“I can’t take this any more. I’ve had enough of this,” said Apoorva.

“What happened now? What did he do this time?” asked Shravani.

“He kept me waiting for forty five minutes at the restaurant today. And, he did not feel the need to apologize. I waited for him to say sorry. He never said sorry. He did not order my favorite dish, either. He was completely lost in his world. He did not listen to anything that I was saying. I caught him lost in thought a couple of times. He was not at all happy with me. It felt as if he lost interest in me,” explained Apoorva.

Shravani tried to comfort her by saying, “I know. It can be really troubling some times if people do not listen to us while we are talking. Men do it so often.”

After talking for a few minutes, they disconnected the call and Apoorva decided to break up with Kailash the next day.

Shravani called up Kailash and said, “Is everything alright? I heard that you were dull and inattentive during the dinner. I thought everything was fine. Why don’t you tell me if there is anything. You can always share your feelings with me.”

Kailash answered Shravani, “There is nothing like that. I was just worried about my car. It broke down and I had to wait for the repairman for nearly thirty minutes. When I reached late, Apoorva did not give me a chance to explain why I was late. She did not even want to listen to my ordeal. I was really disturbed and angry on her. I’m glad I never loved her. I’m sure no one can ever love her. Help me. I cannot act anymore. I hate spending time with that dumb woman.”

Shravani warned him, “You cannot do this at this juncture. We need to take this to the next level. We cannot take a risk now. Please bear with her for some more time. Propose to her. Get her parents’ approval. Then, we can implement our plan. Until then, just go with the flow. And, she wants to break up with you tomorrow. She is very angry. Do something about it immediately.”

“I need to make it up to her now. I need to ensure she is delighted. Give me some time. I will do something about her. You will get a call from her tomorrow saying that she can never break up with me,” said a confident Kailash.

Shravani got a call from Apoorva the next day who said, “Hey Shravani. Guess what? I’m so happy today. Kailash did such an amazing thing today. It is his birthday. And, I did not know about it. But, he wanted to spend time with me. So, he took me away early in the morning to this picnic spot and we are having such a great time here. It is awesome. He apologized about yesterday. He did not say sorry yesterday because he wanted to make me angry and then make me happy. He understands me so much. I’m so elated. ”

Apoorva continued, “I think I am in love with him. I’ll wait for his proposal. I’ll get married to him and quit the job in our company. I’ll just have to deal with my father.”

That evening, Kailash proposed to Apoorva for marriage.

Just before sunset, he arranged a special location for this announcement. A garden was arranged for party. Then, he went on stage and invited Apoorva on to the stage and proposed to her.

Apoorva blushed with delight and immediately accepted his proposal. Just then, she heard a sound from the background. It was her father, “What the hell is happening here?”

Both Kailash and Apoorva were shocked to see her father there in that moment. Kailash did not expect to meet her father already. All three of them had a brief meeting. Apoorva’s father did not accept this wedding and told that he was not happy with Kailash. He said that he would find someone better than Kailash for Apoorva. Meanwhile, Kailash was frightened his plans would go haywire. So, he tried all possible ways to get married to Apoorva. He decided that he would marry her without her father’s permission. So, he fought with her father and walked out of the garden.

Apoorva was terribly upset with the happenings that evening and left for home. Apoorva’s father called Shravani and said, “Our plan is successful. I did not agree for Kailash’s marriage proposal. I did not expect him to argue and fight with me. I told them that I will find a guy for Apoorva. I can now find a dumb guy for Apoorva and force her to get married to him. In such a case, she will not get her original father’s legacy, money, and properties. I can confiscate them. According to the will, it would come to me if she goes against my will and marries a person through registered marriage. I’ll share some profit with you. Thanks again.”

Shravani smiled to herself after the call.

Apoorva’s parents meet with an accident the next day and die in the accident. Their car is badly hit by another car, which is coincidentally Kailash’s car. However, Kailash was with Apoorva at that time. As she could not prove that to the cops, Kailash is arrested for further interrogation and investigation.

After the accident case reached the court, Kailash is sentenced to death for killing Apoorva’s parents. The main witnesses were the people in the party the day before the accident where Kailash threatened to kill Apoorva’s father if he did not agree for the marriage.

Apoorva is completely distraught at the sudden sad turn of events. She was not able to connect the dots. Shravani was with her for completing the all legal formalities.

Two days after the parents’ death, lawyers come to Apoorva’s house to tell her about the will of her original father and the other conditions in the will.

Shravani asked the lawyers to be seated in the hall while she could get Apoorva to meet them.

Shravani woke up Apoorva who was asleep in her bed as she wept badly the whole previous night. Shravani offered a glass of milk and asked her to gather some courage and meet the lawyers.

As she went to meet the lawyers, she was very depressed and sad. A few minutes before the discussion was about to begin, Apoorva fainted. She was immediately rushed to the hospital. Doctors informed her that it is just a case of depression.

Apoorva asked Shravani to meet the lawyers and tell them that she was feeling better already.

Shravani visited the lawyers’ office.

Shravani took a few papers and presented them to the lawyers and said, “Apoorva is suffering from severe depression. This has led to mental degradation in her case. Here is the Doctor’s certificate saying that she must be sent to the mental asylum as she is not mentally stable and might hurt other people if left alone. She showed a few scars on her hands to make them believe. The doctors have warned us not to inform Apoorva about her condition as she might become really wild and aggressive and her condition might worsen further.”

The lawyers tried to explore the options left by going through the will of Apoorva’s father.

According to the will, Apoorva would get a legacy of money and properties worth fifty billion after her marriage. However, she should get married to someone approved by her guardian who was acting as her father. If she fails to get married with the guardian’s approval, the legacy would go to the guardian. If the guardian and his wife die before her wedding, she would get the legacy automatically. According to the will, if Apoorva was incapacitated to take the legacy or had mental problems, the legacy would be granted to anyone who would take care of her. Shravani was the only one that the lawyers could think of at this juncture as Apoorva was not in good terms with her relatives.

Kailash came to know that Shravani was getting the legacy and that she would take care of Apoorva and the properties until Apoorva recuperated fully. Shravani came to the jail and told him this entire episode. Though he found the solution logical initially, he felt something fishy about the entire equation. This is because of the fact that Shravani was not at all sad about Apoorva. There was more happiness in her voice. As he knew her for a long time, he could decipher her behavioral and emotional stances.

Kailash immediately sought the help of his detective friend, Shankar, to find out the truth about the entire equation. Shankar did some research stealthily and found out that Shravani was the main culprit.

Though Shravani and Apoorva were colleagues, Shravani knew more about Apoorva and her will as Shravani’s father was the friend of the Apoorva’s orginial father and helped him prepare the will. While Shravani’s father was not greedy for the money, Shravani became extremely greedy.

With the help of Kailash’s friends and recorded telephone conversations, Shankar exposed the truth to the lawyers and the court that Shravani was the main culprit.

Kailash was set free. He came and apologized to Apoorva and told her the entire story. Apoorva came to know about her original father and the plans Shravani had with her father and Kailash.

Shravani was sentenced to death and Apoorva left India to live away from all these people.