Harris is a psychotherapist who hated his job. He always felt he has not been as successful in his job as he wanted to be. Earning money has never been his singular aim in life. Though his job fetched him more than enough money to lead a comfortable, he always felt as though he missed something in his life.

In a country like India, it was very difficult to find interesting cases. Most of the people who ever came to a psychotherapist were mostly forced by their relatives. And, they did not have a goal to get rid of their psychological issues. The majority of the population believed that only mad people need treatment. There is no concept of accepting your psychological issues and working on addressing them.

On the contrary, one day, and interesting patient came to meet him.

Paul introduced himself to Dr.Harris and told him that he badly needed help.

“I am too paranoid about everything. I am control freak. But, these are not the reasons why I have come here. Of late, I’m having these dreams and hallucinations that the world is about to end. This is leaving me restless. After careful thought and consideration, I thought it would be better to deal with. Like, the other day, I woke up in the middle of the night and called all my friends from my phone and told them to enjoy the next few months as the world is going to end. During day time, these fears come to haunt me once in a while. Sometimes, these fears cripple me so much, I almost fainted twice,” said Paul.

Dr. Harris listened to him. He said, “I’m glad you know your problem. Let us continue this approach. To correct your behavioral problems, let us first know your thoughts. Continue speaking about your problem. I will listen to you and write down notes. We can then have an action plan towards the end of the session.”

Paul said, “Suddenly, when I am in the middle of something, I see a place and see vivid images of this place after the end of the world. Like the other day, I was in the convention hall for a seminar. Out of the blue, my mind went blank. And, all I could see is a badly ruined remnants of the auditorium hall in the convention center. A visual badly freaked me out then. I saw dead snakes everywhere and there were human skulls between the snakes. The picture really made me panic and run away from the convention center like a mad man. My friends and colleagues wondered what was wrong with me. It is not just about people. The other day, I met an old friend. When I looked at him while he was talking, I suddenly saw a vivid picture of his leg fractured. He freaked out when I told him to be careful with his leg. He panicked and left. Two days later, another friend informed me that this guy met with an accident. That guy hated me for making him suffer in an accident. These things keep happening with everyone. I’m tired of losing friends and fighting with relatives. When I met my uncle after almost a decade, I saw some weird vivid images of him with another woman who is not his wife. When I told him that he should stop his relationship with the other woman, he was terribly frightened and shouted at me. That’s when I realized that I see images of past and future too, that are very disturbing.

For example, now, when I’m looking at you, I see some vivid images. You are extremely worried about your daughter’s relationships. You do not trust her new boyfriend. But, the future says that he will be a very caring and successful person. You will feel proud of your daughter’s choice in the near future. And, listen to this. Please do not freak out. I see that your wife is planning to go to the farmers’ market after an hour. Ask her not to go there. I can see some fire accident happening there due to some electric leakage and your wife will get badly hurt if she goes. Please call her and stop her from going there.”

Dr.Harris was silent. He did not respond. He hoped Paul to continue with his banter.

Paul said, “I’m serious. Please pick the phone and call her right now. She is ready to drive out in the next fifteen minutes. Call her now.”

Dr. Harris was freaked out at the sudden change in tone.

Paul shouted at the doctor and forced the doctor to call his wife.

Dr.Harris called his wife on her phone and said, “Hey, can you do me a favor? I need you to urgently get some documents to my clinic. You can find the documents in my desk in the study room. It is a large yellow envelope.”

His wife responded, “I have to go to the farmers’ market. Can I get the firle on my way back from the market.”

Dr.Harris said, “I don’t think I have the time. Can you please get it now? You can go to the market tomorrow.”

The doctor’s wife agreed.

Dr.Harris said, “Your clairvoyance baffles me. Can we try something new? Why don’t you look at me and tell me about my past? I want to hear something that is not included in Wikipedia or any of the social sites about me. I want you to look at my face and tell me some dangerous secrets from my past.”

Paul looked at the doctor for a few seconds. He said, “I’m not sure if this is going to embarrass you. Here is one of your dark secrets. Your wife is not aware of it. Five years ago, you had a relationship with one of your patients. You were too attracted to her. As soon you realized you had feelings for her, you asked her to visit another psychotherapist for treatment. But, you both continued to have a secret relationship for three years until she committed suicide. You never knew the reason why she committed suicide. To this day, you are frightened about that dark phase of your life.”

Dr.Harris was astounded and speechless.

The psychotherapy session changed its course. And, the doctor started seeking advice about the future from Paul and also wanted to hear some predictions about the future.

The doctor’s wife reached after one hour. She got the documents to the doctor. The doctor stepped out for a few minutes to talk to his wife. While he was talking to his wife, they saw some breaking news on the television in the reception area. The news said that heavy fire broke out in the farmers’ market and many people got badly hurt. The doctor’s wife could not believe her luck. She thanked the doctor for stopping her from going there this day.

Dr.Harris rushed to his cabin and said,”Hey Paul. Your prediction came true. The one that you told about the market happened just now. So, it is not about your fears or your behavior. You are gifted. Use your skills to your advantage.”

Paul was silent. Dr.Harris could sense some problem. He said, “Is everything alright? What happened?”

Paul started perspiring. He said, “Earthquake. Now.”

The ground started shaking. It was a big quake and there was great damage to property. Fortunately, the doctor, his wife, Paul and all the people in the clinic were safe as they ran out in time to a safe location.

Dr.Harris was completely overwhelmed. He started getting worried about his kids.

Paul said, “Your daughter and son are fine. You will get insurance money for your office. You’ll be able to build a better place.”

Paul left the place after saying this.

After one week, Paul called Dr.Harris and told him something that troubled the doctor.

Paul said, “I can see vivid pictures of the end of the world. More earthquakes across the globe this week. And, many Tsunamis after these earthquakes. The government already knows about this. They are not able to deal with it as they do not have the time to plan anything.”