Harish is an advertising professional. He is famous for his selling skills. It all started a few years ago when this advertising agency was not doing well. They hired Harish as the marketing expert. Within a few months, he successfully revamped the business by getting in ten accounts.

Harish extended these skills in finding a girl for himself. When he found out a girl, he did some research about her and used his marketing skills to gain her attention and lure her into his love and affection.

Mahima was an innocent girl who was very creative. She applied for the job of a designer at the advertising agency where Harish worked. Though he never believed in the concept of love at first sight, he was smitten by Mahima and wanted to do everything he could do to win her over.

He played an important role in convincing the management to hire her. Once she joined the agency, Harish spent at least a few weeks doing his research about her. When he realized that it was practical to get an alliance into her family, he took his research to the next level. Without her knowledge, he stalked her using technology to learn everything about her. It took a few weeks to use this knowledge and prepare a marketing plan.

It has been three months since Mahima joined the agency and she loved the work and the people at the place. She heard good things about Harish but never got a chance to work with him directly.

Phase One – Introduction and Impression

According to his plan, Harish projected the loss of a small account as a big loss for the agency and arranged for a meeting with all the designers. They all expected to be blasted in the meeting. However, he told them all cordially that the marketing team invests lot of time and effort in getting new accounts and the designers should not goof up any projects and lose the accounts. He made friends with everyone in the designer team. He feigned ignorance to Mahima. She was very anxious to catch his attention. When he asked for volunteers to form a task force where designers work with the marketing team, Mahima also raised her hand. He dismissed her saying that she had limited experience. He asked her to wait for at least three more months. Harish’s plan worked out fine. Mahima longed to work with him as part of the task force.

Phase Two – Acquaintance and Ignorance

The Agency was celebrating its win of a major account. The task force that Harish set up was majorly responsible for this win. So, they all called for a party and the entire company was invited to the celebration. During the party, Mahima tried to get in touch with Harish and talk to him at least for a few minutes. He kept avoiding her. Finally, when she tried to talk to him, he feigned ignorance. She had to remind him that she was part of the designers meeting he held a month ago. Harish wished her good luck and walked out of there with a pretext of being called by someone else. Mahima did not like his attitude. She thought it is worthless to try to seek his attention.

Phase Three – Gaining Respect

Whenever Harish made plans to execute a marketing strategy, many unexpected things usually happened in his favor. As always, something strange happened in the task force team. Two members fought badly and Harish had to solve the problem. He used his authority to make both the members happy by assigning them different responsibilities. People across the company appreciated him for his swift method of dealing with the conflict within the team. More than everyone, Mahima was bowled over by his leadership skills and her respect for Harish increased.

Phase Four – Working Together

Finally, Harish’s plans reached the crucial stage. It has been three months since he held the first meeting with the designers. So, on this day, exactly after three months, he called Mahima and told her that she can now join the task force. She was elated to join the task force. After some initial orientation and training for a week or two, she was ready to work along with the senior members of the team. On one fortunate day, one of the senior designers called in sick. So, Harish had to take Mahima along with him for one of the client meetings. It was the ride Harish has been waiting for all these days. He planned meticulously for this. Mahima has been dreaming to work alone with him. She wanted to talk to him about things other than work.

As they got into Harish’s car, he played her favorite piece of music. He did not utter any word. He was just silent.

Mahima said, “Hey, do you like Sadhana Sargam? This is my favorite song.”

To avoid the usual cliched reply and avoid appearing too desperate, Harish said, “I like her voice. This is a good song. But, trust me, there are better songs that she sung.”

They did not talk much. Mahima was glad he did not respond too positively to her comments. She thought he was very decent and not too desperate to attract her attention. She always knew that she had the advantage of being beautiful. Men, usually, tried in various ways to get closer to her. She was glad Harish was unlike any of them. Little did she know the truth.

Harish and Mahima attended many meetings regularly, together. They became good friends. Harish would take her to her favorite restaurant after the meeting. He would talk on her favorite topics out of the blue. He did everything to delight her and impress her in all possible ways, though subtly. It was a dream come true for Mahima. First, Harish was getting closer to her. Second, every moment she spent with him seemed so pleasant and happy for her. Little did she know that he orchestrated everything.

It took six more months for both of them to share their feelings with each other. Mahima immediately accepted Harish’s proposal for love and marriage. Harish was the happiest man. He was so glad that his marketing plan worked out so well.

One week after the proposal, Harish started feeling guilty.

He called her and told her they should meet urgently for dinner. He had something important to tell her.

“I have to tell you something very important. I made a huge mistake,” said Harish.

Mahima did not understand what Harish was talking about.

“The way we got to know each other, the way we became friends, and the way we fell in love – it was all according to a plan. I have used all my marketing skills and prepared and executed a plan to know you, befriend you, and make you my life partner.” He explained the plan in detail and everything he did till date ever since he first saw her.

Mahima became very angry for a few seconds. She grinned after getting lost in thought for a while.

She said, “May be, I deserve this. When I finished my post graduation in advertising and design, I tried many jobs. I found it difficult to land in job. So, I did some research. I came to know about you even before I applied for this job. I spent at least two months doing research about you and your agency. You belong to our community. You are good looking, rich, and a humble human being. You are very successful in your career. So, I thought I should work hard to get anywhere near you. I just wanted to test my luck and get you in my life. Then, I got this job. I did everything to get your attention. I did my best since the first day to appear in front of you during odd times Sometimes, I would just walk by your cubicle just to get your attention, even if I had no work.”

Mahima explained all the things she did to attract his attention and become his love lady.

They both laughed at each and felt glad that they found the right partner who thought alike.