Ved is very popular, socially. When he says socially, he means to say that he is popular on the social networks. Ved does not have many friends whatsoever in real life. After finishing his engineering, he chose to work in a distance location as he did not want to search for jobs along with his classmates. He fought with most of them. He is known for his straight-forward, blunt approach, and blatant display of disgust for most situations. He never hesitated to praise anyone or taunt them immediately depending on the situation. This cost him many friends in real life. Yet, he turned out to be very successful on social networks because of this. He had way too many followers on the social networks because of his opinions.

Things changed for the better during the election season. He walked the extra mile sharing his insights about a particular party and the candidate contesting for the position of the prime minister. He was so vocal about his views that after some time, the party office started following and re-sharing his views on various social networks. Slowly and steadily, he became an active participant in the election campaign of that party and the candidate. Fortunately, the party won by a large margin and his favorite candidate became the Prime Minister of the country.

Even though the elections came to an end and the party cadre also remained silent on social networks, Ved made it a point to continue his propaganda about the Prime Minister as he believed in his virtues, abilities, and leadership. He gained some friends and lost many in this journey. Ved made it a point to highlight the mistakes of the earlier administration and compare the previous leaders with the current leader almost everyday. This irked many of his best friends and they decided to part ways with him.

One day, Ved came across something interesting on one of the micro-blogging sites. He posted a statement earlier in the morning saluting the Prime Minister for his recent development plan. To this statement, someone responded sarcastically. And, it was a woman who said that Ved is being too loyal for no obvious reason. Ved got used to so much of criticism in the last few months. So, he decided to ignore this response as well. But, he noticed that her response garnered a lot of attention and many people started re-sharing her views about Ved. After a few hours, it appeared as though there were many people who hated Ved and hoped he stopped his adulation and unnecessary propaganda on the social sites.

The situation did not get any better the next day. In fact, it deteriorated further and people started developing memes on Ved and his political affiliation. Some went to the extent of blaming Ved for receiving money from the political party. Ved could not take it anymore. He decided to fight it out. He tracked back to the first response. He decided to learn more about this person called Meera Raghunathan who is hell bent on killing his reputation.

After searching for a few hours, he found some pertinent data about her. He noticed that she did not have any knowledge about politics in general and her analysis was very short-sighted. She posted the statement earlier just for the sake of fun and she said it in her own words to one of her friends on the other social network. Ved took a picture of this and shared it on all social media networks saying that she is an irresponsible citizen aimed at disturbing the progress of the nation. He tracked her history and campaigned against her completely.

Meera Raghunathan had no clue of the damage her statement did to Ved and his reputation on the Internet. She never intended to do anything to harm his reputation. She had no clue that he was a successful social networking expert. She had an opinion when she came across Ved’s initial statement and decided to reply to it. She never expected it to boomerang to a great extent. Now, she did not like the fact that Ved is bringing her name to the focus and criticizing her lack of knowledge and awareness of the country’s and international politics.

Meera became further infuriated when Ved commented saying that she was narrow-minded. She decided to deal with him directly now and did not want to take this forward. Her friends suggested that she should also start lambasting him in public. But, she wanted to talk to him and put an end to this dirty ordeal.

Finally, after three days of her sensational statement, she posted another statement daring Ved to talk to her directly, in person, if he had the guts. She challenged him to get in touch with her and convince her of his beliefs and his approach.

It hardly took a couple of hours for Ved to get her contact details. He, too, decided to put an end to this. He planned to meet her in person and prove his knowledge to her.

Ved called her on her mobile phone and said, “Hi. Can I talk to Ms.Meera Raghunathan?”

Meera responded, “Sure. And you are…?”

Ved said, “I’m Vedant Visawanathan. People call me Ved on the Internet. You asked me to contact you directly. So, let me know where and when we can meet.”

Meera did not expect him to call so soon. She was caught off-guard and had no plan about meeting him so soon. She said, “Let us meet this evening at 5. Coffee Shop. M.G.Road.”

They both agreed to meet at the scheduled time.

Ved reached the place earlier and got his laptop bag with him. He had print outs of all the damage that has been done to his reputation after her statement. He also got his laptop and kept his analysis worksheets open. He did a lot of analysis and number crunching before the elections and most of his predictions came true. He wanted to show off his knowledge, analysis, and get her to shut her mouth.

Meera reached the place after a few minutes. She was beautiful. She looked better outside than in her pictures. And, she chose to put only a few photographs on the social media networks. Though he was determined to fight with her, he could not stop himself from liking her and appreciating her beauty in his mind. He fell for her grace.

Meera greeted him. Even before he could speak anything, she said, “I’m extremely sorry for anything that happened after my statement. I’m sorry for all the trouble. Please let me know how we can sort this out. I did ask you to get in touch with me to fight with you. I don’t believe in violence in any form. So, please tell me how I can correct the situation. I know I have done some bad things with just one statement. Please give me an opportunity to correct my mistake.”

Ved could not believe his ears. All his preparation seemed to be waste as he did not expect her to act like this. He was thoroughly impressed. But, he wanted to take and stand and say everything he wanted to say. Taking out the papers from his bag, he said, “Look at this information. Go through this analysis. I do not post statements with so much home work and preparation. And, you cannot just post a statement killing all my efforts.”

He explained her his logic for supporting his Prime Minister even after the elections.

Meera was alright with all the information overload until Ved said something that she did not like. Ved said, “We base our statements on research. And, you post something just for the sake of fun and ruin the social sentiment. How can you be so lazy as to not do your research or apply your brain before commenting on any post?”

Meera stopped smiling. Ved noticed that she got angry. She said, “Alright. How can you assume someone has no knowledge. Show me those print outs. Let me point out to some facts.”

She presented him with so many anomalies within his own research. She continued, “Though your analysis and research were skewed to some extent, I had no issue with it until some point because it was all logical to a great extent. But, somewhere down the line, you lost the spirit and became too biased in favor of the current Prime Minister. Here are the facts supporting that.”

Ved was surprised to know that she has been tracking all his statements for the last two years. And, he noticed that her research was more comprehensive than his. He appreciated the fact that she did not post all this on the Internet after his vengeance posts.

Ved said, “I think it is time for me to say sorry. I’m sorry. Thanks for pointing these things out. Can I ask you something?”

Meera nodded in the affirmative.

Ved said, “Can we be friends? Our insights and discussions will be very productive, I assume.”

Meera smiled and said, “I can’t be friends with someone and talk only about politics every hour of the day. There are so many things in life. And, going by your online profile, you need to get a life.”

Ved said, “Alright. I agree. Can you help me get a life?’

Meera smiled. They both knew that a new story is about to begin.