Since childhood, he knew it all before it happened. Every time a day before a cyclone, he would tell his father that it will rain heavily the next day. Once, he asked his father not to go to work as his father’s office was near to the beach. When his father almost ignored his request, Varun acted weak in the morning and told his parents that he felt like puking. His parents took a day off and rushed him to the hospital. When they were in the hospital, they saw the news of Tsunami on the television and were glad their son did not feel well that day. Varun’s father Jayaram thanked his son and thanked God for giving him a son like that.

Whenever Jayaram had to invest in stocks, he would ask his son about the stock market. Varun would not tell him what he knew. He would only advise his father to invest or to avoid investing at that time. Thanks to his newly found abilities, Jayaram and his family became rich and led a luxurious. Jayaram started his own business and named it after his son Varun.

Varun never felt like talking to his parents about his abilities as he grew up. But, he felt that he needed a friend to share his feelings about knowing the future. Sometimes, he felt there were things that troubled him in the near and distant future.

When he reached the age of twenty five, his parents started searching a girl for him as Varun did not have any girl friends and did not show any inclination. He was always deeply lost in the intricacies of business, deals, and negotiations with stakeholders. But, deep inside, he did not want to marry any girl. He hoped to find a girl who would understand his plight and appreciate the importance of his clairvoyant abilities.

One day, Jayaram called his son and asked him to immediately come to a top restaurant in the city. Varun wondered if everything was right. He drove to the place. As soon as he reached the restaurant, he realized what was happening. His father made him rush to the restaurant to introduce him to a girl. She was the daughter of Jayaram’s friend.

When Varun saw Keerthana for th e first time, he felt a breeze of wonderful life streaming as a video in front of him. More than anything, he saw that he could talk to her about his abilities.

Jayaram introduced Varun and Keerthana to each other and went to the other table. He asked both of them to talk to each other and check if they are interested to take this alliance further.

Keerthana did not look so happy. Varun sat down. Keerthana looked at him and sarcastically said, “Do you know what they are talking?”

Varun tried to use his abilities to listen to their conversation in his mind. Their parents were actually taking a toll of their net worth together. He could hear Keerthana’s mother say, “Both of them do not have any siblings. Both these business empires will come together to become a big one for them.”

To avoid freaking her out already, he said, “I’m not sure. May be they are worried if we will hit it off well.”

Keerthana said, “They are discussing our balance sheets. They are not worried about our horoscopes or interests. My mother would be talking about merging both the business empires together. I wonder where she heard the phrase ‘Business Empire’ from. She has been bugging people with that phrase for a long time.”

Varun was surprised and wondered if Keerthana too had the ability to sense future and read other people’s minds.

Keerthana said, “In a few minutes, they’ll send a waiter to us to ask us if we want something.”

When his father summoned a waiter for them, Varun felt awesome that he found a girl who could sense the future like him. But, he was not sure why he could not see it in the future.

Varun said, “You are so smart. You are guessing it all right.”

Keerthana, with an air of confidence, said, “I did not guess. I know it. We are so used to these people that we get to know some of these things in advance.”

Varun said, “Can you look at the other couple sitting diagonally to us and tell me what is going to happen next?”

Varun could see that the guy was planning to propose his love to the girl in the next few minutes.

Keerthana said, “That’s plain simple. That guy will express his love to her now.”

As soon as she said that, the guy at the other table got down on his knees and expressed to the girl. The girl accepted happily and was pleasantly surprised.

Keerthana said, “That is so cute. They both have this chemistry.”

Varun took the opportunity and said, “Do you think we might have any such chemistry? Tell me how you feel about this.”

Keerthana said, “This meeting is a surprise for you. But, I have known it for days. I did my research about you and I’m pretty impressed at your track record. You have been one of the most successful businessmen in the recent years. Sometimes, your choices baffled experts. But, you always took the right decision.”

Varun also liked her. He said, “There is a reason for that. In fact, it is a very tricky situation.”

Before he could go further and explain his clairvoyant abilities to her, she said, “Please do not get started on your management jargon. I know you are a successful man and I appreciate you for that. But, please spare from the management gyan. I get it from my father everyday.”

Varun said, “I wanted to say something that has nothing to do with my education, experience, or expertise. It is something supernatural.”

Keerthana started laughing. She said, “I think I like you more now. I always wanted my man to have a good sense of humor. That was a good one.”

Varun did not like the way she reacted to his statement. He said, “Alright. Here is a thing. It might freak you out. I’m serious. I can sense the future and read people’s minds. I liked you after coming here because you were also predicting everything in the last few minutes and everything happened.”

Varun could notice that Keerthana was agitated. She said, “I have just used logic. First, my parents were preparing for this lunch for a long time. Second, the guy at that table was so nervous all the while and he had a rose hidden in his pocket. We both could see it. I did not sense the future. I just used logical inferences to predict the series of events before they unfurled. And, if you are trying to prank me, stop it already. I don’t believe this predictions and premonitions stuff.”

Varun said, “What should I do to make you believe me?”

Keerthana said, “I’ll think of five situations in my mind. As soon as I think about them, you have to tell them exactly…Will you be able to?”‘

Varun nodded in agreement with a feeble smile. He was not nervous as he has honed this skill since childhood.

Keerthana showed her index figure as if to say that she is recollecting the first thing.

Varun said, “On a rainy day at the beach, you had a big fight with your best friend Shalini. You repent about the fight.”

Keerthana showed two fingers to indicate that she is thinking about the second situation.

Varun said, “In the wee hours of the morning, you sneaked into your warden’s room and frightened her as ghosts. You did this twice every week until she quit the job. Your parents also do not know about this.”

Keerthana started showing signs of surprise.

Varun said, “You are recollecting anything. You are foreseeing a future where you would like to establish an old age home for retired people ignored by their children. You want nobody to meet the fate of your Keshav uncle.”

Keerthana was flabbergasted. She got up and rushed out of the restaurant. Her parents followed suit.

When Varun’s parents asked him what happened, he said that he did not know.

Later, Varun sent her a message, “I’m sorry if I freaked you out. I could see my future with you. And, since you understand the importance of logic, I thought you would be the right person to understand my clairvoyant abilities. I always wanted to talk about these to someone close to me. Forgive me. If you do not want to get married to this freak, it is alright.”

Later that night, Varun got a reply from Keerthana. She said, “I’m sorry I stormed out. I was overwhelmed by it all. And, I want to get into a relationship with you. I always fantasized getting married to a man with super powers. So, I thought you were making fun of me when you said that you had super powers. Can we meet again tomorrow? I want to know more about you and your powers.”

Varun felt happy he found someone he could talk to.