“Faith is imminent when you have always been a follower and your life has been an exemplary one. If you have had parents and elders to guide you and tell you about God, you would become faithful. Likewise, wouldn’t it be nice if all of us were brought up in the corporate culture and told what to do and what not to do. Wouldn’t it be great if our parents inculcated the spirit of loyalty and dedication? Or, let me put it this way. Do you have the time to teach the importance of faith, loyalty, and dedication to your kids? Think about it. When was the last time you sat with your kid and told her some nice story with a moral? But, our parents spent time with us. I’m trying to draw similarities between the earlier companies and the current companies by talking about parents of our generation and parents of this generation. I hope you are getting it,” said Karthik to his audience.

Karthik is known to draw parallels between real life instances to his topics of discussion. He is a world famous motivation speaker. This session was like any other session for him until he got that phone call from home.

The audience was mesmerized by the way in which Karthik talked about our growing up process and compared it with the attitude to learn more and excel in our jobs. Finally, they thought he would somehow talk about motivating yourself.

During the course of the talk, his mobile phone started ringing in vibration mode. He was surprised. He is not so used to getting phone calls on his private number. His mobile phone had two phone numbers. Nobody other than his fiancee and his best friend knew this number.

Karthik announced to the audience that that there is an emergency call that he needs to attend. Karthik stepped out of the conference hall and took the call.

His friend, Govind, called him. Judging by his voice, Karthik realized that Govind is terribly shaken by something that has happened. Karthik was worried.

Govind said, “Hello Karthik.”

Govind stopped talking again. Karthik could hear Govind crying.

Karthik became very anxious. He said, “Is everything alright? Are you fine? What happened? Are you safe?”

Karthik was hoping that his friend should be safe.

Govind spoke after a few seconds and said, “Pallavi”

Govind could not say anything further and started crying.

The worst of Karthik’s fears started surfacing. Since the day they were engaged, Karthik was praying to God to keep Pallavi safe. Karthik’s parents died in a road accident three months after his birth. His grandfather died when Karthik was eight years old.

Karthik met Govind in an orphanage and they became good friends. A couple of years ago, Karthik met Pallavi and fell in love with her. She was also an orphan. They wanted to get married and start a family soon. They got engaged. Karthik had this fear in his mind that something might happen to her as it always happened to everyone he loved.

Karthik asked, “What happened to Pallavi? Please tell me. Stop crying. You are freaking me out.”

Govind said, “Pallavi met with an accident. It was an overhead collision and she passed away on the spot.”

Karthik’s phone dropped to the floor. Tears started rolling down his eyes. He could not gather his senses for the next few minutes.

Why do you do this to me always? Why do you always leave me alone? What wrong did I do? What will happen to me now?

These are the thoughts that kept troubling Karthik and he was very angry on God. For a moment, he pondered over the idea of committing suicide by jumping from the top floor of this building. He started walking towards the staircase. Just then, he noticed a large poster wit his face on it.

The title on the poster read, “Wading through testing times.” Karthik was giving a presentation to some people under serious depression and contemplating suicide. His task was to motivate them and bring some hope back into his life. For a moment, he wondered about the consequences of his action.

What would happen to all these depressed people if they came to know that their presenter committed suicide during the course of their presentation? They were all there for some hope. They needed some solace and they were there to think of something other than depression and death.

Karthik could not go ahead with his decision to commit suicide. He had to be brave and help them out of their problems. This is not the time to take impulsive decisions, he thought. Karthik immediately called the organizer and ask the participants to go for a tea break.

After the break, Karthik was back in his form. He continued with his presentation. He needed no tools or screens to present.

He said, “Life does not come with a warranty. We are fools to think that everything came with a warranty. Nothing is permanent. In all my lectures, I used to talk about motivation and positive energy. But, what is more important is to understand the underlying principle of life. That is change.”

Karthik was not at all going by his prepared speech. It was all impromptu. He was literally thinking out loud.

He continued, “Let us be practical people. If I am sad I could not become successful, it is just my foolishness. If I a sad that my girl friend ditched me, it is again my foolishness. Or rather, it speaks about the obvious lack of logic on my part. I have just been thinking emotionally as to how much I will miss her. But, I should be logical enough to understand that she will also me – the awesome me. I have always been awesome and will continue to be awesome. The day you realize that you are awesome, you will not worry about things that have happened. Your awesomeness will be the reason for hope in your life. Despair will not trouble you any more because you know that you are awesome and you can make great out of this life. Though it is cliched, let us recollect the fact that gold has to go through so much trouble to become that beautiful necklace or ornament. So, I think I am better than gold and am ready to go through the circumstances that come to me in life.”

The audience started feeling some energy in the presentation. They liked this part of the presentation better than the part where he talked about the process of growing up and everything. They could related more to it.

Finally, Karthik decided to end his presentation by talking about courage. Karthik said, “Most people say that it is cowardice to contemplate suicide. But, trust me, you are really brave to think about suicide. It’s just that you do not know where to put your courage. It’s again about lack of awareness. If your loved one died, you will lose all courage and want to die. But, think of this a moment. Divert that courage to help someone or do something nice for yourself. Rather than thinking about lost people, focus on the life that is there. I know it is easier said than done. So, the next time you feel too depressed or in despair, think of diverting your courageous thoughts. You will make miracles.”

As he answered their questions and counselled some of them, he felt glad he did not go with his plan of committing suicide. A young boy in his teens came to him at the end of the session and told him, “Thanks for today’s session. I was planning to kill myself this evening. But, you gave me the energy to divert my courage towards better and positive things. I have decided to live and fulfill the goals of my dead parents. I wanted to die because they died in a road accident all of a sudden six months ago and that event shattered my life. But, I will live to  fulfill their aspirations. Thanks for your presentation.”

Karthik felt glad to have helped someone.