All the kids formed a happy group and started praying to God. In front of them, on the dias, statues of gods of all religions were placed. The prayer focused only on God – a God of all religions. The head of the orphanage is an old man who believed in allowing kids to pray to all Gods and respect all religions. He did not have reservations against any religion. This old man, George, lost his parents at a very young age and did not have anyone to take care of him. After struggling for so many years, he accumulated some wealth and established this orphanage with the money he earned. Later, he gave up his job to take care of the orphanage completely.

George felt the need to have someone who could take care of the orphanage and the kids after his death. As he never got married, he had no family or sons to pass on the orphanage and its responsibilities as inheritance. In the last ten years, he interacted with many people trying to find the right person. One day, he came across Shankar, a junior lawyer, who was ambitious and knew the importance of serving the society.

George told Shankar that he would want him to take care of the orphanage in the future.

On this day, there was something else that bothered George when the kids were innocently doing their prayers. For George, each and every kid was an angel and he treated them with compassion. He felt sad on this day during the prayers because he felt that these kids would not have any shelter if the plans of some corporate scions become successful.

Two weeks ago, a real estate broker came to meet George. The broker told George that there is a party that was interested in buying this place. George tried negotiating the rate for the place as it was located in the heart of the city and it would fetch millions if someone else sold it. George was not greedy. He just wanted money to build another orphanage in some other part of the city and some buffer money to take care of the kids for the next few years. The negotiations were not successful. The other party was not willing to pay as much as George wanted. George thought that the deal ended there and the orphanage would not be disturbed.

Instead, the other party decided to resort to illegal means.

Two days after the meeting with the broker, a gang of hooligans came to the orphanage and ransacked the administration office of the orphanage. They warned George that he needs to vacate the place within a month. They have given an unofficial one-month notice. They told that they would come and kill all the children if the place is not vacated even after one month.

The next day, another group of angrier and hostile people and came threatened George again. The head of this group, Kaanji, said something that did not make sense to George. He said, “You think you can stop the party from grabbing this land. You can harm the people who came here yesterday because they were local goons. But, you cannot mess with us as we are highly skilled professionals and we are from another state famous for these acts of land grabbing.

Two days later, George was taken aback by what he saw in the obituaries column of the newspaper. Kaanji, the goon who threatened him a couple of days ago, died in a bad road accident. George read the report further and learnt that his entire group died in a bad accident as their vans fell from the hill side road.

As George expected, this did not work in favor of George either. The main person of the other party, Madhav, came to the orphanage and introduced himself to George. Madhav owned at least fifteen large corporations and was one of the most successful businessmen in the country. He wanted this piece of land to build a commercial complex in his name.

Madhav said, “I don’t know how you did it. But, you killed some of my people. I’m not sure if I can blame you for that. Now, you cannot go with your actions of killing all the people who come to threaten you. I am seeking the help of authorities to grab this piece of land.”

Madhav showed some documents to George.

Madhav continued, “According to these documents, this place does not belong to you. So, it is imperative that you vacate this place at the earliest. Else, authorities will take the necessary course of action.”

It has been three days since George met Madhav. So, George was frightened that Madhav would do something harmful to the orphanage and the kids.

Finally, George decided to seek Shankar’s help.

George called up Shankar on his phone and told the entire episode to Shankar.

Shankar said, “Thank God, you decided to tell this to me at least now. I will file a PIL case against this party and stop them from harming the property or its residents – our angels.”

George always liked the fact that Shankar referred to them as angels and not mere kids.

Shankar said, “The next two days are public holidays. It’ll be great if we can wait till Thursday. I will file a PIL and get court documents so that no cops can harm or threaten you to vacate this place.”

George told him that they did not have that much time. According to Madhav’s threats, the cops should reach the place the next day.

Shankar said that he would do something.

Shankar came to the orphanage that evening and had a discussion with George. They explored various ideas to stop Madhav and the authorities to harm the place and the angels.

By the end of the night, they felt that they could not do anything.

George said, “I feel so sorry for the kids. This seems to be our last day in this place. I built this place as it was my dream. It helped so many people and it always blossomed with the laughter of little kids. I cannot imagine the plight of the kids from tomorrow. I don’t have that much money to provide an alternative place for them.”

Shankar said, “Please do not worry, George. I already requested my friend. He works in this college. Until we figure out an alternative place, we can stay in the college hostel  as it is summer and there are no kids in the newly constructed block of the hostel. My friend requested the college Principal and explained him our situation. But, let’s think about this when we have to move out of this place. I will do my best to stop the cops from sending us out. First, I will pray to God to save this place.”

The kids usually pray only once in the morning. That night, George asked all the kids to assemble in the prayer hall.

George asked the kids to pray along with him. As a part of the prayer, George said, “Let us all thank God for giving us this wonderful place.”

The next day, Madhav went to the police station and met the cops. Madhav and the cops started and went to a luxurious hotel to plan their strategy for the day. According to their plan, the cops would ask George to vacate the place. As expected, George would not budge. So, with the help of the municipal officer, they would get a bull dozer ready to run over the place and bring it down.

As they were discussing about their plan for the day, the place started shaking. They heard some loud sounds and people crying for help. They realized that there was an fire accident in the hotel. Madhav was overwhelmed at this. The hotel started collapsing. While everyone else including the cops and the municipal officer died on the spot, Madhav was badly hurt and he was completely paralyzed.

Shankar and George waited the whole day and nothing happened. Nothing happened and no one came to confiscate the place even the next day.

Shankar filed a PIL against anyone trying to trouble this place and he got approval from the court of law. Shankar came to know about the fire accident in the hotel later and about all the people involved. Shankar and George realized that the prayers of the angels have been answered. George said, “God has come forward, as always, in the form of mother nature and saved the kids and this place.”

Meanwhile, Madhav’s son took the reins of all his companies and it did not work in the favor of Madhav as he was always neglected by his son. Madhav could not speak or express his disgust at the way he was treated.

George lived for some more years and passed on the orphanage and its responsibilities as a legacy to Shankar.