Ved never believed in people who predicted others’ lives and had no clue about their lives. But, Harish was hell bent about this uncle of his who predicts everything correctly. Ved hated the concept of horoscopes. Despite all his efforts and hard work, he has been facing a lot of hurdles and success has been eluding him. Ved felt that he made the mistake of sharing this with Harish. Ever since he told Harish that he has been facing a lot of hurdles, Harish made it a point to take him to some or the other spirtual guru or advisor. Harish has always been staunch believer of God while Ved has been an atheist all his life.

One day, Harish called Ved and told him, “Hey Ved. Finally, I have some good news. We do not have to meet all these swamijis and gurujis. My uncle is coming to Bangalore. We are going to meet him today. I told him everything about you. He had no plans of coming to Bangalore in the next one year. But, he said that destiny brought him here. One of his speeches has been cancelled due to a natural calamity in one of the countries. So, he had to stop over in Bangalore and stay here for a week.”

Ved realized that there was little chance for him escape. So, he decided to play it safe with Harish this time. Ved had to come up with a sudden idea. Ved said, “That’s such a good news. I’m glad he’ll be here for one full week. Because, the only problem is that we cannot meet today. Shalini called me up and told me that she is not well. I have to take her to the doctor. You know how troublesome it is to have a girl friend.”

Harish said, “Looks like you forgot that your girl friend is the best friend of my girl friend and that they both are room mates. I had a word with both of them before calling you. They are coming with us. Stop lying already. I know you don’t want to come. But, you have to come. Shalini will take care of you, anyway. She must be calling you already.”

Ved checked his phone and noticed that there were two missed calls already from Shalini. He understood that he had no chance.

Harish continued, “I never thought we will get a chance to meet my uncle so soon. It’s a blessing for you. Embrace it, my friend.”

Ved laughed and replied, “I’ll meet your uncle for Shalini and for you. That does not necessarily mean that I trust all these things.”

Ved repeated the same lines in his conversation with Shalini. Unlike Harish, Shalini did not remain silent. She said, “Whatever. Shut your mouth and get ready.”

Ved, Harish, Shalini, and Hema met after an hour and they went to meet Harish’s uncle distant uncle, Hari Govind ji. He was not a Swamiji or a professional astrologer. But, he has been helping people by giving them advice and predictions.

Harish and Hema met Govind ji first and asked if their parents will agree for their marriage. Govind ji laughed and said, “I hope this is not an attempt in asking me to talk to your parents. Don’t worry. If you want, I’ll talk to them. But, let me check your horoscopes first.”

Govind ji was modern in his approach. He entered the birth dates of both of them and printed out their horoscopes. He went through the contents for some times and smiled broadly. He said, “Congratulations. You will have twins. And, your parents already know about your love story.”

Harish and Hema were surprised. Ved thought that he must have spoken about it with both of their parents already and convinced them.

Ved went forward to get a consultation alone as he and Shalini were not so worried about their marriage. Ved was confident of convincing his parents and did not foresee any problem.

When Ved talked about his problems, Govind ji smiled and looked at his horoscope. He spent more time than usual with Ved’s horoscope. After almost twenty minutes of contemplating and considerations, he looked at Harish said, “Thanks for introducing me to a celebrity. Your friend here will make history. I’m so glad I got a chance to preview his life in a snippet. And, gentleman, your hurdles are only making you better and wise.”

Ved was not at all satisfied with the answers. He heard these things from many people before. Ved said, “I’m not getting the support of venture capitalists for my projects. Will I ever be able to establish my business based on the product that I have designed. I’m confident of my product. But, I’m not getting any financial support. Many people came forward. But, most of them backed out within a few weeks.”

Hari Govind ji realized Ved’s dilemma and said, “Alright. Only time will solve your problem. I don’t have definitive answers for this question. But, there is one certain thing that I can tell you. Tomorrow is an auspicious day for you. Beware of your words and actions. Your words and actions will change the course of history of many nations across the world tomorrow.”

Ved acted as though he believed everything. Govind ji asked Ved to go back to his car and that his friends would join him immediately. As soon as he left, Govind ji said to the remaining three, “Go to the window and look at the parking lot. Your friend must be laughing uncontrollably.”

They looked down and could not believe it when they saw Ved laughing while rolling on the floor beside Harish’s car.

In the other end of the city, a secret meeting with two foreign affairs ministers of two warring nations had a very unsuccessful meeting. One of the ministers, Hiamim El was so unhappy with the proceedings of the meeting that he had a word with the leader of his nation and told him to make plans for starting a war immediately. The news leaked to various nations.

Haimim El decided to spend the next two days vacationing with his son in this foreign country and then go back to his town and begin the war.

The next day, Haimim El rented a car and drove with his son Majarin El without any officers with the. He was pretty sure that most of the local people would not recognize them anyway. Officially, the police authorities were informed not to let the public and media know about their visit or about the meetings they had with another nation.

After some time, the thirteen year old Majarin El wanted to drive the car as he liked these roads along the beach. Within a few minutes, he lost control of the car and hit a man walking on the road.

Ved was waiting for Shalini on the beach road and he was badly hit by a car at that time. He did not lose consciousness and noticed that a young boy was driving the car. He looked at Majarin El and Haimim El and noticed that there was no one else in the car. He also heard Haimin shouting, “Majarin, get out of the driver’s seat now.”

The cops came to interrogate him after a few hours. His left hand and left leg were fractured and doctors told him that he would need at least three months to recuperate fully. Ved already did an online search for the name Majarin. After a few minutes, he found out that he was the son of a minister of another nation.

Haimin El and Majarin El came to the hospital and were observing Ved from far. Haimin was frightened that Ved would tell that Majarin was responsible for the action.

When the cops came and ask him, Ved said, “I was so unconscious. I did not see anyone.”

The cops told him that some witnesses pointed out to a thirteen year boy. Ved refuted the allegations and said, “That is false. And, I cannot file a complaint as I was walking on the wrong side. It was my mistake.”

No case was registered against anyone.

Haimin El came with Majarin El to meet Ved and thanked him. Haimin asked Ved why he did not reveal their details to the cop.

Ved said, “I believe in forgiving. He is a kid. All of us make mistakes. I know it will cost me some money and time. But, I did not want to ruin the life of a thirteen year old boy. I learned from the Internet that he is a bright student. This must have been a one time mistake. So, please encourage him to do good things in the future.”

Haimin El thanked Ved. This whole incident had a great effect on Haimin El. After an hour, he called the leader of his country and said, “I’m sorry for what I said yesterday. Can we cancel our plans for the war? Let us try to have a dialog once again.”

The leader of the nation said, “At least thirteen countries are supporting us and ten countries are supporting them. It seemed to herald another world war. But, your decision now will stop the war even before it began. Are you sure about it?”

Haimin El said, “I’m pretty sure. We need to give them one more chance. Let us not talk about war at least for the next one year.”

Leaders across the globe welcomed their decision.

Ved did not know that his action changed the course of history.

Haimin El found about Ved and indirectly funded the Ved’s project. Ved started off a successful entrepreneur within a month. The product became a major sensation and Ved became a silicon valley celebrity within a span of three months.