“I’ll be there with you,” were her last words. She breathed her last a few hours ago.

Karthik and Ranjani were supposed to get married within a week. However, a freak accident led to Ranjani’s untimely death.

Karthik found it extremely difficult to cope up with the sudden loss. He never had so much¬†depression and grief earlier in his life. He was clueless and in despair. He felt like a lost bird with a clipped wing in the high skies. He wanted to fly high. He wished he could undo what happened yesterday. She wanted to drive alone to do some more shopping. He wanted to go with her. But, she did not agree. She went all alone and met with an accident. He met her later in the hospital. Doctors tried to save her the whole night. But, this morning, she quit trying. She told him that she’ll be with him and gave up for ever.

Three months after her death, Karthik did not seem to come out of depression. He kept on looking at her photos and crying for her all this while. His parents started getting worried about him. They were helpless. All they could do was pray for him to get better. They tried to talk him out of this depression. Even medicines could not do anything.

One fine morning, Karthik stepped out of his room earlier than usual time. He groomed himself after three months and he looked fresh. Though he lost a lot of weight due to his depression, his parents were glad he tried to come out of his depression.

His mother thanked God and served him his breakfast. He got angry and yelled at her, “Don’t thank God. It was Ranjani who asked me to forget the past and move on. God killed her. So, don’t give the credit to God. She deserves it.”

He went back into his room after shouting at his mother. She was worried her words took him back into his depression.

After a few minutes, he came back and apologized to his mother.

Karthik said, “I’m sorry for the outburst earlier. I should not have shouted at you like that. Ranjani tells me that I have never been so rude in my life. And, she asked me not to blame God or anyone. She says that it had to happened and nobody could stop her death. I’ll never shout at you again and I’ll never disrespect God, too.”

He left for work after a long time.

His mother told the entire episode with his father. She told him that she was worried about his well-being. Though he seems to have come out of his depression, they are worried he has been hallucinating and imagining having conversations with his dead girlfriend. They decided it is time to divert his attention. Though it is very immediate, they thought that only love can solve this problem. They wanted to talk to him to consider marrying another girl.

His father called him that evening and told him that he should think about getting married again. He did not respond to his father. After being silent for a few minutes, he said, “Though I do not like that idea, I will marry a girl of your choice because Ranjani feels that you are doing the right thing. She says that I have to move on.”

Though his father was freaked out at Ranjani’s reference, he did not want to talk to him about at this juncture and wait until another girl gets into Karthik’s life.

After about one week, Karthik’s father told him that his friend’s family is visiting them in the evening. He should try to talk to the girl and let them know how he felt about that girl.

The girl and her family came that evening and they all had a nice meeting. Karthik was polite and nice to them. He spent some time with the girl. He did not find any problem with her.

Once the girl and her family left for the night, his father asked him about his opinion about the girl. Karthik replied, “I’m not sure about this girl. Let us not go for this alliance.”

His father got furious and said, “What’s wrong with her? Look at their family. They have been our friends since childhood. They are such nice people. And, Prasad has been very helpful for me when our business was under trouble.”

Karthik said, “Ranjani says that the family is not a good one.”

His father got angrier. Even before he could say anything, Karthik said, “That girl is very selfish. She is extremely money-minded. She gets it from her father. They both are very manipulative. And, as far as helping your business is concerned, Ranjani says Prasad never really wanted to help you. He was the one who spread rumors in the market about the quality of your products. He wanted to take over the company slowly and steadily, then. But, after the initial help, you were smart to take care of things all by yourself. Now, Prasad wants to get into this alliance so that he can do something and take over your business. He does not have your best interests in his mind.”

Karthik’s father could not believe this story. More than anything, he wondered where Karthik came up with these cooked up stories. He asked Karthik to stop talking bad about his best friend.

Karthik was silent. It appeared as though he was listening to someone. After a few minutes, Karthik said, “98x8x 23xx4….call this number. Talk to Ranjith. He was the secretary of Prasad until a couple of years. He knows everything about what Prasad has done to you and your business behind your back. He will now share the truth because he has also been cheated by his boss.”

Reluctantly, Karthik’s father called the suggested mobile number. He was surprised at the facts that Ranjith told him. After talking to Ranjith for about an hour, he was astounded and could not believe many things. First, he could not come to terms with all the misdeeds of Prasad. Second, he could not believe that his son was actually communicating with the ghost of his girlfriend. It freaked him more than the newly unearthed facts.

Karthik’s father cancelled all plan for the wedding of his son with Prasad’s daughter. He, also, slowly de-associated with Prasad completely after knowing everything about him.

After a couple of weeks, Karthik’s father told him that another girl was coming to their house. This is another family friend.

After the girl and her parents left for the day, Karthik said, “I cannot marry this girl either. She is already in love with someone. Here is the number of that person…9xxxx xxxx9….he is being threatened by the girl’s father.”

When Karthik’s father did some background check on the girl and the guy with this number, it turned out to be true that they were actually in love with each other.

Finally, Karthik’s father got irritated and told him, “I cannot find another girl for you. Ask your Ranjani to find a good girl for you, if she really loves you. And, ask her to leave you once the new girl enters your life. Because, we are freaked out. I’m sure no body will take this communication with a ghost lightly.”

Karthik was silent. Tears started rolling down his eyes. He said, “Ranjani is ready to leave. She, just, did not want to leave me alone. Here is the number of Sadashivam…9xxx9xxxx9. He is a top businessman in Mumbai. His daughter, Ramya, is the right one, says Ranjani. She suggests we need to approach them using a priest and not contact directly.”

As suggested, Karthik’s father approached Sadashivam for an alliance and the entire discussion was fruitful. Finally, the marriage got fixed and Karthik was also ready to get married.

Just a few hours before marriage, Karthik called his father into a room and said, “Why did you ask her to leave if she loves me? She is leaving me. Please stop her.”

Karthik cried like a kid. His father could not do anything. They tried in many ways to persuade. But, his marriage with Ramya ended his association with Ranjani.

He never heard from her again.