Whenever it rains, it reminds him of the times they happily spent time with each other. She always believed that people who love each other quarrel or fight more often and that these little quarrels add to life. But, little did she know that one such petty quarrel would trouble their relationship prospects to a great extent.

Ved met Harini one year ago. Though, he would not call it love at first sight, he was pretty impressed by her presentation skills and decided to befriend her immediately. During a technical conference, they met each other. She presented on a common topic and he was quite impressed by her extensive research efforts and her new perspective on a commonly misunderstood topic. He used the topic of the presentation as an ice-breaker and started a conversation with her after the presentation.

After the presentation, Ved told her that he had some questions on the topic of her presentation. She said she had only a few minutes to talk to him as she wanted to attend some other presentation by a senior industry executive. But, as they started talking, they found so much common, yet so much variation in their thought processes, that they kept talking for the next two hours. Both of them found a spark – not just about the topic, but about each other in all possible ways. They decided to meet that evening at the coffee shop to talk more about all the topics that they ever wanted to talk.

Ved never expected the boring, one week technology conference to turn out to be so interesting. According to him, she brought some colors to his boring white canvas of life.

Harini was expecting some fanfare after her presentation. After all, she spent at least three months for the presentation. She got more than what she wanted. She came across someone who appreciated her work and understood the depth of her insights. According to her, he added music to her otherwise mundane and silent life.

On the third day of the conference, they skipped all the afternoon sessions, because they needed to spend time with each other. It was a rather unplanned activity for them. Without informing anyone from their teams, they both took off to some sight-seeing in the exquisite city. Earlier, Ved was not so interested in sight-seeing because he did not have company that would make the sight-seeing activity more interesting. Now, this company proved to be more than attractive. Harini wanted to learn as much as she can in the conference sessions. Initially, she hardly talked to anyone and attended all the presentation sessions on the first day. However, by the end of the first day, her interest in the sessions started dwindling as many of the presentation turned out to be too amateurish and she could not benefit much from them. None of the senior folks gave any presentations. Under such circumstances, any friendship would have made it easier for her to spend the remaining time of the conference. She was excited to have Ved’s company to break free from the monotonous presentations that did not add any value.

“It was an awesome evening. I’m glad you agreed to come with me. I would have killed myself if I had to attend any more of those sessions. I have been attending these for the last five years and they keep getting boring and exhausting,” said Ved.

“I, too, had a great time. It was a pleasant experience. For a few hours, it was nice to break free from the technology, work, and peer networking activities. I feel so rejuvenated. And, don’t get me started about these sessions. This is the first time I attended these sessions. I liked it initially, but some of the sessions were really dumb and made no sense. I wonder how the organizers agreed to include them,” said Harini.

Ved thought it would be better to divert the topic as it seemed to harbor around some sensitive areas. He did not want her to know that he was part of the selection committee for the presentation sessions. He, along with his team, did his best to come up with the best of all the mediocre participation requests they have received.

The fourth day of the conference, they decided to spend some together away from the sessions. But, Ved told her that he had to be within the vicinity of the sessions. He said his boss might need his help any moment on the last two days.

So, they decided to sit outside at the lounge and while away their time talking about things that they wanted to talk. To them, time seemed to pass by so fast. They could not think of anything else. They could not do anything else. When they were hungry, they bought some food to the table at the lounge and continued spending time together till the evening.

Ved always believed that it is true love if two people failed to notice the passage of time when they were together. He never felt this way with any girl for a long time. He wanted to spend the rest of his life talking to her and sitting with her. He just wanted this conference to continue for at least a few decades and they get paid just for attending it. That way, they both could sit and talk together the whole day and he would dream about her in the evenings and spend sleepless nights. He enjoyed these bouts of insomnia better than the desolate ones he had earlier.

On the fifth day of the conference, Ved was thinking about his session in the afternoon. Though he wanted Harini to attend it, he did not want her to know that he was one of the organizers. She has been too critical all this while about the sessions in general. So, he told her to go to her room during his presentation and take some rest before the evening activities.

Meanwhile, Harini was getting worried they have been too friendly all this while and did not fight at least once. She wanted him in her life, every day from now on. But according to her theories and philosophies, that would not be possible until they had a big fight and reunited. But, she could not think of fighting whenever she was with him. It was a mesmerizing experience listening to him and spending time with him. She prayed to God to give her some reason to fight with him.

A few minutes before his presentation, Ved asked Harini to go to her room and get ready for the evening closing session party. She agreed and decided to go to her room. He left to the backstage to prepare for his session.

Just as she was about to go to her room, one of friends called her and asked her to come immediately to one of the sessions. Her friend told her that this is a very important session from the main organizer of the event.

She was in utter dismay when she saw that Ved was the presenter of the session. But, a smile appeared on her face immediately. She thanked God for finally giving her a reason to fight with him. Ved noticed her in the session after a few minutes. Though he was confidently proceeding with his presentation, he had some fear in his mind. He was not sure how she would react after knowing that he is indeed the main organizer of the event.

When he saw her smiling, some of his fears vanished. He was glad she took things in the right perspective. Little did he know that the smile indicated something else.

After the session and interaction with others, Ved rushed to the lounge to catch up with Harini and apologize to her.

Harini’s smiling was missing. Instead, Ved was greeted by her knitted eyebrows.

“Why did you do this? You wanted me to hear all the bad things about the way you organized? What were you trying to do?” asked Harini.

“Listen, please. I did not take your inputs personally. I, too, felt the same way. I’m extremely sorry I did not tell you earlier,” said Ved.

“You are a liar. I hate liars. Why did you befriend me? You think you are a great person and you can befriend any girl in the conference, just because you are the organizer. You are mistaken about me. I don’t give a damn if you are the best in the industry. You lack integrity. I cannot talk to someone like you. I’m terribly disappointed, ” said Harini.

She did not give him a chance to speak. She left the place immediately.

Harini did not attend the closing session party. Ved felt sad and gloomy. He missed her friendship and the wonderful time they spent together. The conference came to an end and all the participants reached for their cities.

Though Ved knew that Harini was also from Bangalore, he did not try to reach out to her. The next two weeks were too painful for Ved. Harini thought that he would fight with her and patch up with her. She was waiting to hear from him. But, he did not try to get in touch with her.

After one month, Harini called him up and asked him to come to a coffee shop near his workplace. She started fighting, “Why didn’t you call me?”

Ved replied, “I cannot fight. I can only love. You said I lacked integrity and that you did not want to spend time with me. I cannot trouble you with my company when you hated me so much for a small mistake of mine. I thought I did not deserve you. So, I did not try to reach you.”

Harini was overwhelmed. She said, “I don’t think quarrels can help this relationship. Quarrels work only when both of the people in a relationship are ready to fight. You are right. You cannot fight.”

Harini realized her mistake and decided never to fight with him.

They never fought after that. Ved and Harini got married after six months. Two months after their wedding ceremony, they began quarreling and loving each other more. Harini was glad that her theory applied to marriage.