Nitin came across this Facebook page that talked about providing justice to all. He hated any such concepts where people tried to take law into their hands. He believed in the judiciary. So, he decided to ignore this page. However, he wanted to visit their website and learn more about them before being judgmental.

Nitin came across something interesting on their website. It read as follows:

Want to highlight corruption? Have a problem with bureaucracy? Share the details. Members of our kingdom will fight for you. Our army will find the criminals and make sure that justice is meted out. We let the courts have the final call. Our army will help people in various ways – gather information about corruption, expose corrupted officials, gather evidence, pursue these cases as public interest litigation cases in the court of justice. We do not charge any money. We believe in the fundamental right of everyone in the country – justice.

Further, the website seemed to be very complex. It catered to a wide variety of needs. Most importantly, the focus of this organization seemed to be to end corruption and do it in the most legally possible way. It also focuses on the use of technology and social media to let people know the truth.

All these facts irked the curiosity of Nitin. He thought to himself.

Is it really possible? I hope it is not some scam or some overtly ambitious people who later get caught in the web of corruption.

He decided to give it a try, though. Nitin discussed about this website with various people. Nobody knew much about this website. And, this website did not have any company profile page. The only information about the people behind this company appeared as follows:

The Kingdom of Justice is formed by a group of justice aspiring advocates from across the country. There have been enough instances where advocates have been branded to be some of the most corrupted people in the country. To change the course of history, a group of lawyers came together and started this group.

Nitin called up his uncle who is a senior cop and asked him if they knew something about this new outfit – The Kingdom of Justice.

His uncle told him that they have heard about the craze this website was generating. However, they cannot act upon it unless it is involved in some kind of criminal activity or cheating or any illegal activity. He also agreed to the fact that the people of the company claim to believe in the courts of justice. So, he cannot even investigate about this company.

Though his primary job involved little about criminal investigation, Nitin decided to track this company and learn about the people behind it. Nitin tried hard to track the website and its origin. It was difficult to even know about the people who designed and hosted the website. The people behind this website did not seek the help of web designers. They designed and developed the website on their own. They made it so secure that it was difficult to even consider the idea of ethically hacking this website.

So, he had only one other go. He wanted to track the operations of this company. He went through some of the current projects or cases they have been handling. Curiously enough, there were some government officials against whom many people have complained on the website.

Nitin found one of the cases curious. It was the case of a police officer, Shivanand. He was surprised to see his name figure in the list of corrupt officers. Shivanand is famous for being an upright officer. He won many awards for his dedication to the job. The media reported him to be a very professional cop without any corruption cases against him. However, the people who complained on this website claim that the truth is different. Nitin never expected this to happen.

Nitin immediately tried to gather information about Shivanand. As expected, he received only positive information about this cop. He is known as one of the most sincere cops in the country. People within the department respect him for his sincerity and dedication towards this work. Nitin wondered.

Why did these people target him? Is this some kind of conspiracy?

Nitin went to the local court to find out if there have been any cases registered recently against this cop. Interestingly, he found that a public interest litigation case has been filed against this cop by one of the junior advocates. The junior advocate mentioned that he got to know about this case from some people through anonymous calls and emails. He was impressed by the information gathered against this cop and decided to deal with this in the court. Unlike other clients, the people who gave him information about this case also provided all the information and notes necessary to deal with the case.

Hitherto unknown to the legal field, this junior advocate received a huge document detailing the steps he needed to take to deal with the case in the court. There was a flow chart that clearly explained the various possible arguments within the court and how this junior advocate needs to face them. The junior advocate told Nitin that someone did a great amount of homework before approaching him.

The most curious part of this entire operation was that the cop did not try to deal with it. He attended the court like any ordinary man for all the hearings. He did not even try to blackmail the junior lawyer to withdraw the case.

Finally, Nitin could not control his enthusiasm and decided to attend the court case.

On the day of the hearing, Nitin went to the court and try to record the proceedings in this own journal. He was surprised at the amount of evidence presented in the court of justice. In fact, there were a couple of videos that clearly showed the other side of this cop. It was a surprise to everyone in the court. Even Shivanand, the cop, could not believe that some of his actions were recorded. The most disturbing aspect of this case is that the advocate speaking for Shivanand did not try to counter these videos or claim that they might be fake. Shivanand, too, did not try to defend himself.

Nitin felt that something crazy was happening behind the scenes. He realized that the court hearing was more of a formality to let the judges take the right decision. It all seemed to be a pre-orchestrated. It was as thought Shivanand knew in advance about the proceedings and he was ready to get sentenced for his crimes that the world never knew of.

After the sentence of Shivanand, Nitin decided to dig deeper about the evidence gathered against Shivanand and find out if it is all genuine. He approached some cops related to the case and requested for the artifacts.

Nitin got a call from an unknown private number. The voice on the phone said, “We are calling from The Kingdom of Justice. We have been noticing your activities and the way you have been trying to learn more about us. We would encourage you to use the evidence and let the courts know if there is any anomaly. But, the reason for this call is that we want you to join our group. We are impressed by your investigation abilities. You will be a great asset to our team. We are a group of advocates and cops from across the country. Trust me. There are some really influential and respected people in this elite group. Take your time to think about our proposal. If you are interested to join, apply on the Careers page on our website. We’ll get back to you immediately.”

Even before Nitin could say anything, the call got disconnected. Nitin could not track the phone number as he always did. The call did not last the required time to track the geographic location of the caller.

Nitin decided to join this group. He wanted to join this group to know more about the group than to help them solve the problems of the common man and bring the wrong doers to justice.