Meera and Ved met online on a social networking site.

Ved commented on his friend’s pics. And, Meera liked those comments. Slowly and steadily, they kept commenting on the same pic for the next one hour. To take matters forward, Ved sent a friend request to Meera. She accepted it immediately, without thinking. Once she accepted the friend request, all the communication became private and they stopped commenting on each other in public on a common friend’s post. Within a week, they established a schedule to meet each other at a designated time every evening and have a long a communication. They would discuss about everything under the sun and about their common friends. They refrain from sharing their personal information about each other.

Ved had a display picture for his identification. But, Meera never uploaded her pics because of the threats she heard on the Internet. Her friends and family also never encouraged her to upload any photos.

After around two weeks of having virtual fun and flirting, Ved and Meera decided to meet each other.

Just a day before meeting Ved, Meera told a friend of hers about the entire episode.

Her friend, Sheela said, “Are you sure? How can you go and meet someone you just met on the Internet. I understand that you have common friends. But, that does not make it safe for you. Imagine a situation where your common friend says that this guy is not his friend and he got introduced through another common friend. It would be impossible to trace the origin of such common friendship. If I were you, I would avoiding meeting him. It is so risky out there these days. I’ll leave it to you decide. Your safety should come first. If you like the person, get more details about the person and try to find out about the person before meeting him. That way, you would be ensured of some safety.”

Meera thought about what her friend said and decided not to meet Ved.

The next day, Ved came online and said, “It was nice meeting you yesterday. You are a totally different person from your online person.”

For a moment, Meera wondered if Ved was playing some prank or trying to pull her leg for not meeting. She wanted to continue the game. She said, “It is not just about me. It is about all women. You will always find them different in different situations. So, what else did you like about me? I did not want to ask you when I was sitting across.”

Ved continued, “I expected a slim girl because you never talked about dieting or worried about eating too much. But, you were healthy enough.” Meera was actually slim and realized there was someone who met him.

After careful thought, she doubted her friend Sheela. Later, she came to know that Sheela left for Mumbai the day before this meeting was meant to happen. Since she already spoke with Ved as though she met him, she did not want to change his impression.

Ved, later, insisted that they meet again to know more about each other. He openly agreed to the fact that he liked her online persona better than the real one. She appeared to be more active and satiric when she is online. Meera did not refute his impressions because she wanted to crack this case of the mysterious girl who met him. She wondered how anyone else got the information.

During the second date, Meera went to the place and sat two tables away from Ved and this mysterious girl. When the girl came, Meera tried to recognize her. She realized that she did not know this girl. But, Ved and this girl talked as if they were the best of buddies.

The other girl said, “Let us not talk about our online communication here. Let us keep this separate. It was nice to meet you online. But, I’d like to know more about you as a real person.”

These dialogues perplexed Meera.

As the hour progressed, Meera developed a liking for Ved and his innocence. And, she realized that she could trust him. But, she was worried about this other girl and why she was doing this Ved. She, clandestinely, took a picture of this other girl and sent it to her friends on mobile networking app to check if any of them new her. People started forwarding to their friends and the photo of this girl went to many people in the next few minutes.

Meera got a call from her home and she had an argument with her mother over her holidays. During the course of the call, Meera walked away from her table towards the verandah, all the while keeping an eye on Ved and his mysterious girl. After a few minutes, Ved and the girl got up to go out together.

Meera immediately disconnected the call with her mother. She also quickly stepped out of the cafe to follow them.

They both stepped into Ved’s car and started driving. Meera followed them in her own car. As she was driving, she got a call from an old friend, Prakash. Meera and Prakash felt nice to meet each other. He said that he called her because he saw the photo she posted of some girl that she doubted. Prakash told her that this girl is a thief and she would steal money from people after blackmailing them. Once, this mysterious girl blackmailed Prakash’s best friend and extorted him for money.

Meera immediately requested Prakash and asked him if he could come with his friend.

Ved’s car stopped in a desolate place. Meera also parked her car at a distance. She immediately sent her coordinates to Prakash.

After a few minutes, there was no activity in Ved’s car. Meera started worrying about Ved.

Prakash and his friend, Vicky, reached the place after twenty minutes as they were near to the place. As planned, Prakash asked Vicky to hide behind Meera’s car.

Prakash and Meera walked towards Ved’s car as though they were a couple and had nothing to do with Ved or his business.

As they were crossing the car, the mysterious girl started shouting for help. They noticed that her clothes were torn and her hair was all loose.

The girl thought Meera and Prakash to be complete strangers and asked them to help her.

The girl said, “Please help me. This guy is trying to molest me. He kidnapped me from some place and he is trying to molest me.”

The girl expected Meera and Prakash to assault Ved. It was a part of her modus operandi. She would seek the help of strangers and make them assault the man with her. While they would be busy thrashing him, she would steal his valuables and leave the place. She would also take a video of the thrashing to blackmail the person later. Vicky was a victim to this, earlier.

The girl cried badly asking Meera and Prakash for help. But, they were silent as they knew her ploy and decided to deal with her. Suddenly, Vicky walked into the picture. The girl was confused and decided to run away from that place. But, Prakash stopped her. Vicky told Ved about this mysterious girl who cheated people and stole their money and blackmailed them later. Ved was confused completely.

When they threatened this call, they found that she did this with many guys and she had many videos on her phone to blackmail people. Vicky immediately called the cops and got this girl arrested.

Meanwhile, Meera explained the entire episode to Ved and apologized to him.

Ved said, “You must have asked our common friend before giving up on meeting me. This other girl or her agent must have heard me talking on the phone during the first date. Well, can we start dating at least now?”

Meera smiled and agreed.