashivam’s and Ramesh’s corrupt practices the next day morning to the world. That night, Ramesh and Sadashivam sneaked into his house, cut the electricity supply, and killed him.

Sharanya knew about this story as Ramesh bragged about it too many times. She could not do anything. She wanted to save the boy at any cost and let him run away with his girl friend the next day. More than that, she wanted to kill Ramesh at any cost.

While Sadashivam and Ramesh were busy searching for Ved inside, Sharanya had a word with Yadav, the driver.

Sharanya said, “Are you frightened?”

Yadav said, “Yes. A bit. I hate your husband. He was the reason behind the suicide of a girl in my colony. He tortured her and ruined her fully. She had no other chance other than to commit suicide. I’m sorry. I could not control. I should not have spoken against your husband.”

Sharanya laughed aggressively and said, “Crap. He is not my husband. I was an innocent girl. When my father went to seek his help to save my brother, he asked my father to send me to him. He ruined my life after that. I have been waiting for a chance to kill him all this while. I’m glad I met someone like me who hates him. I feel sad for the boy. Together, these people are so bad. Nobody can stop them.”

Yadav said, “Why don’t we separate them? Let us send Sadashivam out of this place. We can then corner Ramesh and kill him. Let us run away from this place later. We’ll later tell people that we say Sadashivam killed Ramesh when Ramesh tried to save the boy, Ved.”

Sharanya said, “That seems to be a good idea. You are such a criminal. Go and tell Sadashivam that one boy ran into the other street.”

When Sadashivam came to know that someone ran to the other street, he asked Ramesh to continue searching in the house as they were not sure if more people were there. Sadashivam said, “These bachelors and their partying ways. I’m pretty sure there are at least four or five people at a time every evening celebrating their victory of fooling a rich man’s daughter.”

Sadashivam slowly came out and took his umbrella to run into the next street. It started pouring heavily.

Ramesh and Sharanya waited until Sadashivam left towards the end of the street. They immediately rushed in. Sharanya carried the same iron rod that Sadashivam used earlier to hit Charan. As soon as he saw Ramesh, she hit on his head from behind. For a moment, they felt a click of a camera. Fearing someone was taking photos of them, Yadav immediately dragged Ramesh’s body out of the house with Sharanya’s help. He forgot the iron rod inside, though.

Before they could place his body in the car, they saw Sadashivam returning. Having no other chance, Yadav asked Sharanya to drop Ramesh’s body in the gutter beside the house.

Sadshivam told them that there was no one in sight and he went back in the house. Yadav and Sharanya waited outside acting as though nothing happened and they have been waiting all this while. Within a few minutes, they heard a huge sound inside the house. They could hear Sadashivam groaning and crying.

When Sharanya and Yadav rushed inside, she saw that Ved hit Sadashivam on his head. They all talked about everything.

Within a few hours, Ved met his girl friend Keerthana and told her everything about what happened the previous night.

Keerthana said, “Nobody is going to cry for him. My mother died a few years ago.”

Nobody heard about Sadashivam and Ramesh from the next day. The whole city was worried about Sadashivam missing from the scene. After two weeks, everyone forgot about Sadashivam and Ramesh completely.

Ved married Keerthana after three months in a lavish ceremony. Yadav and Sharanya felt proud of their achievement.