Ramesh works as the inspector in the police station of a remote village in the hinterlands of this coastal state. He loved his job very much as there was not much activity because of the peaceful people living there. Legend has it that many freedom fighters contributed to the pre-independence era from this place. The next generations continued to imbibe the principles of patriotism and hence refrained from criminal activities.

Ramesh got a call from his thirteen year old son. His son was tense. Ramesh said, “Is everything alright? Are you fine? Where is Sakshi? How is she?”

His son, Sailesh said, “We both are fine. But, we are moving to my secret bunker immediately. There is a zombie threat in our town. I saw some weird looking people walk along the streets near the mall. Mom and I rushed home immediately. I’m taking mom to the secret bunker. Please do something and come there immediately. It is the safest place for us during this zombie apocalypse that is happening.”

Ramesh was tired of his son’s stories. He did not have much friends around. He kept believing all the movies he watched recently on the Internet.

Ramesh said, “Last week, you told me you saw a UFO. And, you took us both to your secret bunker. We had to spend a few hours there. Nothing happened after that. When I told people about that episode, they were laughing. You watched a movie on aliens the previous night. So, tell me one thing. Did you watch a movie on zombies last night? Where is your mother? Call her here.”

Sakshi came to the phone and said, “Ramesh. Please come home soon. We both saw some weird people near the mall. Sailesh had to drive fast to escape from them. Their faces appeared half decomposed and blood was oozing out of their mouths. It appeared as though they were hunting out for people. For a moment, I thought that it is some Halloween themed agitation or procession. But, the way they were rushing towards our car frightened me. We are moving to his secret bunker. Please come soon. And if you want to reach us, call us on the number in the bunker.”

Ramesh said, “Please stop playing the games with him. We do not have time for all this funny drama. I have to get back to work. From the window, I can see six people waiting outside to get my attention. It is rare to see so many people come to the cops in this place. Please stay at home.”

Before he could say further and disconnected the call, he heard the phone being dropped from Sakshi’s hand. Sailesh was shouting, “Dad. They have reached our house. We are taking our secret route to the bunker. Please join us soon.”

Ramesh thought that his son was overdoing the zombie drama. He decided to go to the bunker in the evening to get them both from the bunker. He decided to reprimand his son in the evening. He thought that the entertainment options available on the Internet are ruining the kids.

When he heard some people calling him from outside, he decided to deal with the cases at work. Ramesh felt challenged to deal with some criminal cases. He did not get an opportunity to deal with a real life case other than cattle getting lost in the past few months.

When he looked out from the window initially, he saw six people. So, he thought he had either one strong case or six different cases. Excitedly, he walked out of his room. To his horror, there were more than twenty people standing there waiting for him. More than the people, the faces of his subordinates seemed strange. All the junior cops were laughing at the people who came to file complaints.

When Ramesh asked them to share their problems, all of them started to speak. He could not decipher anything when so many people started shouting at the same time. All their faces were covered with fear and they badly needed help.

Finally, Ramesh asked an old man to speak up and asked the remaining people to be silent. The old man in his frail voice, “The dead have woken up. They are walking across the streets and killing other people. These dead people are again waking up as dead people and killing others. It is a mess out there. We are the few people who are left. We ran earlier than all of us and got into a truck. Fortunately, the dead people could not follow the truck.”

Hari, a junior cop started laughing and said, “They claim it is a zombie attack.”

Ramesh got terrorized for a moment. It cannot be true, he thought. He immediately recollected his son’s words. He prayed to God to let his wife and son be safe. He could not bear the thought of them becoming zombies and eating him.

Ramesh asked all the other people and each one of them had a story of how their family members were bit by the zombies and they tried to kill them. All of them asked Ramesh to save them.

The other cops continued to make merry out of the situation. They thought it was some drama. Ramesh shouted at them. He said, “Call your families first. Check if they are fine.”

After a few minutes, there was a dreadful silence across the police station. Most of the family members have not responded to the calls. Some of them responded and were crying to save them. A couple of them made some weird noises on the phone. The truth stuck them and they understood that it was truly a zombie apocalypse.

Hari, the other cop, said, “We need to find if there are any other people like us who are left and take them all to a safe place. I have watched many zombie movies and these zombies are good with smell and sound. We need to hide in a place that is completely far from them. We should be so fully covered that these zombies will not be able to hear our sounds or smell us.”

Ramesh said, “My son is a genius. He said he saw a UFO last week. With the help of his friends and some construction equipment, he build a place within the cave near my house. He built it very foolproof. We can gather all the alive people and take them there.”

Hari said, “In one of the movies it was told that aliens attacked the earth and made zombies out of people so that it could lead to self-destruction of mankind. We have to go immediately.”

As they were discussing on the plans, they heard some sounds from the outside. Ramesh has never heard such weird sounds. When they looked out of the door, they saw at least a hundred dead people rushing towards the police station. Ramesh immediately ordered them to close the doors. He asked the truck driver to get the truck to the back side of the police station.

The cops saved the people who were inside. In the process of safeguarding them from the zombies, a couple of cops got pulled from outside and died and turned into zombies.

Ramesh, the remaining cops, and the people got into the truck and drove away from the police station and the zombies. Within a few inches, their lives got saved.

Within an hour, they reached the secret bunker built by Ramesh’s son, Sailesh. They felt safe in the cave.

However, after an hour, they heard some footsteps. These sounds of footsteps turned into big sounds of rocks breaking. Sailesh immediately turned off all the lights and used his sound equipment to create echoes in a nearby hill. Within a few minutes, the zombies went to the other hill. Sailesh said, “We have to come up with an alternative plan. They will be back in no time. We are not safe here anymore.”