Vinay was always filled with hope. He never gave up the idea of finding his love. When he realized that he found it, he felt hopeful and pursued it for more than three years. He saw Swetha for the first time in the college in the first week of their engineering course. He was smitten by her immediately. He decided to be hopeful about her and went ahead and expressed his feelings for her.

Though she was initially not so convinced about his love, slowly and steadily Swetha also fell for Vinay. But, she decided to wait until the right opportunity to reciprocate his love. So, Vinay kept asking her almost every month and she would not say yes or no. She would ask him to wait. Sometimes, she would say that she needed more time to think about it.

During the final year of their engineering, Swetha decided to reciprocate during a picnic. She was very anxious about the picnic. As always, Vinay felt a tinge of excitement whenever the topic of the picnic came. He realized that something great would happen to him during the picnic. Or, at least this picnic would mark a significant change in his love life.

On the designated day of the picnic, the bus came and picked up Vinay at the scheduled time. After two stops, the bus waited for at least thirty minutes to pick up Swetha and a couple of other girls. Vinay was very hopeful that Swetha would come and accept his love that day. Nobody told him. But, he felt that something positive would happen. Since childhood, he always had this inkling that would tell him when something happier than the current state would happen to him. He was excited and waited ardently for her. However, to his dismay, Swetha and the other girls missed the bus. The organizers thought that Swetha and girls decided to give the picnic a miss. They tried calling Swetha on her phone, in vain. So, the bus went without Swetha and her friends.

On the other side of the city, Swetha and two other girls were kidnapped in a car and taken to some undisclosed location. The morning started very positive for Swetha. She decided to talk to Vinay in the bus and show positive signs. She thought that she would accept his love any moment depending on the situation. As Swetha and her friends were waiting for the bus at six in the morning, two cars came suddenly and dragged them inside. They were drugged for a few minutes. However, Swetha woke up after an hour and realized that she was kidnapped.

Usually, girls would be terrified to be in a car of frightening strangers who have sedated them and kidnapped. That’s what was happening to the other two girls. They were frightened and crying after they woke up. They shouted and tried to get away from the car, in vain. To everybody’s surprise, Swetha was happy and smiling. She was frightened to some extent. But, there was something within her that told her that today is the day she would express her feelings to Vinay. That would definitely happen regardless of anything else, she thought. She was hopeful. She was expecting some miracle to happen. She could already feel the vibes of a miracle despite being in the clutches of danger.

She thought to herself.

I’m sure he would come to save me. I’m sure Vinay would set me and the girls free from the clutches of these dangerous goons. It would all happen before these people try to do something to us. I feel very hopeful about it all. I know I am being illogical. But, I can feel that something great is about to happen.

Swetha was confident. The other girls were confused at Swetha’s predisposition.

She was extremely confident, until she heard one of the goons say, “We have to leave the outskirts of the city within the next one hour. The police cannot catch us if we cross the city and change vehicles. We can then trade these girls to the party and get our money. We can go our ways, as planned, after that. It is a good morning. Things got better than expected.”

Meanwhile, in the bus, Vinay started getting worried about Swetha. He was terribly confused about the mixed emotions that troubled him. On one hand, he felt that something great was about to happen to him. There was only one thing he wanted at that juncture. That was Swetha’s love. He was successful in academics and sports at college. All he wanted was love. And, he felt strongly he would get it this day. On the practical side, he felt something missing, as Swetha and her friends did not take the bus.

Vinay immediately called up Swetha’s house and asked about her. Her parents told him that she went to the picnic. He told them that he did not go to the picnic. He called the houses of the other two girls. The parents of the other two girls also told that they were going to the picnic.

Vinay immediately called his uncle, who is a cop, and told him about the situation. While his uncle thought that the girls might have bunked the picnic to go on their own trip, he decided to track their mobile phones to find out their trail since morning. To his surprise, the mobile phones of all the four girls were switched off at the same time at the same place – the bus stop where they were supposed to take the bus.

Vinay’s uncle immediately alerted the central station about four girls missing. There have been a series of kidnap incidents that have been troubling the city. Some of these had a common theme. The girls were being kidnapped early in the morning, mostly, when they were waiting for their buses. This seems to be the case with today’s girls, too. A group of notorious goons would plan and isolate a place every morning. They would divert the attention by blocking the road to a designated bus stop. They would put signs saying that the road is in repair. They would then enter the road and kidnap the girls who are waiting in the bus stop. Their second team would remove the sign boards after the kidnap is done.

Vinay’s uncle immediately informed all the check posts within and around the city with the details of the four missing girls this morning. This is the first time the cops get to act immediately. Normally, they would learn about missing girls only by noon or later in the evening. The criminals would have already crossed the city and executed the plans by that time. It would take more efforts to investigate in such cases.

Vinay got down the picnic bus and joined one of the search teams arranged by his uncle. He felt hopeful that they would find the girls. He felt that tinge of excitement that would come to him whenever something positive would happen to him. This morning, it was more about saving his girl.

Swetha prayed to God to help her with her emotions. She was hopeful despite the ugly turn of events this morning. After listening to the goons’ plan, she was terrified. She asked God to show her some hope during this darkest hour. She did not want to be a victim of trafficking. As she kept praying, she heard a loud sound. The car in which they were traveling suddenly had a flat tire. Swetha thanked God for that indication.

Within a few seconds, a mechanic rushed and asked if they needed help. But, the goons insisted that they would take care of their car. They replaced the tire all by themselves. The mechanic actually planted some nails on the road and help people who had a flat tire. But, he found something unusual about this car. There were four girls within the car. Within a matter of few seconds, he could catch a glimpse of these girls. Almost all the girls were terrified and crying. He could make out that something was fishy. He noted the number of the car immediately and called the cops and informed about this car, the suspicious goons, and the girls within the car.

Within a few minutes, Vinay’s search team got a call about this car. They rushed to the road where this car headed and caught the goons. Swetha was elated and surprised to see Vinay come to her rescue. They hugged each other tightly.

She said, “I, somehow, knew you would come. I wanted to hug you today. I would have hugged you in the bus, if this kidnap did not happen.”

Vinay replied, “Everything happens for a good reason. You have been part of a mission to find out some of the most dangerous people in the most terrific trafficking scandal in recent times.”

Swetha felt that her surreal hope and his gut instincts made absolute sense all the way. She decided to continue to believe his instincts. Vinay also joined her.