“I can’t take it anymore,” thought Daisy to herself. She decided to leave this place and these people forever.

She is too young to take care of her life on her own. She is depressed because her parents did not agree to her relationship with Shyam saying he is from another religion. She contemplate running away with Shyam, but he insisted that they should not run away and it is not something that normal, courageous people would do. Neither has she been able to convince her parents to let her marry Shyam nor has she been able to convince Shyam.

“We are students. Let us complete our education and prove our worth. May be, our parents will approve our relationship, then,” said Shyam when she asked him to marry her.

“You are too young to even think about love and marriage. Do not spoil your education by focusing on love at this tender age. And, I’m pretty sure we can never accept an alliance with Shyam, who is from another religion,” said her father when she broached the topic of her love with her parents.

She went through many weeks of arguments with her parents and Shyam. They have been obstinate all the while.

“Be glad your father did not impose more rules on you after knowing that we are in love with each other. He just asked you to be careful and avoid making any untoward mistakes,” said Shyam.

Though their approaches seemed logical immediately, she just felt like stepping out of the clutches of her family and starting her own wonderful family with Shyam already. She did not think much about education, career, and sustenance in the short and long run.

So, unable to bear the depression any more, she decided to commit suicide. She thought she will take the train to another city which has an adjoining river. After reaching that city, she would jump into that river and kill herself.

Why does this always happen to me? What did I do to deserve such a harsh life? Why don’t people understand my pain? Why should life be so difficult? Why don’t people love me? If they really love me, they would let me do what I want to do?

She kept thinking these things on her way to the Railway Station. She had enough money to buy a ticket and travel to the next city through train. She was brave enough to travel alone. She was not frightened of the trip or anything.

She felt that she faced enough hardships all her life and that life is not worth living.

She reached the Railway Station and noticed that it was fully crowded. She bought a ticket for herself and sat down on one of the benches waiting for the train to come.

Daisy kept looking at the main entrance hoping someone would come. Her father could come and console her and take her home and approve for her marriage with Shyam. Or, better yet, Shyam could come and tell her that they can run away that night. Nothing like that happened and tears started rolling down.

She heard an announcement that a train would arrive shortly on Platform No.1. This was not her train. She was confused for a few seconds as she was informed earlier that her train will arrive on Plaform No.1. She thought that there might be some change and that she would wait for another announcement about her train.

Within a few minutes, the other train reached Platform No.1. She put on her ear phones and started listening to all the songs in the new playlist she created on her portable music player. This playlist included all the depressing songs ever composed in the last decade. As she listened to the love lorn songs, she missed Shyam and her parents badly. For a moment, she thought she should go home and quit this plan. Then, she realized that she could not lead the same sad life any more. So, she had to go away with the plan.

She heard a loud noise all of a sudden. There was panic everywhere in the Railway Station. She noticed that her train approached fast into the same platform and rammed into the existing train and it led to a big accident at the Railway Station. None of the people on the platform got injured. But, there must have been many casualties in the train that approached just now. It was a ghastly scene. She never saw anything so shocking in her life. The first train was badly ruined and she saw it all happen in front of her eyes. Many people ran for their lives. She stood there for a couple of minutes unable to relate to the situation.

People started running haywire. Police and task force personnel started retrieving dead bodies from both the trains. She saw relatives of the dead people crying in front of her. She could not bear the sight of so much grief and depression. The whole place looked like a war zone.

“He is my only son. He is just eight years. We both escaped. But, he chose to stand near the door and he was hit,” lamented the parents of a kid who died in the accident.

“They got married just yesterday. You can see the Mehandi on her hands. He left her. She is not able to stop crying. It was a love marriage. They loved each other so much. He was a gentleman. He got into that train to put the luggage while she waited outside. Now, he never returned,” cried the relatives of a newly married couple. The husband dies in the ghastly train accident.

“Where are my parents? I cannot find them,” cried a twelve year old girl. People knew that her parents are killed in the accident. But, she thought they must have escaped somehow like her. She is panic stricken and extremely anxious.

As she walked across the accident zone, Daisy saw many people crying beside the bodies of their near and dear ones. She could not bear the sight of all of it. There was so much grief in one place.

At one place, she saw an elderly couple. They appeared to be of the same age as her parents. She could not stop crying. For a moment, she imagined her life without her parents. All this while, she wanted to die. But, when she thought of her parents’ death, she could not imagine her life. She felt another wave of shock as she realized how horrific that life would be her. She kept crying.

She could understand the pain of the relatives of the dead people in the platform. She felt extremely sad for them.

After an hour of going through all the trauma, she realized her mistake and decide to go back home. She wanted to immediately see her mother and sleep on her lap. She wanted to quickly go and hug Shyam and make sure he is all right.

She imagined the pain her parents and Shyam would feel if something happened to her. She ran immediately out of the station and went home.

Daisy did not learn any bigger lessons about life. All she learnt is that she would be thankful to God for all the love in her life. She would not want to miss any time with her parents and Shyam. She realized that life is short and we should not lament about how things are not happening the way we want them to happen.