“Hey Jack, Thanks for this idea. It’s nice to break the ice and mingle with the team,” said George to his manager Jack.

Jack smiled with pride and said, “I’m glad you understood my intentions and did not misinterpret my decision. You’ll thank me more in an year or so. Please understand that interpersonal communication is very important for this job of yours. So, I decided to not promote you because you never mingle with the team. I’m glad you decided to start with me. It would be nice to meet you and your family. It has been our traditional approach to build interpersonal relationships. I have also been shy, initially, when I started my career twenty years ago. This is a wonderful opportunity that I’m giving you. We never had such opportunities during our days.”

George looked around at the tables beside them and said, “My Aunt and Uncle are here. I’d like to introduce them to you.”

There was no one other than Jack and George in the dining hall. Jack said, “It’s great to know that your aunt and uncle are in town. I’d love to meet them and know more about you and your family. It’d have been better to meet your parents. But, it’s nice to meet some of your relatives.”

George was confused. He said, “I brought them here. They are here with us, now.”

Jack was perplexed. He wanted George to have some sense of humor. He felt that his way too overboard. He said, “You must be kidding me. There is no one else in this room other than us.”

George smiled and pointed his finger to the table beside them and addressed someone over there, “Uncle, please come here. Jack wants to talk to you and Aunt. Nobody likes to be kept waiting.”

Jack did not appreciate this dark sense of humor and decided to terminate George immediately as he was being too rude and disrespectful. He decided to play along with George until this meeting is over. He always liked playing with imaginary characters.

Jack was brave until he heard the chair beside him move automatically on its own as though someone pulled it forward to sit on it. Immediately, the seat beside George also shifted a bit as if some lady was trying to adjust it. Jack was spooked and did not get time to relate to anything that was happening around him.

George realized that Jack was feeling nervous and frightened.

Jack noticed that George was nodding his head by looking at the chair beside him as though he was listening to someone sitting beside him.

George said, “Is it true, Jack? Have you decided to terminate me just now?”

Jack was silent. This further added to his fear. He wanted to run away immediately. He did not know what to do. He hated the fact that he was recording this entire conversation using the surveillance cameras. He did not want to appear frightened if this turned out to be some prank by George.

George wanted to help Jack. He said, “Sorry, I did not tell you this earlier. My uncle, Richard, can read people’s minds. Please do not go away. Talk to them. I know you cannot see them. But, you can communicate with them using me as the medium.”

George continued, “My uncle, Richard, and aunt, Mary, passed away in a bad road accident last year. Yet, they visit me whenever I seek their help. Recently, I told them that you have been harassing me and you denied me promotion just because you like bullying new joinees and playing with their aspirations. I also told them that you are sadistic. So, they came to help me here.”

Jack realized that this was not getting any better and decided to walk away. But, he could not move his legs.

George said, “My Aunt, Mary, knows some magic too. She will not let you go until you promise them that you will take care of me and be nice to me from now. And, you will not trouble any new employees with your psychopathic behavior.”

Jack was helpless and frustrated. He worried he might suffer from heart attack because of the mounting fear.

George laughed and said, “My uncle says that you are frightened you will faint or get a heart attack. Do not worry. My aunt says you are healthy enough to wade through situations like these.”

Meanwhile, Tim and Rochelle who were recording this conversation got freaked out and decided to seek the help of security to escort George out of the scene. Tim rushed to the door. But, it was locked from outside. Rochelle’s worst fears came true. She realized that she would die in the next few minutes.

Jack decided to give up. He realized that only his apologies might save the situation. He blurted out of fear and frustration, “I’m very…sorry…like…extremely sorry. I will be nice to you and every new employee from now. I will not trouble anyone and derive happiness out of their suffering. Please let me go. This is freaking me out. I promise. I will change.”

It appeared to Jack as though George was listening to his uncle and aunt and some serious conversation was happening there.

George said, “My uncle is asking me to let you go. But, the moment you try to trouble someone or speak about what happened here in the dining hall, you will face serious consequences.”

Jack nodded in agreement. Suddenly, he could feel his legs and could move. He ran out away from dining hall. For a few minutes, he felt as though he needed to move away from this company and from this city. He realized that this building is haunted. He felt that he had to go to his family and take them to another state. He thought of all the people that needed his attention. Jack was totally freaked out. He pulled out his mobile phone from his pocked and called his family. But, he was not able unlock his phone using his finger prints. He entered the password after a few minutes and called his wife. He felt better after he heard that they were fine. He ran towards his car in an attempt to go away from this place. He got reminded of Tim and Rochelle, then.

Jack rushed to the recording room. He was surprised to notice that it was locked from outside. He unlocked the door to find Tim and Rochelle in a pool of blood. It appeared as though someone killed them brutally.

Jack decided to rush to the security team and tell them about this and what happened in the dining hall. Suddenly, he felt as though he heard someone whisper in his ears, “Don’t tell them. You will face consequences.”

The voices were strange and had a threatening tone. It was as though an old man and an old woman were trying him to persuade him from speaking about it.

Jack ignored it as his own figment of imagination because of the stress and went to the security team.

As he opened his mouth to tell them what happened, he felt some strong pain on his neck as though someone hit him hard. He fainted.

Jack woke up in the hospital. He could hear the doctor speaking to his wife, “He had a paralytic stroke. He cannot use the left side of his body. He cannot walk or use his left hand for anything. You need to take care of him.”

Teresa, Jack’s wife, started crying while Jack looked towards the window. He never met George or anyone from that company again.

A few weeks later, Jack heard from his manager. Jack’s manager, Patrick, told him that he is meeting George’s family that evening. Jack could not prevent him. The next day, Jack heard that Patrick died of a heart attack that evening.