Chris was reading his portion of the script for the upcoming performance. Though it was a small role with a few dialogues, he liked it as he was always attracted to theater and never left a chance to work in any drama, regardless of the length of the role.

One of the actors in the play, Keith, shouted at the director for making too many last minute changes. Thirty minutes before the show, the director and Keith broke into an argument. Keith was adamant. He said he would not act in the play unless the director has undone some of the latest changes. It created a panic among the other actors and crew behind the stage. The director did not know what to do. After throwing some tantrums, Keith walked out the place. He said he would not return.

The director, George, walked towards Chris and told him, “Please help me with this. You have allayed a girl’s fears a few minutes before the play last time and it was a grand success. Do something now. Please. We do not have the time.”

Chris said, “I understand women. I know how to deal with them. But, I really don’t know what in Keith’s mind. I have always tried reading women’s minds. My intuition mostly worked out. But, I’m not sure if I can do anything in this regard. I need some interest. And, after knowing someone like Keith, I’d prefer not to even consider what’s running in his mind.”

The director requested. He said, “Alright. Here is a situation. I don’t know what you do. If you want this play to happen today, just talk to him. I really don’t understand your mind reading jargon. Consider Keith to be your best friend. Stop looking at the negatives of Keith. Focus on the positives. He is good looking and a great actor. He is definitely nice with his colleagues. He does not throw tantrums unless he is troubled. I want the play to be the best. So, I make changes in the last minute. But, he wants to put his best foot forward. So, he wants to be as prepared as possible. He, usually, puts in a great amount of effort understanding the lines, reading them, memorizing them, and feeling the intensity of the dialogues. So, it would definitely irk him when he has little or no time for preparation. Please convey this to him. You don’t need to read his mind in this case. I already told you his motivation.”

The director’s words really had an influence on Chris. He agreed and quickly rushed to the restaurant downstairs.

Chris saw Keith from a distance. For a moment, he tried to look at the positive side of Chris. To his surprise, so many thoughts coming into his mind from Keith’s mind.

After listening to Keith’s thoughts, he developed a sense of respect for Keith. Chris immediately walked towards Keith and sat beside him.

Chris said, “I’m sorry for what happened just now. I know that you want to give your best shot today. Your father is coming for the first time to any of your plays. I know that you have a new kind of stage fright. It is very difficult to impress a person like your father. But, trust me, you have it in you. Recollect all the wonderful plays and the awards you have won for your performance. You always did your best when you enjoyed it. I know you cannot enjoy when you do not have the time for preparation. But, today, you are going to the next stage of being a creative genius. From now on, you will be able to perform even with surprise additions in the last minute. You will excel and baffle one and all with your expertise and impromptu execution of new ideas.”

Keith was startled. He said, “How do you know that? I did not tell anyone that my Dad is coming. In fact, my Dad wanted it to be a secret. He did not want any attention. He always hated these theaters and dramas. After requesting for so many years, he agreed to come, today.”

Chris interrupted and said, “Seven years, to be precise. You have been requesting him to attend ever since you won your first award.”

Keith was terrorized. He asked, “Are you stalking me? How do you know all these things? Exact details.”

Chris said, “Don’t worry. I just read minds.”

Keith laughed it off and quickly walked towards the rehearsal room. He thought he’d think about this bizarre guy later.

Chris called the director on his phone and told him that Keith was returning. He also told the director that he would not be able to participate in today’s play as he got some other work.

Chris was way too excited to get up from this place.

Chris looked around. There was an old man sitting in a corner sipping his coffee. Chris looked at him for a few seconds. He smiled. He walked towards the old man and said, “It is not wrong to fall in love at this age. If your kids cannot accept your love, it is their problem. You need to live your life. Stop being guilty. You are not committing any sin. I’m not an expert in this field. But, I just wanted to share my thoughts about your current situation.”

The old man thanked him, got up, and walked away. Chris also left the place. After a few minutes, the old man came back to find Chris and ask him how he knew about his love story.

Chris already left the place and walked into a nearby park.

A young girl was waiting for her boyfriend. Chris looked at her for a few seconds. He approached her and said, “If you doubt him, do something about it. Do not trouble yourself. If he does not love you, it is his loss. Move on. But, do not trouble yourself to the extent of thinking about suicide. He is not the last man on this earth. Trust me. There is so much love out there.”

Tears started rolling down the girl’s cheeks. She said, “Thank you so much.”

Chris felt very glad. He could read people’s minds. And, he could give them the right advice to solve their problems.

Chris immediately called his friend Ryan, a manager of one of the local pubs.

Chris said, “You promised me you will give a slot for my show any time. I want a slot today evening. And, I’m not going to do a stand up comedy. I want to do something surprising. Don’t worry. I’ll not sing or dance. I will do something very interactive, entertaining and mesmerizing.”

That evening, Chris walked into the pub brimming with confidence a few minutes before his slot.

He took over the stage. People wondered about his performance.

Chris said, “I’m here, today, to talk to you people. I’m here to tell what you are thinking.”

A couple of them brushed him off saying that they needed some entertainment.

Chris continued, “Both of you love each other. Don’t hesitate. Kyle, you are very lucky. She is really mad about you. Maggi. He thinks that you are the best thing that ever happened to him.”

While others in the audience did not know what was happening, a man in one of the tables stood up. He walked towards his lady and kissed her. Everyone clapped.

Chris said, “There’s nothing wrong in coming alone to a pub. It’s your life. You can always come and chill here. If you do not have friends, don’t worry. Alcohol is your best friend, Peter.”

Peter, sitting in a corner, was surprised that Chris could read his mind. He raised his beer bottle as a signature of approval. The audience clapped again.

Chris continued his reading exercise. He said, “He has been trying to tell you this for a long time. He wanted to buy you a necklace. But, the car accident cost him dear. And, he had to lend some money to your brother. So, Sharon, please forgive John. He loves you and he has been trying to tell you. I’m sorry John. I had to leak the secret about the loan you gave to Martin.”

Sharon looked at John. She apologized to him. They hugged each other.

The show was a grand success. People started clapping.

Chris announced, “Finally, I have some anonymous advice. I will not reveal the names. I hope my advice will be of some help to the concerned people.”

He continued, “You are not allowed to take advantage of someone when they are fully drunk. Give up that idea. He should really like you to make love with you. And, speaking of love, you are not the only one without love. They are many people out here who are waiting for their love. I’m also waiting for the love of my life. So, stop worrying about being alone and enjoy life. For the next person, all I can say is that stealing is bad. That does not mean that you can spend all your money on shopping. Have some control. Finally, it’s not wrong to have such desires. It’s your life. Experiment.”

The audience gave him a standing ovation.

Chris got more shows in this pub regularly and in other pubs. Within a short span, his name became famous for being the Harmony Harbinger. He was famous for being able to solve people’s problems by giving them advice just by reading their minds.