Three kids were playing outside their house late in the evening. They heard a weird noise. They all run inside the house. The mother is really surprised as her elder son is not easily frightened of anything. She rushed out of the house to see what frightened them.

A few boys and their girl friends were playing in the beach. They were having a lot of fun. Suddenly, they heard a huge noise that seemed both frightening and irritating at the same time. It appeared to them if there was something in the water. They stepped out of the water onto the shore. They did not hear the sound again.

The priest asked if anyone had any problem with the marriage of this young couple. As expected, nobody answered and the bride and the groom smiled at each other. Before the priest could proceed further, all the people in the church hall heard a loud shrieking noise as though a huge vehicle was rummaging the church. It lasted for a few seconds, but, it frightened everyone. Some of the utensils in the corner rattled because of the vibrations that emanated from the noise.

The football stadium was packed with people who were cheering their favorite teams. One of the star players was about to hit a goal. Just then, everyone heard a huge noise that deafened the loud speakers in the stadium. People panicked for a few seconds as the huge noise was uncomfortable and painful in their ears. It stopped after a few seconds. The game came to a halt. Nobody knew what was happening. The authorities asked the people to remain calm and announced that it was just a technical glitch. They had to do so because they wanted to avoid panic in the stadium and stop the match. It was a crucial time and stopping the match at that time would cost everyone dear.

All the telecommunications across the globe came to a sudden halt for a few seconds. While some thought that it was the problem with their phones, others blamed the network providers.

Satellites across the orbit did not relay anything for those few seconds when people heard the noise.

While most of the common people assumed these sounds to be mere coincidental happenings, scientific tracking devices stated otherwise. Scientists across the globe were terrified at the recordings on the various equipment.

Electricity surged to the greatest levels in those few seconds. There was lot of magnetism in those few seconds everywhere. If the sound or its causing agent would have continued for a minute, objects would have started floating apart because of the lack of magnetism or because of extreme magnetism to an unknown object.

Paul was a scientist who was called as crazy by all other scientists because he followed his own theories, fought with the administrators, and established his own labs. He had immense supply of money from someone who promised to fund his activities as long as it was necessary.

That day, when people across the world dismissed the huge sound as a mere technical glitch, Paul was astounded by what he found.

Fortunately, Paul was doing a research on gamma rays. Since the last one month, Paul has noticed that there was an accelerated increase in gamma radiation in some places. He chose one of these places, an open ground outside the suburbs of Washington D.C. to conduct his research.

Earlier, he developed glasses that could see gamma rays and other radioactive particles. So, he used these special glasses while conducting his experiment on finding the source of gamma rays. He thought that the gamma rays came from some source in the earth and started digging this ground, all alone.

To his shock and chaos, he saw a huge source of gamma rays descending from the sky at one point. This was the same time when people heard the sound across the globe. When he took his special glasses off, he could not see anything. But, with his special glasses, he could see a huge spaceship in the shape of a hexagon. He could not believe his eyes. Using his special glasses, he started recording the video of the entire proceedings.

The spaceship was as large as an airport. After a few minutes, the spaceship stopped emanating gamma rays. There was no sound that Paul could hear. Slowly, peripheral parts of the spaceship started moving. Some objects started rotating and opening some kinds of doors. Individual sources of light started coming out of the spaceship. These sources of light were almost 8 ft. tall and had no body. They were full of light and this light was made of only gamma rays. They were floating forward out of the spaceship. They did not have limbs. They could float easily – forward and backward – just like a ray of light depending on the source of the light. They all traveled in different directions and disappeared after a few minutes.

Paul immediately left the place and went back to his place. He replayed the entire video to himself and could not believe his eyes. Paul called up the man who has been funding his research and activities, Jason.

Paul said, “Jason, we have a breakthrough. It is not my discovery. Something happened on the earth today. I’m sending you a video. Check it out. I have no words to describe the enormity of the situation.”

Jason saw the video and asked how Paul could see it when nobody could see it. Paul told him about the special gamma rays glasses that could help him see it. Jason rushed to Paul’s lab within the next few minutes. They both drove to the place where the spaceship was stationed. It was an abandoned part of the forest. No animals also dared to venture out there. Jason could not see anything. When Paul offered him a set of the special glasses, Jason was overwhelmed to see a huge spaceship. It was the biggest thing he has ever seen in his entire life. He was astounded and did not have any words.

Jason asked Paul if he could share this with the world. Paul wanted the world to know because he wanted the authorities to act upon the situation.

Jason called someone on his phone and said, “Can you come over here? Aliens have attacked the world. And, here is the proof.”

Jason shouted after a few seconds on his hone, “God damn it. I’m not kidding. ALIENS ARE HERE. I CAN SEE A SPACESHIP HERE. It is not made on this earth. I have a scientist, Paul, with me who found it out. I can prove it to you if you come here. Get the teams with you.”

Within the next thirty minutes, a huge battalion of vehicles came the spot. They all did not understand why Jason asked them to come here. Paul knew that this situation would arise. So, he had a large set of his special glasses ready for this purpose. He got them manufactured last month. He was so glad that they could be of some use now.

Authorities from the government and people from the press were there. They were all asked to wear these glasses. Some of them were giggling and making fun of Jason and Paul before they wore the glasses. But, once they wore the glasses, they were shocked to see what was in front of them.

Paul shared copies of his video with the authorities as suggested by Jason. A copy somehow got leaked to the media, too.

It took just a few minutes for the media to broadcast the news. All other news about celebrity marriages and sports headlines were kept aside.

The breaking news of the day read as follows:


They chose an invisible dimension to come and attack us. We do not know anything about them. Check out the video of the tall aliens that moved like light rays disappearing into the dark.

The aliens may now be among us. Can we save our planet?

You cannot see them with naked eye. They chose an invisible dimension to reach our Earth and attack us. Scientist Paul McAdams discovered a new set of spectacles that can see through gamma rays. You can only see the spaceship and the aliens through these special glasses.

The whole world was united in panic. They never saw something so epic. The Hollywood movies always showed aliens as creepy looking human like creatures. But, this was far from expected and left the scientists and authorities no clue on how to deal with them.