Sahil and Vedika finished college and did not want to part ways. But, Sahil landed in a lucrative job in another city and Vedika wanted to pursue further studies in a different country. So, thy had to part ways.

Sahil said, “Let us try our luck and hope our long distance relationship will be as successful as our intimate relationship. I’m pretty sure we cannot meet until after six months as you do not get holidays and you cannot travel so frequently during college.”

Vedika said, “I’m pretty confident. There are so many means to stay in touch every hour of the day. I know that the time zone difference might be a major hindrance. But, it makes no sense to ignore your dreams for the sake of your love. I believe that love should help and reinforce our innate strengths and desires. So, let us give our relationship a chance.”

They both spent the first few months of their separation by chatting with each other on phone and talking on Internet communication applications on their mobile phone. Sahil knew everything about her college and Vedika knew everything and everyone at Sahil’s workplace.

Sahil used to wake her up every morning. One day, Sahil did not call her or wake her up. Vedika was worried for some time. She tried calling him on his mobile phone but he did not answer her calls. Vedika waited for a few hours and called Sahil’s parents. They told her that he did not call them either since the last two days. Vedika tried reaching him on his desk phone number, in vain. She stopped herself very hard from panicking.

Vedika used the information she got from Sahil. He used to tell her the names of his colleagues. He used to repeatedly talk about Anand. Vedika, after some amount of effort, could retrieve his contact details.

Vedika called up Anand and spoke with him. Anand told her that Sahil went missing all of a sudden. He is not to be seen in his room. He did not report to work. He has not been accepting calls on his mobile phone.

Sahil’s parents were worried about him. They told Vedika that they lodged a police complaint and are going to his city of work. They could not leave this matter to the cops. They wanted to search for their son.

Vedika waited for two days. She did not hear from anyone. She kept calling everyone. His parents and Anand said the same thing that they have been trying to locate him. Every time she spoke with Sahil’s mother, it would turn dramatic as Sahil’s mother would cry.

After waiting for a couple of weeks, she decided to travel to his place. She took a break from college for three weeks and traveled to his city. She decided to use her investigative abilities to find him out, unlike other who have been largely unsuccessful in tracing his whereabouts. She decided to begin at his workplace.

Without informing Anand or Sahil’s parents, she reached his city and went to his office.

She spoke to the front desk executive as a different person. She said, “I’ve come here to meet Sahil.”

She wanted to act as if she knew nothing about his missing story.

To her shock and dismay, the front desk executive said, “Please wait in the conference room on your right. I will call him. He will be right there with you.”

She waited in the conference room as suggested. She had mixed feelings about the entire episode. She was so furious that she wanted to break the chairs in the conference and tear the curtains apart. But, she somehow managed to regain her control. She lost trust in everyone at that moment.

After a few minutes, Sahil came into the conference. He was astounded to see Vedika there. All he could say was an “Uh-oh!”

Vedika did not react angrily as Sahil expected her to react. She said, “Why did you do all this?”

Even before he could answer anything, she got up from the chair, walked up to him and gave him a tight slap. She said, “Don’t answer me. It’d not help anyway. Thanks for the confirmation.”

She went sobbing out of his office building.

As she waited to take a taxi, a man came running towards her to talk to her. She recognized it to be Anand. She shouted at him, “Did he send you for reconciliation? Tell him that nothing will work any more.”

Anand said, “Trust me. I wanted to talk to you. He did not even bother. He is happily talking to his new girl friend. Can we grab a quick coffee? I need to talk to you about many more things.”

Vedika refused initially as she did not want spend another minute in this city that killed her love.

Anand and Vedika walked into a coffee shop nearby.

Anand asked, “Is your father a cop?”

Vedika replied, “What has that to do with anything?”

Anand said, “Please answer my question. I’ll tell you the details later.”

Vedika said, “No. He is not a cop. He is a journalist.”

Anand smiled indignantly. The smile indicated as though he totally understood the full picture after listening to her answer.

Vedika asked, “What’s your problem? Why are you grinning now?”

Anand wondered how he could explain the whole story to her.

Anand said, “You have been very helpful to Sahil for his illegal activities. During your college days, he made you fall in love with him after he came to know that your father is a journalist. Though he was a student, he had contacts with some of the top drug-dealers in your city. He managed to escape the cops completely as he did everything with your help. He used your bike and bag as his messengers.”

Vedika recollected the college days when he would repeated take her bike to his friend’s place. He kept on saying that his bike had gone for repair or one of his friends took it. She used to think he is very helpful. But, she did not know that the sticker on her bike helped him with his operations. As her father worked for a top newspaper, he got stickers on his vehicles and his daughters. The cops usually never suspected the top brass of the journalists and she knew about it. She rode without a license for a long time, thanks to the sticker of her father’s company. Some of the cops were even frightened to deal with her father as the was notorious for exposing the wrongdoing cops. It all made sense to Vedika  now.

Anand continued, “After your college, he tried his best to get rid of you. But, you were a romantic at heart. So, from the first day he joined this company he kept on telling us that he had a stalker who would call him regularly. He sought our help to get rid of you. I believed him completely until I talked with you. All your words seemed to be genuine and there was a pain in your words when you came to know that he was gone missing.”

Vedika said, “Alright. Thanks for explaining me the story. But, do not expect me to fall for you just because you are being sympathetic. If the reason you wanted to have a coffee with me is to impress me, you might not be successful. This is not the right time. And, I really need some lonely time now. So, if you let me go, I have other things to do.”

Anand said, “Trust me. If I really wanted to impress you, I would have told you the real story on phone when you called me first. I’ve called you for coffee because we have a major problem here. Sahil is now involved in something more than mere drug dealing. He is doing something too dangerous. I wonder if he is doing business with some terrorist outfits. Even that is not our problem. But, after looking at your pain, I wonder if I can allow another girl to suffer.”

Vedika interrupted and said, “I’m not getting it. What are you trying to say here?”

Anand said, “Sahil is now in love with another girl. She is the daughter of a top cop in the city. He is using her to get his things done. So, I need your help explain the story to her and save her from heartbreak.”

Vedika said, “Why are you so bothered about her? Do you love her?”

Anand said, “Yes. I have always wanted her. But, that is not the question here. She is too innocent. The operation that Sahil is involved is a major one and might ruin the career of her father and destroy this whole city or the country.”

Vedika understood the enormity of the situation and agreed to help him.

It took them only a few recorded videos of conversation to let the other girl know the truth and expose Sahil.  Anand and Vedika made sure Sahil got arrested.