Ishaan sings to vent his pain and suffering out. He is a rockstar who became famous for his melancholic and violent songs. In most of his blockbuster songs, he is swearing at his girl and angry on her for leaving him suddenly.

The backdrop for his music is a real story where his girlfriend, Swarnalatha, left him suddenly. It all happened in college ten years ago. Ishaan and Swarnalatha met on the first day of the college and they became friends immediately. It took only three months for Ishaan to realize that he wanted more than friendship out of their relationship. He proposed to Swarnalatha and she accepted his love immediately. They had the best of time together. Their families also became good friends in the course of time. Yet, suddenly, a few months before their college was supposed to end, Swarnalatha broke up with him by giving him a letter. She never met him again and asked him not to try to find her and meet her. Despite her letter, Ishaan tried to get in touch with her. Neither Ishaan nor Swarnalatha completed their graduation because of this break up. Ishaan missed her badly and never looked at any girl. But, his life turned out to be a saga of depression. Unlike other depressed people, he used music to vent out his feelings and, thus, became a popular rock start.

Even after becoming a famous rock star, he could not let go off his love for Swarnalatha. He never mingled with others in parties. He spent most of his time alone if he is not singing or giving a stage performance. He was very popular for his dance as he was for his music.

Ranjan was his manager who took care of all his appointments and scheduling.

One day, after a successful stage show, Ishaan said, “Did you listen to my new song today? I was screaming at her for not coming back to my life again. All this while, I was angry at her for leaving me suddenly. For the first time, I was angry at her for not coming back after all these years. I don’t know if I’m hopeful or if I’m sad.”

Ranjan was more of a friend to Ishaan than a manager. Ranjan said, “What if she came back into your life? How would your life change?”

Ishaan was lost in thoughts for a few minutes. Hope troubled him more than despair. Whenever he was alone and the hope of her returning came to his mind, he would cry inconsolably for a few hours. But, he avoided showing his emotions to others.

Ranjan also saw Ishaan crying in some surveillance camera footage. But, he never saw him cry. Ranjan wanted Ishaan to cry and get over this grief.

But, Ishaan chose not to cry. He smiled to Ranjan and said, “My music career will come to an end. I should consider some other job. May be, I should go back to college and complete my graduation. That might fetch some jobs for me. And, you too should search for new jobs, then.”

The discussion end up with laughter. But, Ranjan decided to make his friend happy.

Using the help of his network and friends, Ranjan could finally find the whereabouts of Swarnalatha.

A week later, Ishaan had a surprise guest at his house. As planned, Ranjan was busy upstairs planning for Ishaan’s next gig.

Ishaan opened the door and was shocked to see Swarnalatha standing in front of me. Ishaan had no words. Tears started rolling down his eyes.

Ishaan welcomed her inside and they both sat down. Ranjan decided not to disturb them. But, he was watching everything over the surveillance cameras.

Ishaan waited for her to speak.

Swarnalatha said, “I had to leave you. So, I left. Now, I am no more tied by those shackles. So, I chose to come back to you. It has been very painful to me too. So, I could not stop myself anymore.”

Saying those words, she started crying. She thought Ishaan would come to her and console her.

Ishaan said, “Why did you do this to us?”

Swarnalatha replied, “I can’t tell you the reasons why. You know how much I loved. I had to break up with you and go. So, I did the thing that was best for both of us.”

Ishaan became very angry. Ranjan could notice Ishaan grinding his teeth. Ranjan did not expect this out of him.

Ishaan said, “Let me ask you again. Why did you do this to me and Swarnalatha?”

Ranjan was taken back. He could not understand whatever was happening there.

Even she was lost and did not know what to say.

Ishaan continued, “I knew it that day. It was not Swarnalatha who broke up with me. You came and gave me the letter. The moment I saw you, I realized you were not Swarnalatha. She told me that her twin sister went missing during her childhood. But, she never told me that you came back. What is your name?”

She started crying. She said, “Hemalatha.”

Hemalatha cried for few more minutes. She could not control her tears.

Ishaan asked, “How long has it been?”

Hemalatha said,” Nine years and eight months. It happened exactly four months after your break up.”

Ishaan howled out loud, “Swarnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

Ishaan kept shouting and throwing things around.

Ranjan had to come down and hold him. He was completely dumbfounded.

Ishaan lashed out at him. He said, “Why did you go searching for her? All this while I was happy she was alive and doing well for herself somewhere. I cannot live now. I have to die.”

Ishaan ran upstairs to his room. The turn of events continued to baffle Ranjan. He immediately recollected the fact that Ishaan had a gun in his room and he had license for that gun.

Ranjan and Hemalatha ran behind Ishaan. Even before they could reach his room, they heard him slam and shut the door behind him.

Ranjan tried knocking on the door. He called up other servants in the house to seek their help and break the door open. Before they could do anything, they heard a gunshot.

Ranjan was devastated. He felt bad he was the reason for his friend’s suicide. Hemalatha felt bad and sorry for him. She felt guilty for telling him about Swarnalatha.

The servants continued to try breaking the door. After a few minutes, they successful broke open the door.

Fortunately, Ishaan did not shoot himself. Ranjan shouted at him and asked him what was wrong with him.

Ishaan started crying again and said, “Swarnalatha is dead. She broke up with me because she knew was going to die. I tried killing myself. But, stopped in the last minute because she wanted me to stay alive. I’m not sure how long I can stop myself from committing suicide.”

Hemalatha said, “During your college, one day my father found me. I was raised in an orphanage. My father found me and took me home that day. Swarnalatha was excited to see me and everything seemed to be going great. But, on the same day, we came to know Swarnalatha was suffering from cancer and she had only a few months left. So, she sent me to break up with you. She told me that she did not have the courage to lie to you on your face.”

She continued, “When you came to me and thought I was Swarnalatha, I did not correct you. I wanted to know how Ishaan was. I felt sad for him. I thought I could act in front of him too. But, he found it out the moment he saw me. We are identical twins. Nobody could identify us correctly, except Ishaan.”

Ishaan said, “I knew it the day you came to break up with me. I was very angry on her for not talking to me and directly breaking up with me. Now, I feel that I have been so foolish. I should have known that there must be a strong reason why she oddly dealt with the situation.”

Ishaan, after knowing about the death of love, really went into depression for six months and made no music during this time or gave any shows.

After six months, he started singing again. But, this time, his songs showered anger at God for separating him and his love.