Kiran listened to everything his four year old said. He thought there is something special about his son. One day, his son told him not to go to work. Kiran had an important assignment that day. He did not know what to do. He listened to his son. He called up his boss and informed him that he is feeling unwell suddenly.

Within a few hours, Kiran realized that he did the right thing. There was a major fire accident in the building of his workplace. Many people died in the fire accident and some others were badly injured.

A couple of months later, his son, Ved, gave him the newspaper and showed something in the newspaper.

Kiran asked, “What is this? What do we want here?”

Ved pointed to the real estate advertisement in the newspaper to his father and said, “Play. I want to play there.’

The advertisement was for luxury apartments. Though it was not too difficult for him to buy an apartment in that estate, he thought he needed a discount to buy a flat there. Kiran also knew that these high-end apartment complexes do not offer discounts as their flats are always in demand.

Later in the evening, he drove to the estate with his wife and son. He was surprised to meet his school friend, Adarsh, over there. Adarsh worked as the chief engineer. After talking with the sellers of the estate, Adarsh could get a comfortable discount. Kiran felt glad, yet again, that he listened to his son and it worked out in his favor.

As months and years passed, Kiran started relying on his son for taking decisions and listened to his son at every juncture. This helped Kiran quit his job and start a business. He became a successful businessman within a short span of time.

At a time when his business was reaping huge profits, one day Ved told Kiran something completely unexpected. Ved said, “Dad. Stop your business. Sell it to someone. Let us be happy.”

Kiran could not sell his shares in the company at this juncture when it was doing extremely well. However, Kiran could not ignore Ved’s judgment. After pondering over his son’s remarks for a couple of hours, he immediately sold all his shared. He informed the board of directors that he would like to resign and they need to elect a new CEO. He said that he badly needed a break.

Kiran felt completely out of place after stepping out of the company. He missed the company and his role as the head of the company. For the next few weeks he wondered if he made the right decision. After a couple of weeks, recession hit suddenly in the industries across the globe. The shares of this company tumbled down. Kiran was overwhelmed at the sudden change of events. He thanked God for giving him his son.

Kiran became the happiest man in the world. He realized that nothing could ever go wrong in his life from now on as he decided to listen to his son.

Ved did not sleep properly that night. He kept waking up after every hour shouting. Kiran did not understand why Ved got frightened, so frequently in his sleep that night.

The next morning, Ved woke up earlier than everyone else in the home. He walked to Kiran. Ved told his father, “Take me out. Now. Please. To the temple on the hill. Only the both of us.”

As always, Kiran listened to his son.

Kiran and Ved went to the temple and prayed to the God. After the prayers, they sat in the meditation hall in the temple. Ved said, “Don’t go near mom. She is not my mom. They are doing something.”

None of these words made any sense to Kiran. He was terrified. Kiran tried asking more questions to his son.

Ved did not reply for the next few minutes. After too many questions and almost an hour, Ved said, “Mom will try to kill you. But, it is not mom. They are getting it done through her. Let us go away from her for three months until Dasara.”

Kiran did not know what to do. He considered various options to go away. But, he could go alone in the pretext of business travel. Mamatha would not agree to take Ved with him.

They went home from the temple. Mamatha was worried. She said, “Where did you go early in the morning?”

Kiran replied, “Ved asked. So, I took him to the temple.”

Mamatha said, “What’s wrong with you people? You should have told me. I would have come with you. I wanted to go to that temple for a long time.”

Kiran looked at Ved and gestured as to say that his prediction might not be so true.

Once Mamatha left the room, Ved said, “Will we go in the evening again? Ask mom.”

Kiran walked to the other room to Mamatha and said, “Right. Shall we go in the evening? Since you wanted to go, we are ready to go to the temple again.”

Mamatha, with a sudden surge of anxiousness, replied, “Why? Why? Why? Do we have to go? You both went there already. We’ll think about it later.”

Kiran never saw his wife react his anxiously to anything. She has always been the calm and composed one in the house.

Later in the day, Kiran noticed that Mamatha would fight for every little thing that happened in the house. Kiran did not know what to do. He tried to decipher the reasons. In the last ten years that they have been together, Mamatha never behaved so weird. Kiran wondered if his son’s predictions will come true.

Kiran took Ved to his spiritual guru that evening.

His guru asked him, “How was your last night’s sleep?”

Kiran said, “I had a good sleep. But, Ved had a bad night’s sleep. He was very disturbed and woke after every few mintues.”

Ved interrupted and said, “Nightmares. I had nightmares. Frightening. It was frightening. I don’t remember those now.”

Kiran’s guru smiled and said, “Your son knows it all. Your wife is possessed. Your son told the truth. Trust him and listen to him.”

Kiran asked, “What do I do with her, then? How can I save the situation?”

His guru asked, “What did your son suggest?”

Kiran replied, “He said that we both have to go out of town for the next three months until Dasara.”

His guru smiled and said, “He is the supracelestial force. Listen to him. Follow his advice. He will solve all your problems.”

On the way home, Kiran asked Ved to suggest a plan.

Later that evening, Kiran told Mamatha that he has some business work in the holy town of Varanasi. He said, “All three of us need to go. It is an awesome business. You can apply for a three month leave at your workplace. We can go and have some family time, together, there.”

Mamatha was disturbed at the thought of going to Varanasi. She said, “I cannot…I cannot…How can we take Ved? But, I don’t get…I will not get leave from work…it is very difficult.”

Kiran replied, “I cannot stay so long away from Ved. So, I decided to take him. You decide if you want to come.”

Kiran and Mamatha fought hard and finally it was decided that Mamatha will stay behind.

As planned, Kiran and Ved left for Varanasi the next day.

Kiran requested Mamatha’s parents to give her company.

In the next few months, Kiran kept hearing disturbing news about his wife and her erratic behavior. Her parents went to the extent of taking her to a psychiatrist because of her frightening acts. She ruined a lot of the property and broke many things at their house.

Despite all this, Ved asked Kiran not to step out from the temple town.

Finally, Mamatha’s parents arranged for some grand rituals to get rid of negative energies on the auspicious eve of Dasara.

A day before Vijaya Dasami, Ved said that they are ready to travel back to home.

Kiran and Ved reached home to witness the rituals being performed on Mamatha.

Kiran was terrified to hear Mamatha shrieking by pointing at him, “I came here to kill him. He is my target. I’m going now. But, I will come again.”

Saying these words, she fainted.

Ved said to his father, “She cannot come again.”

Mamatha was admitted to the hospital. It took over a week for her to recuperate. She became calm and composed once again. Kiran could not believe the change. He never believed in these supernatural powers, earlier. He did not know how to understand the recent turn of events in his life.