“Are you ready for it?”, asked Ved. Swetha nodded in the affirmative and hopped on to the motorcycle.

Early in the morning at 6, Ved rode the rented motorcycle across the vacant roads to reach the park where Sanjeevan goes for a morning walk.

Ved and Swetha are two junior lawyers and they are planning to kidnap the senior lawyer Sanjeevan. They made a plan to kidnap him using his own car and threaten him to not attend the court for the hearing of the driver’s murder case.

Ansari is the owner of the cab company who often tried to cheat his drivers by not paying them properly. Prakash, an innocent driver, waited for nearly five years for his money. He saved it with Ansari and wanted to use it for the education of his kids. When the time came for taking the money, Ansari refused to return Prakash’s money. Prakash threatened to go to the copy to file a complaint. He got killed even before he reached the police station. There are a couple of witnesses who saw Ansari killing Prakash by driving over him. Ansari chose Sanjeevan as his lawyer after Prakash’s wife filed a case against him. Every lawyer in the district court is aware of the fact that Sanjeevan would do anything and convince the judges that Ansari is innocent and not guilty.

However, Ved and Swetha wanted Ansari to be punished for his crime. They made a perfect plan to kidnap Sanjeevan on a Sunday, the day before the court hearing of the driver’s murder case. They are very concerned about the family of the driver and feel that justice needs to be meted out at any cost. They are confident that this is the only way left – to kidnap and threaten Sanjeevan to not attend the court on Monday.

According to their plan and adhering to his regular schedule, Sanjeevan walked out of the park towards his car in the parking lot. As usual, there was no one along with him. Due to his angry and arrogant demeanor, he had few friends other than the ones who are forced to be friendly to him because of his caliber, knowledge, influence, and reputation.

As he reached his car, Swetha approached him asking for time. When Sanjeevan did not notice, Ved leapt forward and intoxicated Sanjeevan by making him sniff a handkerchief dipped in alcohol. Immediately, both drag the unconscious Sanjeevan into his own car. Ved drives the car to the outskirts of the city. They take Sanjeevan to an old dilapidated house beside a factory and tie his hands and legs to an iron chair.

Sanjeevan gained consciousness after some time as hears two people arguing and fighting over some thing.

“We have to kill him. There is no other way out of this.”, insisted Ved.

“It started with a small kidnap and now you want to commit a murder. You are becoming foolish. To get justice for one crime, let’s not commit another crime. I do not want to be part of any murder. I have a bright career ahead of me.”, argued Swetha.

“You are already part of a crime. You are the mastermind behind this. I never wanted to do anything illegal. Now, if we have taken the illegal path, let’s do it to completion. You are such a coward, like all the other girls. I thought you were different.”, shouted Ved.

The discussion slowly veered towards their love and how Swetha wanted to get married but Ved needed more time.

Though he did not regain consciousness fully, this reminded him of a scene twenty years ago when he had a similar discussion with Sravanthi. He forgot her all this while. Though he married and had kids after that, he never really fell in love with his wife, the way he did for Sravanthi.

Swetha talked like Sravanthi and thought like Sravanthi. He wanted to meet Sravanthi now. He never heard from her after that.

Meanwhile, Ved and Swetha argued louder about their marriage.

“I cannot wait for you any longer. You get only six months time. It does not matter to me whether you prove or earn more or do something in these six months. I cannot wait beyond that. I’ll leave you and be gone after the sixth month.”, said Swetha.

“I’ll leave you and be gone”, said Sravanthi twenty years ago. But, she gave only one month time and Sanjeevan was not ready for marriage. He wanted to be a successful lawyer before getting married.

Ved did not think like Sanjeevan and did not respond like him. Ved realized that the situation was slipping out of his hands. So, he said, “Please try to understand me. It’s not that I do not want to get married to you. I just cannot bear to see you live a life without luxuries. You are born to a rich dad. I want to give you everything you want. For that, I need money. If you insist, we can get married immediately and try to earn together.”

Ved and Swetha looked at each other for while and smiled at each other.

Just then, Sanjeevan started crying as he could not speak. His mouth was gagged with cloth. He tried to request for some water.

Ved came forward and took out the damp cloth from Sanjeevan’s mouth.

Sanjeevan immediately noticed that Ved and Swetha are indeed familiar and blurted out, “Give me some water. Idiots. Who the hell are you? Wait. I know you people. You are junior lawyers in tomorrow’s case and you work for Padmanabhan. How dare you people kidnap me? I will get you people arrested immediately.”

All three of them heard some police sirens at the same time. Luckily for the couple, Ved had a plan B in place. Using a concealed underground route, Ved and Swetha fled from the scene. The police could not catch them in time.

Ved and Swetha were all tensed that night and did not go their houses. They told their families that they have an emergency and they had to travel out of town. However, they both went to Swetha’s friend’s house and stayed there for that night.

Very apprehensively, they reached the court premises the next morning, Monday morning.

They were sure that they would get arrested and Ansari would be proved innocent. So, they lurk around the back gate of the court and asked their colleagues to inform them of the developments.

An hour before the court proceedings, a taxi came to the back gate and stopped in front of Ved and Swetha.

Sanjeevan stepped out and spoke, “Thank you guys for making me realize the importance of first love. I’m going to Mumbai to find my first love. I should have never let her go. I should have been like you, Ved. Instead, I was a coward and was not confident of my abilities.”

He thanked them and walked towards the car.

Just before getting inside, he added, “And, I’m not attending the court today. There is not much evidence to support Ansari either. I’m sure Padmanabhan will win this case. You guys succeeded in your mission. I did not complain to the police about you. I told them that someone else tried to kidnap me for money.”

Sanjeevan left for Mumbai. Padmanabhan won the case. Ansari was sentenced to life imprisonment. Ved and Swetha got married the next month.