“I told you earlier. I repeat it yet, again. I’m not the regular girl. I have no normal life. Stop dreaming about me. Get out of my life. Stop stalking me already. You will not be able to understand me or live with me,” said Keerthana.

Ved did not understand why she was so obstinate. He said, “Don’t tell me that your brother is a don or a politician and he does not believe in love. If that is something that you are frightened of, be assured by the fact that I know martial arts and can fight with anyone to win you over. You are in safe hands.”

Keerthana grinned and said, “Do you watch too many movies? Life isn’t anything like they show in the movies. My life is something that will never be able to understand. So, you better accept the fact that we will never get together and go live your life.”

Ved was insistent. He said, “What is wrong in falling in love with you? I understand the fact that your life may be complicated. I know that we all have our own lives. I’m pretty sure that you have your own set of quirks, troubles, and unique traits. I’m ready to learn more about them and live with you. I want to accept everything that is you – without any reservations.”

Keerthana said, “You are too dramatic. Let us try something. I stay with my uncle who is an advocate. Can you come and meet him first, tomorrow?”

Ved said, “I get it now. You are frightened that your uncle might use the law against me and get me arrested if I fall in love with you. Has this happened before? Trust me, I’m pretty sure he would have never met someone like me. I never give up.”

Keerthana said, “Are you always so melodramatic? I mean, stop assuming things. Life has many more surprises for you.  Meet my uncle tomorrow at 5 in the evening. I will be in the dance class, then. But, it is better if you meet him when I’m not at home. It’ll be easier for all of us that way.”

Ved did not understand why she was hell bent on having the meeting when she is not around.

Ved met her uncle the next evening at her house.

Ved introduced himself and told him about his education and his career. Ved told his uncle that he and Keerthana were colleagues for the last six months and that he wanted to marry Keerthana.

Keerthana’s uncle, Keshavan, listened to him. After some time, he asked Ved, “What is it that you like in Keerthana? Why do you think she is right for you?”

Ved replied, “She is always calm and composed. I have not seen her get angry or irritated even in the most testing situation. I always wanted a girl who never gets angry and that’s how I realized that she is the right fit for me. All my childhood, I spent most of my time with angry people and I hate that environment where there is anger everywhere. I cannot live in a house with angry people. It makes me crazy. So, I was on the lookout for a peaceful girl. And, when I spent more time with Keerthana, I understood the fact that she is the right one for me.”

Keshavan asked him another question, “Do you know everything about Keerthana? I mean, I doubt if you took an informed decision.”

Ved replied, “Yes. I know everything about her. I know that she lost her parents in her childhood and that you are her guardian. She is a gold medalist in her college. I have more information about her that I found out on the Internet.”

Keshavan said, “The Internet often shows information that we want the world to see. It is known to the world that her parents died in her childhood. Do you know how they died?”

Ved said, “I’m not sure. I thought it must have been an accident.”

Keshavan said, “Stop making assumptions. Here is the deal. She killed her father. Her mother, later, died of depression.”

Ved was surprised at this revelation. Regaining his senses, he said, “Her father must have been abusive. Trust me. It is better to do something so drastic than live a torturous life.”

Keshavan continued, “That’s just the icing on the cake. That murder is a very complicated case. Keerthana had been a complicated person since childhood. It is her condition that saved her from being put in jail. Do you know anything about her condition?”

Ved nodded in the negative indicating he had no clue.

Keshavan said, “She suffers from dissociate identity disorder. People used to call it multiple identity disorder earlier. She has twin personalities. The person that you see at work everyday is the calm and composed one. The other person in her is a violent and angry person. She switches between these two personalities very often.”

Ved grinned and said, “I get it. You are trying to come up with ways to discourage me. Trust me. I’m not sure if what you said is true. I’m not going to believe your stories. If she had some disorder like this, it would have been obvious at work. Hoe come she is always calm and composed. You are making up stories. I like it. This is a very innovative story.”

Keshavan said, “I know it is difficult to believe this. People laugh it off when I say something like this. Let us watch some TV. That should help you in learning more about her.”

Ved wondered how watching TV is going to prove anything to anyone.

It was a modern, high technology, television set.

Instead of showing regular entertainment or news channels, Keshavan connected the TV to wifi to access some folders on his hard drive. He opened a folder of videos named after Keerthana. They are neatly organized according to the date and time. Ved wondered why they had so many videos of Keerthana in his hard drive.

Keshavan clicked on a video and it started playing.

In the video, an angry Keerthana was shouting at someone.

Keerthana said, “Get the hell out of my life. I do not know who you are. Send me to my place. I have to take care of my grandchildren. They lost their parents. You should not stop an old man from meeting his grandchildren.”

Ved was alarmed to see it. Keerthana’s body language was completely violent. As the video progressed, she started throwing things around in the house and breaking them. Ved could not grasp anything from the video.

Keshavan paused the video and said, “As you see in this video, this is her other side. She thinks that she is an old man who is captured by some militants. When she gets into that mode, she thinks everyone is militant who kidnapped her. Almost every night, she goes through this phase. As far as your question is concerned, we use regular hypnotherapy to make sure that the other personality does not become active during work hours. We had to start this when she reached college. They were numerous complaints. So, we sought the help of hynotherapist to make things easier for her and all of us. Now, look at the possibilities in your life. You never wanted an angry woman. In her case, if you marry her, you get an angry man as your spouse. Do you really want to consider this relationship with her seriously?”

Ved asked, “She must be haunted. Did you seek the help of an exorcist to get rid of the devil inside her?”

Keshavan browsed through the videos and shared another video. In the video, an exorcist tried to help her. But, she almost killed the exorcist. Different exorcists from different religions tried to help them, in vain. Keshavan showed Ved all the videos.

Keshavan said, “You are a smart boy. You have a bright future. Keerthana would not mind if you want to get away from this mess. She will act as if nothing ever happened and that you never proposed to her to marry.”

Ved did not utter a single word. He left Keerthana’s house in a hurry.

For the next one week, Ved did not report to work. He spent his time reading more about her disorder and checking if there is anything he could do. As he learned more about her disorder, it only overwhelmed him without coming up with any solution. Keshavan already met with all the psychiatrists in the city. So, there is nothing more that Ved could do with regard to getting her medical help.

After one week, Ved met Keerthana and said, “I want us to give it a try – our relationship. I have a plan. Can we both go on a vaction for a week or two?”

Keerthana said, “Are you crazy? I have never been out of my house for so many years. My uncle thinks that it is too dangerous for me.”

Ved convinced her somehow for the vacation.

Ved and Keerthana went on a vacation to a hill station. Keshavan was worried about both of them. After two days, Keshavan got a call saying that Keerthana stabbed Ved and almost killed him.

Keshavan immediately rushed to the hospital in the hill station the next day. He asked Ved if it was worth it to continue this relationship.

Ved said, “I want to try more.”