We made a pact to never meet again.

I hated her and she hated me. We decided to part ways. She said that we need to be serious. Unlike others who keep fighting, we have been mature enough to discuss our separation.

A few months ago we were planning for our wedding. Then, one day, she called off the wedding saying that she needs more commitment and responsibility from me. This is when all the trouble started.

More commitment. More responsibility. What more did she expect out of me? I gave up my daily drinking habit just because she wanted me to. I stopped playing cricket twice a week. I play it only on Sundays now. She wanted me to spend more time with her. I did everything I could. But that was not enough for her.

Ever since we announced our wedding plans to friends and family, I noticed some changes in her. She wanted me to spend the entire day planning for our wedding. I asked her to hire a wedding planner. She said that good wedding planners are expensive and we need to save money for our goals. Both of us hate the idea of spending great amount of money on wedding. We wanted to keep it simple. I listened to her. I gave her the freedom to do the planning of her wedding. She started off well with her friends and everything seemed fine.

She was very excited every time there has been some progress for the wedding. She did not see the same excitement in me and she hated it. One day, she came home and told me that she chose an awesome venue. I was happy and smiled. She did not like the way I reacted. Within a few minutes, I was celebrating as India won the cricket match against Pakistan. She started fighting with me saying that cricket was more important to me than our wedding. For that moment, I felt she was right but hated to admit. I knew that we had time to plan and feel excited about our wedding.

The next week, she came home with a big list of guests and asked me to share my list. I did not have a list. I randomly picked up a list of friends from my phone contacts and asked her to get in touch with my sister for the list of family and relatives. She got really upset that I did not take it serious and walked away angrily. I was busy watching a science fiction movie on television.

She carefully noted all these instances and told me that I need to be more committed and responsible. I told her I cannot be more responsible than this. We fought over phone and then she came home. We fought for two more hours at varying volume levels and she decided to call off the wedding.

So, we made a pact to get separated and not meet each other. We made a pact.

Two weeks after our pact, she called me. Note that she only called me. As she took the first step, I apologized. I said that I will try to be more committed and responsible.

We met the next day to plan our wedding again. I did not want all the drama again. So, I opened up Google and gathered as much information as possible about weddings and prepared a worksheet with all the list of items that need to be planned and organized. I gathered a list of local vendors who can arrange for the food and decorations. I took printed copies of all these details and kept them ready for her.

She came home. I faked enthusiasm and flaunted my knowledge for one full hour about weddings and the information that I gathered. Initially, she was surprised. I could sense that her happiness kept fading over the hour.

Finally, when I shared my complete plan of how the wedding should be, she shouted at me. She said that she did wanted to be included and she did not like this. She walked away, yet again.

She came home the next day and asked to make a new pact.

This time, according to the new pact, she would make all the wedding plans and I will not participate in anything as my plans were too tasteless and ruined the entire wedding aura. I was glad to accept it.

Finally, I loved this pact. She kept planning for our wedding and I help her out when asked for. But, I also get to enjoy the little things in my life that are important to me. This pact was successful and both of us are happy now.