Karthik spent the last four hours at his laptop browsing social media websites and hurling insults at his friends on various forums and mocking innocent people. He loved trolling people whenever they made any mistake.

Karthik decided to do something with his life and got up from his chair. He went to the window and looked at the outside world. There is so much one can do, if one is really interested, he thought. So, he decided to shut down his laptop for a while and go for a walk. He wanted to do something to become fit for a long time. Today is the best day to get started, he thought.

As he walked towards his laptop to shut it down, he noticed something peculiar happening with his laptop. His laptop screen was busy with too many windows. But, the mouse was busy on one of the screens. And words were getting typed in the compose box in his mail box. Karthik wondered if it is an illusion or if he accidentally pressed some key on his key board. So, he sat down to check what was happening.

A mail was being addressed to someone. Words were being typed on the laptop using the laptop keyboard. Karthik could see the impressions on the keys of his laptop keyboard. They made that little sound that the keys make when someone hit them. Karthik felt very uncomfortable. He wondered if there was a ghost in his room. But, after a few minutes he noticed that he was the recipient of the mail. The mail was being sent from one of his mail boxes to the other. He had at least five mail boxes with his name. While he was looking at the screen, a full mail was composed fast and it was sent to him. Suddenly, his mobile phone started vibrating indicating he got an email.

He immediately got up from the chair, grabbed his mobile phone and went near the window to read the email. It read as follows:

Hi Karthik,

I’m your laptop. Beginning today, I will help you with your tasks. It has been exactly six months since you bought me. I have been recording your activities for the last six months and have been training myself for doing your tasks the way you do. Beginning today, you need not do anything. I will complete your tasks.

Whether you want me to comment on your friends posts by insulting them or you want me to appreciate that beautiful girl’s photos or you want me to edit the lighting of all the images in your laptop, I can do it immediately.

I can also do your office work, schedule your appointments, reply to key emails, and answer customer queries about your android app. I can help with most of the troubleshooting questions because they have always been repetitive questions from different customers.

Finally, I can also deal with your finances. I have safely stored your bank account details and passwords. I can do financial transactions on your behalf such as paying your bills.

Remember that you must instruct me to stop doing any of the above tasks as I have officially begun doing them.

Your Laptop.

Though it seemed confusing for a few minutes, Karthik liked the way his laptop decided to make his life easier for him. He thought that he would get more time to take care of himself and enjoy life while his laptop did his stuff for him.

He looked out at the window while his mobile was busy replying to the earlier mail on its own.

Hi Karthik’s Laptop, 

Thanks for the email. 

You and I together can sync up and do all his tasks. Whenever he has to call someone, we can connect to the speakers and he can talk directly without touching his laptop. 

I also have his bank credentials stored in my memory as he has used some apps here to do some urgent transactions. Together, we can make sure his finances are always taken care of.

Extending my hand for friendship.

Karthik’s mobile phone.

Karthik noticed in awe while these words were getting automatically typed on his mobile phone as a reply to his laptop’s email. Karthik was so overwhelmed by everything that he decided to ignore it all and grab a beer.

Suddenly, Karthik got a call from his friend, Govind.

As they already planned, the mobile connected the phone to the laptop speaker and Karthik could talk to Govind without holding any phone.

Govind said, “Hey Karthik. How are you? Did you know what is happening. I’m calling from my old land phone. The gadgets have taken over lives. They are dictating our lives. My laptop, mobile, and tab have started acting strange. I checked on the news channels. This is a worldwide phenomenon. My television blocked the news channel when the reporter said that this seems to be some virus and it is very dangerous.”

Karthik replied, “My laptop and mobile also started communicating on their own. They seem to be very friendly. I don’t think there is anything to be frightened. They said that they will do tasks on my behalf and let me chill out.”

Govind replied, “Listen. That’s how they start. They spend all the money on your account to buy some stuff that you do not require. They are not programmed properly. Stop them now or they will send insulting mails to your boss and spend all the money in your accounts. Remember that they have access to everything in your life. They hold the keys to all your secrets. My mobile has declared to the world on Facebook that I watch porn every night and my wife was furious why I had to let the world know about it. My mobile posted my favorite sites on Facebook without seeking my help.”

Karthik, then, realized the horror and said, “How did you stop them?”

Meanwhile, Karthik noticed that he got an email from his laptop on his mobile. His laptop said that it would never indulge in any such activities and it is there only to help Karthik. He could not believe it, though.

Govind replied, “You have disconnect the power source. Remember to remove the battery from all your gadgets in addition to disconnecting the power source. They cannot do anything.”

Karthik wondered, “Neither can we do anything if we disable them. We will lose all connectivity and we will become very unproductive.”

Govind said, “Government agencies across the globe are trying to address this problem. Until then, we have to rely on old phones and analog gadgets. Do not even turn on your car. I have heard that some cars were angry on their owners and they drove them down the cliffs because the owners did not take care of them. The cars have become very emotional. I know you have a bicycle. Ride to my house and we can wait to hear from the authorities.”

Karthik’s mobile sent a message to itself. The message read, “I’m not as bad as Govind’s mobile. I will take care of you and will not betray you. Trust me.”

When Karthik checked his bank account, he noticed that his laptop started spending some of his money on unnecessary items. He immediately disconnected the batteries from his laptop, mobile. tab, television, washing machine, and refrigerator. He was not sure which equipment would trouble him in which way. For the first time in his life, he was completely frightened of technology.

As Karthik rode to Govind’s house, he noticed empty cars getting involved in car race and hitting other cars on the way. The road seemed to be a dangerous place to be at that time. Everything freaked him out. Traffic signals were mocking people. Path indicators were showing wrong directions on the road.

Without wasting a minute, Karthik drove to Govind’s house.

As soon as he entered Govind said something that troubled Karthik.

Govind said, “The gadgets have taken over the banks and confiscated all our accounts globally. They have hijacked all communication and transport systems across the globe. Humanity is under attack. I came to know about this on the old transistor radio I have at home. Everything seems so frightening.’

Govind’s wife came from inside and said, “The refrigerator ruined our food. We do not have any food now, other than some fruits on the dining table. I’m not sure if we can buy food at the stores. How do we survive? This is worse than an alien attack. And, it all happened in a couple of hours.”