Varun was anxiously waiting outside the operation theater. Doctors suggested that he be ready for any outcome. They said that it is very difficult to expect both the mother and the kid to survive. Given a chance, he wanted to have his wife. He did not share this with anyone, because he did not want to be judged.

Seven months ago, Varun and Mahi had a big fight on one fateful day. They fought so badly that Mahi wanted to get separated from Varun. She was devastated at the turn of events. Unlike other couples and similar situations, they fought for a very odd reason. Mahi wanted kids. But, doctors told her that it would be too risky for her because of her immune system. So, Varun was not ready for the kid. He wanted to adopt a kid instead. But, Mahi wanted a kid of her own.

They fought badly because Mahi wanted to consider the artificial insemination option as suggested by the medical experts. Varun did not want to do it as he knew it would be very troublesome for Mahi. Doctors suggest artificial insemination after waiting for nearly seven years. Varun and Mahi did not have any other problem. They have been waiting for kids for seven years.

Varun was ready to get separated from Mahi rather than see her go through all the pain and torture in the name of artificial insemination. Under normal circumstances, he would have been very encouraging for this process. But, taking into consideration Mahi’s health, he did not want to take any risk.

So, they decided to separate. Mahi told Varun that she would move to her parents’ place over that weekend. However, on Friday she fainted all of a sudden. Varun rushed her to the hospital. The doctors informed them that it was normal and that she was pregnant. Mahi and Varun could not believe their luck. It appeared to them that God sent this baby to keep them together. They thought that even God did not want them to get separated.

Initially, the doctors said that it should not be problematic for Mahi, as she conceived naturally. However, as months progressed, many health complications developed in her case and she could not handle it beyond a point. Finally, the doctors asked Varun to decide if he wanted the baby or his wife. It was a very painful decision to make. Yet, he was clear about what he wanted. He chose his wife. He knew Mahi would be very angry. But, he wanted her and he could not imagine his life without him.

After recollecting all these tension-filled months, Varun was anxiously waiting outside the operation theater with a hope that his wife would be sage. He was praying for a miracle to happen. Only a miracle could save both the mother and the kid.

As he was anxiously waiting for the surgical procedure to be over, his uncle came to meet him. His uncle is the head of the department in the hospital.

His uncle told him, “Varun, I know that this is not the right time. But, I have to tell you something important. Shall I go ahead?”

Varun replied, “Sure Doctor Uncle, please tell me.”

His uncle said, “I have gone through Mahi’s reports. As you signed the form, the doctors are trying their best to save her. I’m sure she will be safe. We are not yet sure about the baby. Let’s hope for the best. But, there is something more that is bothering me that needs your attention.”

Varun said, “I hope everything is fine with Mahi’s health. Please tell me.”

The Doctor said, “Mahi has become very weak after everything that happened during her pregnancy. Her immunity is very low. We need to take adequate care of her after the delivery. That is only part of the problem. I wanted to tell you one important thing. She has become so weak that she cannot play an active part in your married life. It might take years for her to recuperate. You must take extreme care of her. And, do not expect a normal married life with her. I know that these are testing times. But, if you want her parents to take care of her, let me know. I will talk to them. With your career and schedule, it might be difficult to take care of her. So, you have to decide.”

Varun replied, almost angrily, “God, no. I will take care of her, come what may. I cannot live without her. I do not expect anything in return from her. She is my girl. Ours is an arranged marriage. But, we have come to such a state that we understand the importance of love and reached a greater level of understanding than any other couples. So, please dismiss any such ideas. And, nobody thinks of separating us. My parents might be concerned about me. But, they would not even appreciate the idea of me leaving her behind in her parents’ house.”

His uncle remained silent. He did not know what to say. He wanted to appreciate Varun for his love and affection towards Mahi. Yet, he could foresee the hardships that Varun might have to face. So, he remained silent.

The surgical procedure came to an end, just then. Varun and his uncle waited anticipating. To their surprise, they heard a baby’s cry from inside. Varun was confused. He was happy to hear his baby crying. Yet, he was worried about his wife and her state. He wanted to know about her. A nurse came out and announced, “Congratulations. It is a baby boy. Both the mother and baby are safe.”

Varun stormed inside the ward as soon as he got the opportunity. He was the happiest man to see his kid in his wife’s arms. Varun kissed those little hands and thanked God a zillion times for making this miracle happen. He was filled with extreme happiness.

Mahi woke and said, “Aren’t we lucky? We got him. He is our dream come true. I’m unable to believe the truth. Aren’t we lucky?”

Varun smiled and kissed her forehead. He said, “Yes. We are lucky. You made me lucky. Look at the baby. Isn’t he the cutest thing in my life. We have a small family and the happiest family in the world. Thank you. I know it must have been very painful for you. Thank you so much.”

After some time, when Varun went out for some errands, his uncle came and told Mahi about his conversation with Varun.

Mahi was filled with happiness.

After Varun returned, she said, “I will get better sooner than the docs expect. You know, why? Because of you and your love.”

Varun and Mahi felt the miracle that happened to them that day and thanked God for giving them an opportunity to take their love to the next stage with the arrival of the new bundle of joy.