Rajeev drove faster than the allowed speed limit and flouted all possible traffic rules. He wanted to reach the Railway Station before the train left at any cost. While maneuvering through one of the busy junctions, he accidentally hit a cab in front of him. There must be no fatalities or injuries, he thought. He did not want to wait and talk to the people who were in the cab. He did not even noticed that the people in the cab were also headed to the same destination and they were as eager as him.

Varadarajan and his son were heading to the Railway Station. Varadarajan got delayed because he went to meet his friend and ask for some money. His son worked hard for this business management entrance exam. But, being a cab driver, he could earn only so much. His daughter’s wedding in the previous month only added to the financial turbulence in his life. He requested one of his colleagues, Shiva, to drop him off at the Railway Station. After getting money from his friend, Varadarajan had the budget clearly distributed for the next two days. They would not rent a room or stay in a hotel in Bangalore when they reach. They would spend the night in the Railway Station and the next morning in the bus station, he thought and convinced his son. He wanted his son to appear in this exam at any cost and somehow get into a world class business school without much fees. Like any other father, Varadarajan wanted his son to do better in life than him and earn more money. He did not want his son to go through the same difficulties that he has gone through.

When Rajeev’s car hit the cab in which Varadarajan and his son were travelling, Varadarajan was afraid they will miss the train. Varadarajan did not want to use the money he kept for food and travel in Bangalore before and after the exam. So, he had to wait until Shiva made sure the car was fine and they could drive. As he was also a driver, he knew for sure that they would miss the train. He did not have more money to hire another cab or book another train ticket. He hated himself for not saving much for his son’s education. He prayed to God to help him. After about thirty minutes, the car started again and they rushed to the Railway Station.

Meanwhile, Rajeev reached just ten minutes before the train left. He ran to Mamatha’s compartment. He pleaded God to give him one last chance to talk to her and convince her that it was not his mistake and she totally misunderstood him.

Mamatha did not want to see him again. She sent a message saying that she wants to break up with him this morning and left for her city. She did not want to live in the same city as Rajeev.

Rajeev got into the compartment and went to Mamatha. He said, “Thank God, I could reach in time.”

Mamatha ignored him and went on with her activity of reading her book. Rajeev snatched the book from her hands and said, “Mamatha. Please listen to me. I know you are angry. But, you have to trust me this time. I’m pretty serious. I did not cheat on you. Please do not believe those images. Someone is desperately trying to play fool with both of us. Or, someone is seeking vengeance. Please understand. Have a look at those images once again.”

Rajeev took his mobile phone out and showed her those pics. He said, “Look at these pictures. I am so asleep in all the pictures. Someone took photos of me with that girl when I was fully asleep. Please trust me.”

Mamatha did not say a single word.

Rajeev started getting furious. Though he wanted to control his anger, he could not. With a great amount of force, he hit his fist to the glass window in the AC compartment. There was a small crack on the glass and a few drops of blood started trickling down his hand. Rajeev was confused why Mamatha did not respond to even this.

Mamatha said, “You are being too desperate. I’m tired of everything about us. I’m not able to see my future with you. And, I will not tie any cloth to your wrist because my heart is broken. It has nothing to do with the girl in those images. It’s about your attitude. I told you to be a bit more responsible in your life. But, you choose to drink more and party more. Even I like to party and have fun. But, you have crossed all the borders of sanity. You party like a beast. You are not worried about other people. You do not understand the importance of life. When did you last help someone? I’m asking you. I know that you are a successful marketing wizard and one of the richest people in town. But, you failed as a human being. Do one good deed or help someone in need. Now, please get out of my sight. I’m tired of you.”

Rajeev felt insulted and walked out. He wanted her badly back in his life. He missed her so much. The train left after some time. He hated his life. He asked God for one chance to prove that he has changed and is a completely different man now. Tears started tricking down his cheeks at the thought of his life without Mamatha.

On the other end of the platform, Varadarajan and his son, Srinivasan ran into the platform only to see the train leaving. They could not climb even if they ran. Tears started rolling down Srinivasan’s cheeks. He knew that he will not be able to reach Bangalore in time to appear for the exam. Varadarajan also felt extremely dejected. He could not stand there seeing his son’s dreams shattered. He could do nothing either. He could not control his tears.

When Varadarajan turned around to buy a water bottle for Srinivasan, he did not notice his son leaving the platform and running towards the tracks. Within a matter of minute, it was evident for Varadarajan that his son was planning to commit suicide.

Srinivasan ran faster. He prayed to God to send a train immediately and kill him. More than anything, he did not want to be a burden to his father. He did not even want to end up as a cab driver. But, given the situations, he knew that he could never become anything other than a cab driver. He felt it would be better to end his life.

Varadarajan could not run as fast as Srinivasan. He shouted, “Srini…stop…stop…Srini…please…Don’t be foolish…we’ll go to Bangalore somehow.”

Rajeev heard these words and saw a young man running towards the tracks.

A train started approaching from the other direction and it was coming very fast. Srinivasan thanked God for listening to his final wish.

Varadarajan’s heart skipped a beat. He wanted to do anything to stop his son. He shouted, “Someone, please stop my son. Someone, please save him.”

Varadarajan started crying and shouting loudly.

Without thinking for a moment, Rajeev leaped forward and pulled Srinivasan out from the tracks. The train sped through and left the station after a minute or two. Varadarajan felt glad that his son was safe.

Varadarajan came forward and thanked Rajeev. He told him their story.

Rajeev said, “You must be foolish to kill your life. Be a brave man and face the odds.”

Srinivasan looked angrily at him and said, “You are a rich man. You can say anything you want because you have the money. Our lives are full of struggles. You will never understand. And, you feel so proud by giving me a lecture. But, people like you will never help us. You are selfish pricks and you just want the money to be in your hands.”

Rajeev was taken aback. He was insulted for the second time in a very short span. He felt dejected and wanted to prove himself. He stepped back and let Varadarajan take care of his son.

Rajeev made a quick call to someone. He went to the platform and got a water bottle for Varadarajan and Srinivasan.

After some time, Rajeev said, “I want to help you. Will you come with me? I will take you to Bangalore.”

Varadarajan said, “I’ll think of alternatives sir. It’s alright. Please ignore his words.”

Rajeev said, “I just want to help him and it has nothing to do with what he told me. Actually, I have to admit something. You told me about the accident on the road. I was the one who did it. So, please give me a chance to purge my sin.”

Varadarajan and Srinivasan expected him to take them to the airport and book a flight for them. Srinivasan was excited. Instead, Rajeev took them to a building in the center of the city. They both did not understand.

Without speaking any word, he took them to the last floor of the posh skyscraper. There were aghast to see a chopper waiting for them.  He told them that it was his personal chopper. They reached Bangalore in an hour.

Rajeev made arrangements for their stay and travel to the exam. Varadarajan was happy his son could take the exam. After the exam, someone came to Varadarajan and asked about Rajeev. Varadarajan narrated the whole story to this stranger. He did not know that this stranger was a journalist.

Within a few minutes, news started flashing that the business giant Rajeev has helped a poor student by flying in his own chopper. Mamatha saw the news.

She sent a text message to Rajeev saying, “Can we be friends again? You did a nice thing by flying that kid to Bangalore. When can you meet me?”

Rajeev replied, “I’m waiting outside your house in a cab. Please come down.”