“Why do you keep calling me again and again?” asked Harish to the stranger on the phone.

“Because I love you and I love to talk with you,” said the girl on the phone.

The stranger kept on talking something or the other. Though Harish wanted to stop talking with her, he liked her voice and wanted to trace her out and find who it is. He wondered if it is a crank call or someone is planning something to divert his attention. Harish wanted to play along until he found out who this girl is.

The girl called him three weeks ago for the first time and told him that she is his fan. He is not so famous, but he is known as the brave cop in this town. Many girls fell for him the day he arrested a local criminal and made him run behind his vehicle on the way to the police station.

Harish is a disciplined and upright police officer and received many awards for his gallantry. Though his parents have been pestering him to get married for a long time, he has been avoiding that topic because he knew his life was always in danger.

A few months ago, Harish arrested a major politician and put him behind bars. Many policemen before Harish tried to get near this politician, Varadarajan, and expose his scams and criminal activities. Finally, Harish could successfully get the support of some eye witnesses and get this politician arrested. Harish kept wondering if this politician had something to do with the strange phone calls.

Harish has been trying desperately to track the origin of the phone calls. But, he kept getting those calls from private numbers and the location kept changing after every few seconds. Someone with good hacking knowledge is fooling with him, he thought.

“Why do you want to know me?” asked the girl.

She continued, “Why can’t we be friends first? Let us know more about each other. I told you I’m your fan. I want to become your friend first. Let us see if things can beyond that as time progresses. Until then, let us avoid the topic of knowing my name or my identity. In fact, isn’t it challenging for you to know about me. I’ll feel so thrilled if you can really find out about me. And, the best part is that you will be more than thrilled and will not be able to believe it when you get to know who I am.”

Harish said, “You said you are my fan. You must have known my busy schedule. Why would I want to waste my time with some school girl who has no other better thing to do during her summer holidays and is playing pranks with me.”

The girl on the phone laughed and said, “Why do you think this is a prank? And, you are lying. If you really think it is a prank, you would have stopped talking to me long ago. There is some connection between us. There is something you like about these phone calls and about my voice. We have some chemistry between us already.”

For a moment, Harish wondered if what she told was really true. In fact, he got used to getting calls from this sweet voice stranger that he would wait if he did not get a call from her after some time. She started sending him messages. He hated that he did not have an option to call her or reply to her messages. Keeping aside his apprehensions and doubts, he wanted to start an affair with this girl. He prayed to God to make this happen. On the other hand, he hated this romantic and impractical side of him. He knew that these phone calls gave him the break he wanted for a long time. Apart from his parents, he knew no one who could bring a smile on his with just a phone call. And, his calls with his parents always ended up angrily as they demanded him to get married. Under these circumstances, her voice provided the respite he needed. But, he could not accept it directly.

Harish said, “Is this some movie script? I mean, do such things happen in real life? Your generation is fooled by the movies and you people keep dreaming weird stuff. You are not ready to trust me to share your name and you talk about becoming friends with me and trying to take it forward. How can you consider a relationship when you do not have the courage to put a name and face to your voice?”

The girl said, “It’s a smart way to talk about trust and manipulate me into telling my name and details. Come on. It’s not going to happen.”

As they were talking on the phone, one of his subordinates came to Harish’s cabin and told him, “Sir. We have a problem. One of the eye witnesses has turned hostile and is saying that we forced him to testify against Varadarajan. His statement is very important for the proceedings tomorrow.”

The girl has been hearing all these things.

Harish said, “Alright. You go. I’ll come and deal with him.”

Before Harish could end the call, the girl said, “Why are you worried about him? I think someone is threatening him by kidnapping his family members. Haven’t we seen this in many movies? This is so simple. And, you cops are worried about it.”

Harish said, “Thanks for the tip. It would be easier to comment on the work of a cop and compare it constantly with movies. But, you should lead this life to understand the intricacies and the challenges involved.”

The girl said, “I’m trying to learn all those things as I plan to get married to a tough cop.”

Her indirect reference of the idea to become his wife brought a smile on his face.

Harish immediately called his subordinate and said, “Check out the family of the eye-witness. Check if they are all safe. More importantly, check about his kids if they are living away from their families in a different city.”

The girl said, “Thanks for considering my idea. I was trying to help you and did not want to insult you in any way.”

Harish was still lost in her earlier statement. He said, “Let’s go back to the earlier topic you were talking about. That seemed interesting. The one about your marriage plans.”

The girl started blushing to herself. She said, “When did I talk about my marriage? Isn’t it any girl’s dream to get married to a tough successful cop. My dreams are special.”

Harish asked, “Can I know them?”

Before the girl could answer, Harish said, “Give me a minute.”

Harish called another subordinate and said, “Get me the details of all the eye-witnesses. Keep all their families, too, under witness protection. And, keep an eye on Varadarajan, his family, supporters, and his followers. If you find anybody’s activities suspicious, just get them arrested. Suddenly, he realized the fact that this girl has been helpful in this case since beginning. He thought about all the times this girl helped him with the case. He realized who this girl was, finally.

Harish asked, “Before listening to that answer, can I ask you another question?”

The girl said, “Sure.”

Harish said, “Why do you hate your father so much?”

The girl disconnected the call immediately. She panicked and did not know what to do.

After a few minutes, she got a call on her mobile.

Harish said, “Shravani. Talk to me. What’s happening? I’ll not judge you for anything. You can share everything with me. We’ve been friends. And, I’m serious I want to take things forward with you because you are on the side of good and helping against evil.”

Harish could hear her crying on the phone.

Shravani is the daughter of the arrested politician, Varadarajan.

Shravani said, “He killed my mother ten years ago in front of my eyes. Ever since then, my step mother has been harassing me and he never took care of me. Please save me. Take me away from this place. I thought no one could ever do anything to him. And, then, you came and proved me wrong. I saw some hope in you.”

Harish immediately drove to Varadarajan’s house and took Shravani out from there. They got married three months later while Varadarajan was sentenced for life.