“Will you be there?” asked Adam.

Emma was unsure about the reply. She wanted to tell him that she would be gone. But, she did not want to ruin the last few minutes before his final match in the deciding tournament.

Emma replied, “I’ll be there. You ace the game and come here.”

She decided to leave a note at the place. She thought he would read it an understand.

I have decided to move on. I cannot take this any more. We started out as friends. We spent some of the best moments together. But, things have changed now. I need something more. You are always lost in your sports, ambitions, and future. I am looking for someone who will live with me in this moment and have fun with me. I think it is just an ideological difference between us. Both of us tried to change. But, nothing helped at all. You are always worried about the future. I am too lost in enjoying this moment. We fought over this many times. If I try to talk this out with you, I’m pretty sure you will come up with reasons and try to convince me. However, the last few weeks have been too tiring for me. I did not get to enjoy even a bit. Your tournament has taken its toll on me. The fight we had last night made me realize how different we both are. Do not try to get in touch me. I will delete your numbers and remove you from my friends list on all social networking sites. If you really want me to be happy, stay away from me.

Adam and his team won the tournament. He immediately ran to the place where they were supposed to meet after the match. He was greeted only by a letter. He read the contents and sobbed inconsolably. Without uttering another word or talking to his team mates, he left the city immediately and rushed to his home town.

Adam’s father read the letter and said, “I’m sorry. I should not have instilled too much of ambition in your mind since childhood. I never thought that it would come in the way of your love. If there is anything I can do, tell me. Do you want me to talk to Emma?”

Adam replied, “Why do you take the blame? I’m a successful athlete today because of you and the raging ambition within me. And, God, please do not try to get in touch with her. After thinking about it and after recollecting our fight last night, I too realized that we are indeed two different species. She never bothered about future. I’m a control freak. She is too wayward for me. It might take some time. But, I’ll move on. I always thought that she is the one for me. I didn’t get it right this time. Let’s hope for the best.”

Adam tried to put a brave face in front of his father. However, his father knew everything about him.

Adam became a successful athlete and won many tournaments and awards in the five years after this breakup. He could never date another girl without the fear that she would leave him one day. He found it difficult to get into a relationship.

Suddenly, one day, Adam gets to know that his father is suffering from cancer. Adam did not have anyone in his life since childhood. He could not come to terms with the fact that his father has cancer and he would not live for more than three months.

Adam went to his father’s room in the hospital. His father said, “I’m sorry I did not get you prepared for this. Though we had everything planned for the future, this comes as a shock. I spent my whole life taking care of my health and avoid any kind of abuse. Despite all the care and control, I ended up with cancer. I’m not sure if too much of worrying and planning for the future would really help.”

Adam thought about it and his fathers’ words really hit him hard. All his life was based on the tenets of planning for the future and giving our best in everything at this moment. He could not believe his father repenting about having not enjoyed his life at all.

Adam’s father passed away after a couple of months after the initial diagnosis. Adam felt extremely lonely and miserable. He did not have any to talk to. He badly needed a few consoling words. But, he did not have anyone he loved near him. He spent weeks in a morose state. Then, he recollected his father’s words and decided to break free from this depression. He realized that he needed to enjoy life while it lasted. He did not want to worry about anything anymore. He gave up sports completely and started spending all the money he and his father earned to have complete fun. He did not want to worry about tomorrow.

Adam got a call from Emma.

Emma said, “Adam, I want to meet you. I badly need someone to talk to. Can we meet?”

It’s only after he met her, he came to know that her mother also died of cancer recently.

Emma said, “I’m so sorry for what I did five years ago. My mother’s death changed my perception about life. My mother and I never took seriously. We did not bother much about future. So, I just took some small time jobs, traveled, and enjoyed life as much as I could. Then, I came to know that my mother had cancer. Doctors told us that the cancer is in the initial stages and can be cured through surgery. As fate would have it, we could not afford the surgery. So, I lost her because I did not save any money in the last few years. After her death, I thought over all this and realized that it was my mistake to take life and future for granted. I understood that I need to be more focused about the future and do something from now. I could think of only you all this while. I want to be like you. I want to be with you. Will you forgive me and take me back?”

Adam was clueless. He was in a dilemma. He explained her his situation and his change in thought process.

He said, “I’m not sure if the timing is right. We have always been at crossroads. When you wanted to enjoy life, I was a control freak. Now, when I want to be a free bird, you come and tell me that you want to be more serious in life and start planning about our future. I wonder if we are so star-struck. Why can’t it be only about love between us? I always loved you and will continue to love you. But, at this juncture, with our contrasting ideologies, I’m not sure how to take it forward.”

He told her that he wanted to enjoy life and he is confused at the change in her ideals.

Emma listened patiently. She said, “It does not matter to me, now. I will be with you even if you want to enjoy your life. I will plan our future. I will take responsibility. I can’t afford to lose you again. I need love and I know that I can get it only from you. So, please let me back into your life.”

Adam smiled and hugged her.