“Most of us begin our day with a hope. When life has not been singing a happy song, we sometimes begin our days with despair,” said Akash to his patient.

Akash has been trying to help Jahnavi for a long time. After her parents accident, she went into depression and was hardly counting on life. Her husband was worried about her suicidal thoughts.

“Learn to look forward for something every morning. Before you sleep the previous night, think of something that you like in your life – like your son’s smile or your husband’s gifts,” said Akash. He spoke with her for some more time.

After the meeting, Ranjit walked into Akash’s cabin and said, “What were you telling her? I know for sure that you were just buying some time. Your words seemed like some motivational words by a speaker. What happened to you? Or, is this some part of your treatment? I haven’t heard something like this?”

Ranjith is a senior psychotherapist and is often entrusted with the task to check on other therapists and their way of handling the patients.

Akash said, “I know. We have been trying to help her for the last four years. But, she does not seem to come out of the depression. Finally, I had a word with the chief. He suggested that I try anything that comes to my mind. So, I was at loss of words.”

Ranjith said, “If the chief said, it is alright. I would not have anything to comment. Make sure to get back to him regularly about the updates and any changes that you get to see with the case.”

Ranjith left the cabin. Akash called up the chief and talked to him about Jahnavi and his meeting with Ranjith.

The chief, Sadanand said, “Don’t worry about Ranjith. He is just doing his job. I’ll talk to him. You go ahead with treatment as you find it right.”

Akash prayed to God that Sadanand should be there for some more time. He heard rumors that Sadanand might be transferred to some other location. Some others said that Sadanand got a lucrative offer in a foreign country and might quit at any moment.

Ranjith could not completely trust Akash. He went to meet Sadanand and asked about Jahnavi. Sadanand opened an email and showed it to him. He said, “Here is the email with the doctor’s request I got from her husband. I have never heard something like this before. But, the neurologist sent a request saying that Jahnavi has a weird form of cancer. She needs to be in depression to stay alive. Any sense of joy will kill her. She was asked to be kept under depression. At the same time, to avoid her doubting the situation, her husband was asked to take her to a psychotherapist. I know it is complicated. Sometimes, we have to understand the situation and go with the flow.”

Ranjith asked, “Are we sure about the medical certificate and the doctor’s request? I’m sorry for prying again. But, did you check up with the neurologist?”

Sadanand smiled. He asked Ranjith to note down the contact number of the neurologist and made Ranjith call the doctor immediately. As Ranjith was the auditor, Sadanand wanted everything to be documented and known to everyone.

Ranjith called up the neurologist and asked about the peculiar case of Jahnavi. The neurologist said, “Four years ago, Jahnavi met with an accident when she was traveling back from Airport along with her parents and her younger brother. We almost lost her. She went into a coma for a couple of days. After that, she woke up and was very sad. There was a clot in her brain and this clot badly affected her nervous system. It damaged the part that induces laughter and happiness. We thought she would not survive for more than two months. But, when she was put under observation, we noticed that whenever she was sad, she was feeling better physically and her body was responding positively. Her mood had an inverse effect on her physical health. We experimented by showing her some sad things – photographs of her deceased parents and brother. She became dull, depressed, and sad. But, she was recuperating. We decided that she needed some reverse medication to keep her depressed. After some time, she started feeling better mentally and that was ruining her physical health. So, we programmed her to think that she is still under depression. Her husband came to me and asked me for a solution. I have heard from someone about Dr.Sadanand and your institution. So, I sent him a medical request to keep her safe. I will send you the required docs and proofs of our findings if necessary.”

Ranjith felt convinced initially. But, later that evening, he could not believe what was happening. He decided to meet Jahnavi in person. He went through her records and did a search for her on the Internet. Fortunately, he came to know that Jahnavi was his wife’s school friend. Though they were not the best of friends, they have added each other on some of the social media accounts.

With his wife’s help, he decided to meet Jahnavi and her family. They met for a casual dinner and everything went well. Jahnavi looked a bit depressed. Ranjith could not make anything out of their dinner meeting. He decided to give up on this case completely and realized that it must have been a genuine.

A week later, when Ranjith went for his regular audit of the psychotherapists, he noticed something weird.

Rajini, a young therapist was singing in his cabin in front of an old patient. Ranjith was worried. Kalyan, another psychotherapist was telling a movie story to his patient in Kannada, the local language. Ranjith hated it when the therapists talked in any language other than the prescribed one – English. Ranjith noted down these details and went to meet Sadanand.

Sadanand was worried. He said, “I should not have accepted Jahnavi’s case in the first place. We have ten more requests from different neurologists. And, most of these patients were victims of accidents. I want to find out what is happening. But, it is beyond our realm of research. I hope someone does something in this regard.”

Ranjith and Sadanand went to meet the first neurologist that evening. The neurologist brought them ten different files of patients who met with accidents in the last few months and he said, “I knew I’d have to justify. Many people have been warning me against suggesting reverse treatment for such patients. Here are the details of the cases.”

While they were talking, suddenly, Jahnavi’s husband rushed his wife to the hospital. He said, “My wife has been acting weird since evening. He depression has turned into a violent outburst. She broke so many things. I did not know what do. Please help me. After breaking things and wanting her to kill herself, she tried to kill me and her son. Her skin has turned pale. My son is saying that she is turning into a zombie.”

The neurologist said, “My worst fears are coming true. It is an attack. There are gases in the air. Nothing will happen to us even if we inhale them. But, if a part of our brain is exposed to that gas, anything weird can happen. We need to inform the authorities about these events.”

As they tried to move to meet a government representative, they saw many patients who were involved in serious accidents being rushed to the hospital with the same pretext of becoming like zombies.