Newspaper headlines were different till yesterday. They talked about major political events, sport events, and other disappointing news. They talked about controversies. They shared information about things that could have been better.

But, this morning, Patrick was surprised to see the newspaper. The only thing that was common between today’s newspaper and all the other previous versions was that it talked about death. But, unlike earlier, today’s newspaper talked about the death of criminals. At an unprecedented scale, criminals across the world have died because of unknown reasons. And, it was not a homicide. Most of these deaths were natural. Some of them were convicted for life. While the others were being tried for various cases. Added to this, there were other people who were not in jail who also died.

More than anything, the entire newspaper seemed to be a collection of obituary columns. Some of the most famous politicians have died at the same time yesterday. Is it possible, Patrick wondered?

He turned on the television to check the news that appear on the news channels. The pattern was so obvious, it can’t be ignored. As expected, the news reports all calling this a natural holocaust. Unlike any other holocaust that happened in the course of history, this one targeted all the wrong doers.

In one of the popular countries, two of the warring politicians died at the same time last night due to heart attack. Simultaneously, some of the top businessmen across America and Europe also died due to major health problems. One of the other big flash news that made people happy is that one of the extremist militant organizations got phased out due to an earthquake in their secret headquarters. The catch in this case is that their headquarters is a part of the region that does not have any fault line for earthquake. That country never had an earthquake for the last few centuries. A single earthquake erased two or three entire cities. In fact, these cities were largely occupied by militants who were part of terrorist activities across the globe. Some of the top spiritual leaders were also not spared by this sudden death factor. Most of these had severe allegations against them.

Expert analysts could not make anything out of this situation. How can this happen? A top businessman died all of a sudden. But, his brother and his sons were safe. In another case, a top businessman lost two of his sons to an accident at the house.

According to media reports, all these events – natural holocaust events – across the globe happened exactly at 12 am GMT last night.

The Internet was abuzz with theories about this holocaust. Heads of various religions tried to speak about this. But, they could not correlate this to any of the events in the history of mankind. Unlike any other event that happened earlier, these heads of religions could not blame people of other religions, because, everyone was targeted across religions, creed, and color. Nobody was an exception. Tyrant leaders across the globe died all of a sudden, at the same time.

Some sections of the media tried to come up with new theories. But, none of these theories had any credibility.

One of the top news channels did an interesting piece about the sudden deaths of so many people across the globe. They used advanced analysis technology to recognize the pattern and found some interestingly disturbing observations. According to them, every person who died last night did some wrong. They had some court case against them at some point in life. While some of them were convicted, others got scot free after numerous court hearings. And, the crimes that they committed were not simple. They all were part of heinous crimes.

A top businessman laundered money of the stockholders across the globe. The head of a militant organization killed millions of people in various countries as part of various terrorist activities. A top politician was known to kill many people and manipulate facts to rise in his career. An ex-leader who has been part of many woman harassment cases also lost his life. A world-famous sports coach too lost his life as part of this holocaust. He was once arrested in a case of mishandling aspiring sportspeople.

The news channel aired a special program to list out the dead people and their crimes. The most striking part of their presentation is when they shared some interesting insights and asked some interesting questions.

Are all the wrong doers punished?

The courts could not convict some of them. But, mother nature was unbiased. She punished all of them. 

Is this a one time occurrence? Or, is it going to repeat?

Do we have to be careful? Do we need to be truthful and correct? 

Did we need such a big holocaust to remind us to be right?

Suddenly, philosophical discussions have started ruling the roost in news channels. Analytic experts have become famous because of these discussions and trending ideas.

Many questions have poured out in the open.

However, there is one trend that took the world by a storm more than the events that unfolded last night. A question became a trend on various social networks. It asked, “What is right? What is wrong?”

More than any other celebrity, sport event, or movie promotion, the hashtag “RightorWrong” topped the trends everywhere.

People across the globe started panicking. They did not want to do anything wrong and become part of history. They needed a reference. Some of them went to religious scriptures to find information over there.

The day came to end. People waited with suspicion to check if there are going to be more murders at the same time this night, too.

Within a few hours, reports started pouring in. There have been some deaths. Alarmingly, most of these deaths were those of the people from three categories. The first one was of religious people who tried to take advantage of this holocaust and tried to promote their religion in illegal ways. The second group contained people from media who forged analytics and reports and fudged data the previous data. The third one was that of normal people who claimed this as a the beginning of the end of the world and started spreading rumors.

Within a day, the entire world changed. The media houses only presented facts and refrained from sensationalizing false accusations and news. There was truth everywhere. But, the question that troubled people more as the days passed was about right and wrong.

The trend continued. Some more people died on the third day at the same time. Analytic experts could not gauge much out of these deaths. They were not ready to use their assumptions in all these cases.

People continued to panic. But, they were frightened to revolt or question anyone. For the first time in the history of the world, unrest citizens were silent. This was a silent revolution.

And, true leaders started coming out in the open talking about things that mattered most to the world. They talked about truth and teaching children to do the right thing.