Pete looked at the sunrise. It filled him with hope. He wanted to keep looking at the sky. The clouds that lined the horizon started disappearing. The sun appeared from beneath the horizon signifying a new direction in life. Pete just wanted some inspiration to make his music. All this while, he waited for inspiration to come. This morning, however, something woke him up and ask him to drive to the hill top to see the sunrise. He has never done this before. He has always been a party animal and rarely got to witness the beautiful sunrise in the last few years.

After completing his graduation, he got selected for a couple of job openings. He was disinterested in any of them. He told his father that he wanted to become a great musician. He always listened to music differently and felt it differently. He was waiting for a chance to let the world listen to music the way he heard it. He realized that he had to make music to let the world feel it. So, he learnt about classical music, composition techniques and modern music. Though he enjoyed learning the basics, he wanted to something on his own.

On this day, it was as though someone woke him up. And, someone told him to drive to the hill top near his house. He carried his key board and laptop along with him. He connected them and placed them on a makeshift table while watching the sunrise.

He hit the record button. He was constantly thinking about someone and hoped that someone would get back to his life. After so many years, he did not compose because he felt sad at the loss of his love. Instead, he was hopeful, his love would come back to him. While it would seem practically impossible, he was hoping for a miracle to happen to get his love back to him. He made music hoping his love would return to him. He made music that morning imagining the life he would live if his love returned to him. It gave him so much energy and passion. He was completely lost in the emotions of passion, longing, love, and the bliss of affection.

Before he realized, he spent the next hour or so recording some of his best pieces. He was so happy listening to them. He felt so much life in this music unlike any other piece of music he made earlier. He immediately mixed them and sent them to George. While Pete makes music, he sought the help of George to master his songs so that they sounded professional. Unlike every other time, he did not want to upload these compositions already. He wanted to keep them with him and use them only when the situation arose.

As luck would call it, he got a call from one of the music agents that morning. The music agent asked Pete if he could come for a quick meeting that noon. The agent also asked Pete to get the best of his works along with him. Pete quickly copied the songs he made in the morning and set off to meet the agent, Charlie.

Pete was surprised to meet Charlie after so many years. He did not realize that it was the same Charlie who was his classmate in college.

“Hey, dude! What a surprise? Isn’t it great?” asked Pete.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw your soundcloud account. We never knew you were so talented in college. You never participated in any music competitions or showcased your talent back then,” said Charlie.

“I always wanted to make music. But, did not know how to do it back then. I learnt a lot over the years. I try to make music that delight me. Thanks for checking my soundcloud account,” said Pete.

“Don’t thank me. It is the number of followers you have that made us look into your account. There are so many accounts out there. But, we depend on statistics. Whenever we see promising composers with a significant fan base, we try to market such talent. Your situation, definitely, seems more than promising,” said Charlie.

“On the other note, I never expected you would talk to me again after happened in college. I was very childish and foolish back then. I’m sure no apology would help. But, I’m sorry for everything that I did back then,” said Pete.

“Since you brought it up, let me tell you something important. You thought that you were the reason why Denise and I broke up. But, the reason for our breakup was more than that. We never shared that chemistry. We never had that spark between. And, there are some things I did that made her lose trust. When things went haywire and I got caught, I did not know what to do. I should say sorry more than you. Because, I used you as a scapegoat. It was my mistake that separated us. But, I blamed you for the breakup back then. I’m friends with Denise even today and we often talk about those funny days, ” said Charlie.

Pete was surprised at the revelation after all these years. He was guilty all these years for no valid reason. He thought he ruined the love story of his best friend. Denise was his best friend. He encouraged Denise to fall in love with Charlie, initially. But, he started liking Denise. He lost a good friend in Denise after the episode. And, Charlie also blamed him then. After all these years, Charlies was good enough to tell the truth to Pete.

“Can I talk to Denise? Do you have her number?” asked Pete.

“Sure. I’ll send it right out to you,” said Charlie.

Pete was excited. This day could not get better. He was more than eager to talk to Denise immediately. But, something came to his mind before he could call Denise. He bid farewell to Charlie after the meeting and immediately rushed to his car. He got into his car, dialed Denise number on the phone. He kept the phone on speaker mode. He unpacked his laptop and musical key board. Ignoring the fact that he was in the parking lot, he started playing music that came to his mind without even bothering about the call.

Denise picked the call. She did not understand why some was music was playing initially. After a few seconds, it registered to her that this music was familiar. Involuntarily, within a few seconds, she started singing in tune with the music that was being played. It was like a sync that she missed all these years. Pete played the music. Denise sang it. They both felt ethereal in their music world for at least ten minutes. They could feel the warmth of each other. They could recollect those wonderful days when he would play non sense music and she would randomly sing for his weird compositions. Though their other friends hated it, Pete and Denise enjoyed that exercise and loved spending hours doing that.

After spending half an hour of playing music and singing, they both disconnected the call without uttering any world. Denise felt the music return to her life. Finally, she realized that it was this music that was missing in her life all this life. She was in love with this music. Though she brushed it off as mere infatuation back then, she realized now that she has a longing for this music and its composer.

She immediately grabbed her car keys and drove to her favorite coffee shop. She was not surprised to see Pete there. He expected her also to come there after their virtual music session together.

They both looked at each other. They did not talk anything. They smiled. They went to their favorite corner of the coffee shop. They both ordered coffee. He took out his key board and started playing. Without realizing the fact that there are other people in the outlet, she started singing. It continued for five minutes and they both were mesmerized and lost in their music. It was a competition. It was a symphony. It was a mystique composition. They failed to notice that people thronged around their table. After about ten minutes, they got a huge round of applause from everyone in the cafe. They felt so glad. All that applause did not mean anything to them.

Pete raised his eyebrows and asked her something with his silence.

She replied, “I never realized I fell in love with this music back then. I’m sorry for all these years. I want this music every day and every moment in my life.”

Pete smiled. Denise smiled. Pete was thankful to God for returning his love back to him.