Two people started walking towards the beach. Michael made fun of them. Why would they go into the water so fully dressed at this hour of the night? Freaks, he called them.

Michael and Angie sat there watching those people and the waves. They were taken back when they noticed that the two people suddenly disappeared into the beach. They could not believe what happened just now. Can people disappear into water like that? For a moment, they were hesitant to talk to each other about it.

“What happened just now? I’m going crazy,” said Michael.

“Right. Did you see it? I’ve been going nuts. They’ve disappeared. I’m not sure if they vanished into water or into thin air,” said a startled Angie.

As though they had a mutually agreed upon plan, they both got up and started running towards their car. They both got into the car and took some while to digest what they saw just now.

Michael decided it’d be better to drive away from this beach before some ghosts come and haunt them.

Michael dropped Angie at her home on her car and started walking to his house on the other street.

As he crossed the street, he saw four people walking towards one of the houses. Michael felt something was wrong with this. They were walking into a vacant site between two houses. They got into the empty site. He thought that they must be taking some drugs. When Michael reached the place, there was no one.

Michael could not come to terms with happened for the second time on the same day. He immediately ran back to his house.

Michael hardly slept that night. He wanted to get rid of all these thoughts and memories and wanted to start afresh the next day.

The next morning, he overlooked through his window into the vacant site. There was no one there. It appeared as though nobody entered that place for the last few years. The mystery continued to haunt him. He hated beaches and empty places all of a sudden.

Just as he kept thinking about what happened yesterday while looking out the window, an old woman appeared out of the vacant site and waved to him.

Michael got freaked out and fell back on the floor. He could not believe. Within a few minutes, his doorbell rang. It was the same old woman. There was nobody at home. Michael did not know what to say. He, hesitantly, opened the door.

“Hi. I’m Anna. I know that you have been noticing us since yesterday. Please stop looking at us and there is nothing to be frightened of us. We are not ghosts or aliens. We are guardian angels. We keep traveling through these portals. I wouldn’t want you to know more than this. Just forget everything as though it never happened,” Anna, the old woman said.

Michael was dumbstruck. Before leaving, she did some gesture with her hands to Michael. He did not know what it was. Within a few minutes, Michael forgot everything about what happened yesterday and this morning.

When he went to meet Angie, she said, “I’m unable to get out of those thoughts.”

Michael asked, “What thoughts? Is everything alright?”

Angie replied, “The thoughts of what we saw yesterday at the beach. It was so frightening.”

Michael said, “What did we see? It was just the beach. I had a great time with you.”

Angie was bewildered. She thought he was kidding with her and she also acted as if nothing happened. She realized he did not want to talk about it.

Later in the evening, they both decided to go to a rock concert. They had wonderful time together in the rock concert.

On their way back from the rock concert, something happened.

There was a vacant site and they both saw some people disappear into the vacant site.

Michael acted as though it was the first time he saw something like that. Angie was terribly confused.

Suddenly an old woman appeared. She identified herself as Anna. She said, “Hi. I’m Anna. I know that you have been noticing us since yesterday. Please stop looking at us and there is nothing to be frightened of us. We are not ghosts or aliens. We are guardian angels. We keep traveling through these portals. I wouldn’t want you to know more than this. Just forget everything as though it never happened.”

Michael and Angie were dumbstruck. Before leaving, Anna did some gesture with her hands to Michael and Angie. They did not know what it was. Within a few minutes, they both forgot everything about what happened.

After reaching home, Angie tried to fill in her diary and she came across something strange that she wrote yesterday. She immediately called Michael and told him, “I think there is a ghost in my house. Someone’s been writing my diary. I don’t remember seeing anything unusual at the beach. But, here, it is written in my handwriting that we saw some people disappear into the beach.”

Michael was silent. He said, “Something similar happened to me. After dropping you at your house, I called up Shelby. He says that I told him that I saw something disappear into the vacant site opposite to my house and also the beach incident that you said yesterday. I’m not sure how I am not able to recollect it, though.”

Michael saw at least three similar incidents the next day. He did not understand the reason or the topic in its entirety. Angie had two similar incidents the next day.

They both decided it is time to get some counseling and find out if they have been having mere hallucinations.

They zero in on an expert after searching online about similar incidents and experts who deal with such incidents.

They schedule and visit the expert.

“Welcome to our counseling center. You are not mistaken about what you saw. Those are guardian angels. They travel through various means. You just saw some of the uncommon ones. And, why did you people get to see it. Because of frequencies. At some time. there was a frequency match. And, you people are not able to snap out it, “said Anna the counselor.

She continued, “You might be able to see more of these instances from now on. Do not try to talk to anyone who travels or does uncommon things like this. It does not harm if you try to talk to them. But, they are mostly on a mission to save their people. If you try to disturb them, they might lose focus and the help to their people will get delayed. You might not want to be the reason behind delayed help.”

She suggested, “For now, remember that it is not a hallucination. You can get out of this confusion only when your own guardian angel comes to visit and communicates with you. Unlike normal people, you can seek the help of your guardian angel when you think that things have gone beyond your control. Until then, you cannot summon your angels. There has to be a strong need.”

Finally, Anna warned them, “Remember not to share this with anyone. They might soon be able to see these events too and you might end up complicating their lives, too. ”

It all seemed so surreal to Michael and Angie.

After the counseling, it occurred to Michael and Angie that it was the same lady who kept meeting them and tried erasing their memories initially.